iPad DFU Mode: Here Are All the Details You Need to Know

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

iPad DFU Mode is an abbreviation for Device Firmware Update mode. DFU is a mode that enables your iOS devices to connect with iTunes without loading the operating system or boot order on your iPad. More often, DFU Mode is used by iPad users, for their purposes to upgrade the firmware version or downgrade the firmware to the previous version. Moreover, it also makes it possible to install and use a custom firmware variant on the iPad to jailbreak the device.

When You Need to Put iPad into DFU Mode?

In many cases, perhaps you need to put your iPad into DFU Mode to avoid damage; next, we just mention a few common occasions when you ought to carry out this practice:

  • Update iPad to the latest version of iOS system.
  • Jailbreak to avoid Apple restorations.
  • Your iOS devices get stuck for some unknown reasons.
  • Some former data in the device get lost and you want to recover them.

⚠ Additional Information: For iPhone DFU mode, you can turn to iPhone DFU Mode:What’s It and How to Enter and Exit DFU Mode?

Next, let’s talk about How to Enter iPad DFU Mode and How to Exit DFU Mode in iPad respectively.

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1 How to Enter iPad DFU Mode

Entering iPad DFU Mode is easy and it can be accomplished by using the latest version of iTunes. Please follow the instructions given in this paper on how to put iPad in DFU Mode. Be aware if the screen is completely black on the device, your iPad has entered the mode.

Step 1 Turn off your device before starting the process, and then connect your device to the PC and launch the iTunes program.

Step 2 Press the Power On/ Off button along with the Home Key for a few seconds, but no longer than eight seconds or so. If the time given to this process is too long, your device will enter the recovery mode instead of DFU Mode.

Step 3 Then release the Power On/ Off button but keep pressing the Home Key until you see a message presented on the iTunes screen as the following picture shows:

Step 4 Be sure that the screen on the device is completely black if the iPad has successfully been put into the DFU Mode. If not, please repeat Step 2 as well as Step 3.

2 How to Exit DFU Mode in iPad by Using iTunes

Normally, using iTunes is the most obvious solution to exit DFU Mode; nevertheless, it is not the most reliable way to do so because using iTunes to restore your device may give rise to the issue that your data saved on your iPad will disappear. It is highly recommended that backing up your iPad beforehand. While, next, we will provide the instructions on How to Exit DFU Mode in iPad for those who want to use iTunes to restore their devices.

Step 1 Turn off your iPad before connecting the iPad to the PC on which the latest version of iTunes had been downloaded and installed. Your iPad screen will present the logo of iTunes.

Step 2 iTunes will detect your iPad and deliver a message onto its screen where you can click on Restore iPad and then on Restore again. Your iPad will be immediately restored but this process has certain inimical results. Once the iPad reboots, you will be aware that all your data is wiped off.

3 How to Exit DFU Mode in iPad by Using iMyfone D-Back Program

However, there emerged a better solution to fix your device without losing any of your data. This solution comes in the form of a program known as iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery for Win or iPhone data recovery for Mac. Here, we will inform you How to use iMyfone D-Back to get your iPad out of DFU mode.

Step 1 Downloading and installing the program. Launch the program, select Fix iOS System and then click on Standard Mode.

Step 2 Connect your iPad to the computer with USB cables. Provided that your device is detected by the program, you are supposed to click the Start to begin.

Step 3 In order to fix a faulty operating system, the latest version of iOS is needed to be downloaded in the program. For your information, the program has already provided you with the latest firmware, and it is recommended that you should download this kind of latest firmware.

Step 4 Please wait for the download of the firmware; it will not take you a lot of time. When the firmware has already been downloaded, D-Back will automatically set out to repair the iOS system. After a few minutes, you would notice that the device restarts in normal mode.

To our delight, iMyFone iOS System Recovery offers 3 modes to fix iOS issues on your device. All of them can fix the system problems without losing your previous data you restored in your iPad and get the device back to the normal state.

⚠ Additional Information: If the methods mentioned above doesn't get your iPad out of DFU mode, you can try to restore your iPad to Factory Settings.

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