[iPhone Dropped in Water]How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

Our iPhones are now working in a world full of the threats from water. It may slip into the toilet when you are enjoying the toilet reading time. It may fell in water sink when you are preparing gourmet food. It may even drop in bathtub when you are taking a bath. Every time it happens, you would try all the tool-like stuff around you and get it out. Unfortunately, it still looks dead with a silent black screen. Sometimes, it survives and the screen is still on. No matter how the story starts, the poor device ends up in the same way. It gets completely wet.

Apparently, the surge of such scenario in your life calls for your attention to learn how to fix water damaged iPhones when it suddenly gets into water incidents. The panic that pushes you to do something for your ‘electronic friend’ in emergency may block your mind and fill your head with wrong instructions. You may not even be aware that your next action is going to ‘kill your friend’. So before being too late, let us learn how to do the first aid to your iPhone after it drops in water.

1 First and foremost, do not start up your iPhone or charge the battery immediately after getting it out of water. If it is still working, turn off your iPhone by pressing the power button on the top or on the right side for at least five seconds and slide to power off. It is a crucial step to ensure that the device is kept off before moving on to the next step. Then take out the SIM card as well.

2 Secondly, dry off the external water stain. Bring a towel or a piece of fabric and wipe the whole device thoroughly to make sure there is no water stain on the surface. It is not recommended to use a hair dryer or an oven to heat up the device so as to speed up this step. The impacts from the heat may be mixed with water inside the device and double the damage.

3 Thirdly, prepare the items to dry off the water inside the device. If you have to dry it off on your own, please prepare the following items: (1) a clean zipper bag in common size; (2) sufficient uncooked rice that can fill the bag; (3) sufficient silica-gel packets or commercial desiccants are also acceptable if rice is unavailable.

4 Fourthly, place the damp iPhone in the bag, fill it up with rice, or silica-gel or desiccants, and close the seal on the bag. In this step, please make sure that the device is wrapped with the materials that are placed to absorb the water. Leave it in a warm and dry place for at least 48 hours and pray for your iPhone during the time.

5 Fifthly, check the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) before turning on the iPhone. All iPhone series are featured with LCI to tell whether the circuit board is damaged by water. The indicator is placed on the right side of the device and would glow red if there is water damage inside. If you see red light, do not turn it on unless the light turns to white or silver.

iphone liquid contact indicator

6 Finally, cross your fingers and switch on the iPhone slowly. Despite of the fact that the first-aid steps do not guarantee that it will wake up as usual, your efforts make sense and would bring you more luck.

Congratulations! You just learned how to do the water damage repair to your iPhone. Of course, for your iPhone’s sake, it is much safer to bring it to the nearest Apple Store for professional advice immediately after such damage incidents because the short circuits caused by water may not be fixed by simple steps above. What’s worse, the temporal recovery may cover up the water damage to battery and the problem may arise even several months later. So, in case that you have to save your iPhone solely by yourself, follow the instructions above and wish you are lucky enough to bring it back to life.

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