How to Import Library and Playlist to iTunes(2022 Update)

Last Updated on January 11, 2022 by Ian McEwan

If you have a huge playlist, and you have upgraded to a new PC or Mac, you may want to copy or rather transfer iTunes content from one computer to another. Transferring the playlist is more convenient, and faster rather than recreating it from zero.

Learn How to create playlist in iTunes.

iTunes import Playlist

However, to transfer music playlist from one device to the other without recreating the playlist, you will first need to export the playlist from iTunes on the first computer, then copy the iTunes playlist to the second computer, before running iTunes and importing the playlist to iTunes.

Let`s us go through this tutorial that will allow you to import iTunes playlists on both Windows and Mac, separately.

Part 1.How to Import iTunes Playlist on Windows

  • The first step is to launch iTunes and then connect your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to your computer.
  • Once the iTunes has loaded and is running, click on the “Devices” icon at the top left corner, and expand the selections under your device.
  • Expanding the selections will display all your iPhones playlists on the left side of the bar. Here you can then select a playlist you want to import.
  • Click on a specific playlist and then tap on the "File" icon located on the upper and far left corner of your screen. If you do not see a menu in windows, you can click the ALT key on your keyboard.
  • Clicking the file option will bring a pop-up menu, where there is a list of options. You`ll need to select the "Library" option.
  • Again, clicking the “Library” option will produce another pop-up menu with a list of options, and you`re required to click on the “Import playlist” option.
  • After clicking the “Import playlist” option, a file browser opens with a list of files.
  • Here, depending on where you stored your files, you can select the files that you wish to import. It`s worth noting that iTunes only import XML and M3U playlists.
  • Give the import a name of your choice, and then select “Save.”

The final procedure for saving your playlist is to add any songs that are on the playlist but are not in the library. You will notice that you will receive an error if you try to import a playlist that comprises of songs, not in your library. Therefore, if you need your playlist to be complete, you will need to transfer these songs to your library, before re-importing the playlist.


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Part 2.How to Import iTunes Playlist on Mac

Importing playlists for Mac is similar to what we`ve done while importing for Windows. You will need to run iTunes for Mac, go to the “iTunes Menu”, which is the alternative of the “File” icon in Windows. If the “iTunes" menu does not appear. Click on the ctrl+B option on your keyboard.

Then go to your library and import the playlist. On the file browser, click on your selected playlist and add them to iTunes.


If you have songs that you wish to include on your iTunes playlist and is not yet on your device, you can first copy it using external devices, then you can later import it with the rest of the playlist.

Part 3. How to Import library into iTunes

Importing library into iTunes is easy, you can either drag the desired file or folder from the desktop to the iTunes window. Also, you can go to the iTunes window, then click File > Add to Library or Add Folder to Library, select a file or folder, and click Open.