How to Connect to iTunes When iPhone Is Disabled

Last Updated on September 15, 2021 by Jack Robertson

“iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes”. This might be the worst situation while we’re trying to unlock our iPhone. If your iPhone is in this situation, you’re not able to access it by entering a passcode or using Touch ID and Face ID. You might follow the instruction to connect to your iTunes. However, do you know what to do after you connect to iTunes? Or maybe some will ask, “I cannot connect to iTunes, because my iPhone is disabled, I can’t never get Trust This Computer”. Therefore, here I am gonna show you everything you should know if your iPhone is disabled, including the reason, solution and how to connect to iTunes when your iPhone is disabled.

iPhone Is Disabled Connect To iTunes

Reason and solution for “iPhone is disabled”

Generally, if a locked iPhone has been unlocked incorrectly by anyone for 5 times, this iPhone would be disabled for 1 minute. Fails 6 times, it would be disabled for 5 minutes. It would be totally disabled once anyone has failed to unlock it for 10 times.
iPhone Is Disabled Try Again In 1 Min
If your iPhone is in “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes”, the priority is to enable it, to make it function normally. To achieve that goal, your iPhone must be restored. Once it’s restored, your iPhone could be functioning normally again. But, restoring your iPhone means to reset your iPhone completely, all the data and settings would be gone.

To restore a disabled iPhone, Apple Inc would give us a sign to connect to iTunes, because, with iTunes, the disabled condition could be erased by Restore iPhone. All in all, to restore a disabled iPhone could bring it back to normal, and to restore a disabled iPhone needs to connect to iTunes.

And in the following sections, I would introduce you to how to connect to iTunes to make your iPhone function normal, and other solutions that could also make your disabled device back to enabled.

Connect  to iTunes, fix your disabled iPhone

Situation 1 Connect to iTunes under 3 conditions

Your iPhone could be connected to iTunes even it’s disabled. You need your iPhone, a computer with iTunes, and three fulfilling conditions.

  1. You have synced your iPhone to iTunes before.
  2. Your iPhone hasn’t been powered off since the latest connection.
  3. You have connected your iPhone to the PC before.

Reach 3 conditions, check out the steps to restore your iPhone.

Step 1 Launch iTunes on PC

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable

Step 3 Locate your iPhone

Go to Devices on the left list of the interface. Select the icon of your disabled iPhone, and click the image of an iPhone to enter the restore interface.
Win iTunes iPhone Locate Icon

Step 4 Restore your iPhone

Once you click Summary, you could see the button of Restore iPhone on the right. If the data on your iPhone is not needed, tap on it to restore your iPhone.
Or you want to back up your data first, you could look at Backups box below, Click This computer to back up all the data on the disabled iPhone to the PC, and click Back Up Now to proceed. When the backup is complete, click Restore iPhone to reset your iPhone.
Win iTunes iPhone Backup And Restore

When the reset is done, your iPhone would be enabled. You can use it again, just set up your iPhone once again and transfer the backup data to it if necessary.

Situation 2 Connect to iTunes by entering recovery mode

If you fail to reach the 3 conditions in Situation 1, you could also connect your disabled iPhone to iTunes. Follow these steps.

Step 1 Enter Recovery Mode

To enter Recovery Mode, turn off your iPhone first. Then, if your iPhone is:

iPhone 8/8 Plus, X/XR/XS, 11/11 Pro or iPhone SE [second generation]
Keep pressing the Side button and meanwhile, connect your disabled iPhone to PC with a USB charger. When you see the recovery mode screen, you could let go of your finger.

Or iPhone 7/7 Plus: 
Keep holding the Volume down button and meanwhile, connect your disabled iPhone to PC with a USB cable. Keep pressing the Volume down button until you see the recovery-mode screen.

Or iPhone 6s or earlier:
Keep holding the Home button and connect your device to a PC at the same time. Keep pressing the Home button, you could let it go when you see the recovery-mode screen.
iPhone Buttons For Recovery Mode

Step 2 Launch iTunes and locate your iPhone

Launch iTunes and go to Devices on the left of the interface. Click on the icon of your disabled iPhone. A notification pops out, click Restore.
Restore iPhone Via Recovery Mode
Once you click Restore, a software for restoring would be downloaded to your iPhone automatically, it would take a while. If it takes more than 15 minutes, your iPhone will exit Recovery Mode automatically, you need to enter it again.

Step 3 Restore your iPhone

Once the software is downloaded, the restoring would work automatically. Just wait for the completion of restoring. When it’s done, the restoring software would be gone as well as the disabled condition. You could have access to your iPhone again, set up your iPhone and enjoy your time.

Cannot connect to iTunes, enabled the handset via iPhone Unlocker

If iTunes fails to unlock your iPhone, we might need help to restore your iPhone by using Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker. This is a program for unlocking iPhone under any situation. Your disabled iPhone could be unlocked when iTunes could not help, unlike iTunes, you don’t need to enter recovery mode to do the effect. It’s all about a few clicks and several minutes.

Let’s see how to unlock your disabled iPhone with Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker.

Step 1 Download and install Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Launch it and connect your iPhone to PC

Make sure the connection is stable during the process.

Step 3 Choose Wipe Passcode mode

Choose Wipe Passcode on the interface, click Start to proceed.
Unlocker Wipe Passcode Confirm Information Download Firmware

Step 4 Confirm the information

Check the information of your iPhone is correct, and click Start to confirm. Then, download the firmware for wiping your passcode. It would take a while. The firmware will be loaded on your PC, it will not affect the later usage of your PC or handset.

Step 5 Type in “0000” to wipe your iPhone

Once the firmware is downloaded, type in “0000” on the software to confirm your wiping, click Unlock.

Wait for a few seconds, when the Unlocking is complete, your iPhone could be accessed normally. You could set up your iPhone now.

Unlocker Complete Download Firmware Enter Code Unlock Successfully

If you are in need to back up your data, you could try to back up your disabled iPhone first. Or, you could just follow the steps above to enable your iPhone.

It’s frustrating that our iPhone is disabled. But, to solve this problem is not difficult. You could try to connect iTunes to unlock your iPhone. Or, you might use Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker. Remember, if your data is important, back up your data before you unlock it. Hoping that your iPhone could back to normal soon.