Repair iPhone Screen? You need iPhone Screen Replacement

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

Some iPhone users are not familiar with iPhone’s powerful functions. They only use it as a communication tool and storage space. It’s totally OK if your iPhone goes well. It can fully serve you well with its high quality and convenient operation.

But if something goes wrong with your phone, you will definitely be in trouble.

For Example.

If your iPhone X screen got Broken by accident and there is no any reaction when you tap the screen. However, you urgently need some information of your clients on this iPhone, such as the contacts, messages or photos. What’s worse, you don’t have an iCloud account, iTunes backups and never have synced your iPhone with a computer. With a broken iPhone that has no any backups, what will you do to get the data on the iPhone? I have to say this is a quite common thing nowadays because iPhone is so venerable to damages. Just a fall-down to the floor or a hit from hard objects, the screen will crack.

Generally speaking, people will go to Apple Store to fix iPhone screen, because they have professional fixing teams and can secure your iPhone data. Apple is also very considerate, they offer two different ways to for iPhone screen replacement. You can send in your iPhone for repair, but it needs 3-5 days to get back your iPhone. Or you can make an appointment at an Apple Store or the Apple authorized service location in your city to fix your iPhone. Mostly, they will fix your iPhone during your visit, while for some complicated cases, they need to send your iPhone to the Apple Repair Center which will have to take 3-5 days.

If your city doesn’t have an Apple Store or Apple authorized service location and you don’t want to send the iPhone for repair. You can go to other repair stores for help. It may be quicker, but It’s very risky and I highly discourage you to do this because it cannot secure your privacy of your iPhone unless you know this guy and pretty sure that he will not steal some data on your iPhone.

It seems that none of above is a good option. You cannot repair the iPhone immediately and cannot get the data you want in time. Do we have other options to get the data as quickly as we can? Yes, we have. I will introduce you a wonderful tool that can help you to get your data without repairing. It’s workable even if you don’t have any backups as long as your iPhone can be detected by computer.

Let me show you how it works step by step.

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How to Export Data When your iPhone Screen Cracks

Step 1 Install and run the software.

Step 2 Click Back Up & Export from Device.

Step 3 Connect your iPhone with computer by cable. You will see it’s successfully connected without extra operation. Then choose Export Data.

Quite different from iTunes, when having cable connection, it doesn’t need to hit the trust bottom on iPhone. So, it’s workable when your iPhone screen has no reaction to tapping.

Step 4 After clicking Export Data, it will show below interface. Please choose what need to export by ticking the boxes. If you tick all of them, all the data on your iPhone will be exported. Then click Next. It will start to scan the data on your iPhone. The scanning may take some moment. The huger your data is the longer it will take. So please be patient.

Step 5 After the scanning, it will show the data on your iPhone. On left column, you can see the categories, and one the right column, it shows the detailed contents of each category. How Amazing! Without any repairing, you can view the data as much as you want via iMyFone D-Port Pro. Pleases choose the data you want to export by ticking the boxes and then click Export to find a location on your computer.

By above simple steps, you can view the data on your iPhone and export them to your computer very easily. After you export the data, you can have the iPhone fixed by Apple store or if you are a do-it-yourselves, you can buy a screen from E-bay or Amazon and fix the iPhone by yourselves.

Download iOS Data Recovery FREE Now!

Purchase iOS Data Recovery Now!

Recover iPhone Calendars, Messages, Contacts, Pictures, App Data, Note and more.