“iPad Is Disabled, Connect to iTunes” How to Fix Disabled iPad 

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jack Robertson

Once your iPad is typed in the wrong passcode for many times, it will be disabled. A disabled iPad is completely locked out and you cannot get into it or use it normally.

When this happens, you can see a notification of “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes” is displaying on the iPad. But most people have no idea why they need to connect the iPad to iTunes, and also, some find out their disabled iPad cannot connect to iTunes. So, this article will tell you everything about a disabled iPad, and how you can fix it.

Fix Disabled iPad

About “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes”

An iOS device is under the protection of multiple security features, one of which is the screen lock.

Every time you turn on an iPad with a lock screen, you need to enter the correct passcode or use Touch ID to get into the iPad. And once you enter the wrong passcode for:

  • 6 times: the iPad will get disabled for 1 minute;
  • 7 times: the iPad will be disabled for 5minutes;
  • 8 times: the iPad will be disabled for 15 minutes;
  • 9 times: your iPad will be disabled for an hour;
  • 10 times: this iPad will say “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes”.

iPad Touch Id Failed Enter Passcode

When your iPad is just disabled for one hour or less, you can wait for the disabled screen to disappear by itself and enter the passcode to unlock your iPad after that.

But once you see the “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes” screen, you cannot simply unlock this iPad anymore. The only way to fix the disabled iPad is to reset it. Only by resetting it can you remove the disabled condition and use this iPad normally.

To reset a disabled iPad, you can follow the instruction on your screen and connect your iPad to iTunes. It can help you reset your iPad, and also there are some other methods that can help you reset your disabled iPad when iTunes is not helpful. Now, let’s see how exactly can you reset your disabled iPad with/without iTunes.

How to fix a disabled iPad:

Cautions: To fix the disabled iPad by resetting will delete all the data on it, so, you’d better back up your disabled iPad first to avoid data loss.

Method 1 Fix a disabled iPad with iTunes

Simply follow the onscreen suggestion, connect the disabled iPad to iTunes.

Step 1 Connect your iPad to the PC using a USB cable

Your disabled iPad will successfully sync to iTunes if you’ve connected your tablet to iTunes on the same computer before.

Step 2 Locate your iPad

Go to Devices, choose the icon of the disabled iPad. Click the image of an iPad to enter the interface for restoring your iPad.

iTunes Restore iPad

Step 3 Restore your iPad

Once you enter the interface for restoring, you can see the option of Restore iPad. Click on it, if Find My iPad is turned off, iTunes will reset your iPad. Just wait for the completion.

FAQs: What to do when the iPad is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes?

Some people say that the iPad is disabled and won’t connect or sync to iTunes successfully since you’ve never synced your iPad to iTunes before. In this case, you can set your iPad into Recovery Mode and sync to iTunes.


Entering Recovery Mode will take some skills and luck, and there’ll be a 10% risk for your tablet of being stuck in Recovery Mode, which will need extra efforts to get out.

Step 1 Enter Recovery Mode

To enter Recovery Mode, turn off your tablet first.

  • Then, if your iPad has a Home button, press and hold the Home button while connecting your iPad to your computer. Release the Home button until you see the recovery-mode screen.
  • Or, if your iPad has Face ID, press and hold the Top button while connecting your tablet to the PC. Keep holding it until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

iPad Recovery Mode

Step 2 Restore your iPad

Entering Recovery Mode, there will be a notification popping out, saying that there is a problem on your iPad, you can restore it or upgrade it to solve the problem.

Click on Restore, iTunes will download the firmware to reset your iPad. Just wait, iTunes will automatically start to reset your iPad when the download is complete.

iOS13 MacOS Catalina Recovery Mode iPad

If Find My iPad is enabled on the disabled iPad, then when iTunes is resetting it, an Activation Lock screen will appear on iTunes. You need to enter your Apple ID and password to pass it and continue the reset,

iTunes Activation Lock

The whole process will take a while, and Recovery Mode has a 15-minute limit. If the process takes more than 15 minutes, your iPad will exit Recovery Mode, you need to re-enter it. If your iPad is stuck in Recovery Mode, you can fix the error here.

Method 2 Fix the disabled iPad with Find My

When Find My iPad is enabled on this iPad, you can take out an iPhone which is logged with the same Apple ID to fix the disabled iPad.

When the iPhone and the disabled iPad share the same Apple ID, you can use a pre-installed app name Find My on the iPhone to reset your iPad.

Here’s how:

Step 1 Open Find My

On your iPhone, locate the Find My app and open it.

Find My Icon

Step 2 Tap Erase This Device

On Find My, tap on the icon of your disabled iPad.

Scroll down and find the Erase This Device option, tap on it to reset your disabled iPad.

Then, your iPad will be fixed in a few minutes.

Erase This Device Find My

Next, you can power on this iPad and set it up like a new one.

Method 3 Fix the disabled iPad with Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker

Fail to connect your tablet to iTunes or cannot enter Recovery mode? You can still get your disabled tablet back to normal with Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker.

It’s one of the best software for unlocking all iOS devices. With a simple and quick operation, iPhone Unlocker can make your disabled device back to normal in minutes. During the process, no password or passcode is required and you don’t need to enter recovery mode. All it takes are only a few clicks.

Now, let’s take a close look at it.

iPhone Unlocerk Interface Functions

Step 1 Download and install iPhone Unlocker on your PC

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Launch the software, choose Wipe Passcode

Once launch the software, three functions are available.

  • Wipe Passcode: Unlocking disabled/locked iDevices without previous passcode, wiping Face ID, Touch ID and passcode.
  • Remove Apple ID: Erasing Apple ID linked on the device, another account can be logged in on the device.
  • Screen Time: Resetting or retrieving Restriction passcode.

Here, we need to choose Wipe Passcode to fix the disabled iPad. Click Start to proceed.

Step 3 Connect your iPad to the PC with a USB cable

Make sure the connection is stabled. Do not plug out the cable during the process.

iPhone Unlocker Wipe Passcode Steps 123

Step 4 Download a firmware

On the software, confirm the information about your tablet. Click Start to download a firmware for resetting your iPad.

Step 5 Reset your iPad

Once the download is complete, type in “0000” on iPhone Unlocker to confirm your action. Click Unlock to reset your disabled iPad.

The reset will take a while, please wait, when it’s done, your iPad will be functioning as a new one. You can set it up again.

iPhone Unlocker Wipe Passcode Steps 456

When your iPad is disabled, try to connect to iTunes and fix it. If your iPad can’t sync to iTunes successfully, try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder or Find My to reset your disable tablet. These are the methods that can get you out of trouble, pick up one and start to fix your disabled iPad.