Best iomega Data Recovery Software on Windows and Mac

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I accidentally deleted some of the very important files from my iomega external hard drive that connected to my Mac. I checked my Trash Bin but those files were not there too. Since I am lack of this kind of knowledge, I totally have no idea how to deal with data loss from iomega hard drive. I’m looking for help to get over by this situation. Is there an easy and effective way for iomega hard drive recovery?

iomega is a producer of external hard drives, portable storage devices, and network attached storage (NAS) products. iomega got you covered with its wide range of back-up devices, so no worries for storing all kinds of your data, such as documents, spreadsheets, music, videos, image files, applications, zipped files and more. The data stored in iomega hard disks are safe and accessible for a very long time even the disks without having any power supply.

iomega Data Recovery Software on Windows and MacOS

Situations for data loss from iomega hard drive

No matter how well you manage your storage disks, data loss from iomega hard drive is a common problem for all users. For an instant, if the iomega hard drive is infected by some external threats like virus, malware, and Trojans, it may corrupt, and the data stored on it become inaccessible which can cause a huge loss of data from iomega hard drive. Since the data lost from iomega hard disk never goes to Recycle Bin of your computer, you should learn about the reasons that may result in data loss from the hard drive.

  1. A Power surge can damage the hard drive, especially an improper way of shutting down the computer may destroy the data.
  2. Many reasons can corrupt file system of your iomega hard disk, whatever reason it is, as long as it happens, you are not able to access data anymore.
  3. Hard drive Overheated is a common problem due to the lack of sufficient ventilation techniques. Clicking noises will be heard from the hard drive sometimes, which is an indication that the hard disk is overheated. This is one of the reasons why the hard disk crashes.
  4. When the hard disk becomes too old, it starts getting out of the symptom, which can lead to unexpected computer crashes. The reason for this mostly is the merging of bad sectors over a large period of time. As the bad sectors pile up, the hard disk’s engine malfunctions and read/write head becomes jammed. Your data may be completely lost from it because of this.
  5. Accidentally deletion, errors while re-partitioning or re-formatting iomega drive, and other reasons that cause data loss from iomega hard drives.

Solution to data recovery from iomega hard drive on the computer

There is a powerful iomega hard drive recovery invented to recover any kinds of lost data. The Aiseesoft Data Recovery software is a safe and perfect tool, which has a fast recovery process that helps you to restore any types of file such as video files, music files, Word files, spreadsheets, photos, applications, documents, RAR, ZIP, PPTs, etc. Aiseesoft Data Recovery supports data recovery from almost all brands of internal and external hard drives like WD, Seagate, Toshiba and so on. What’s more, this application is able to restore data under any data loss circumstances, such as OS crash, bad sectors, file system corruption, format error, etc.

The process to perform data recovery from iomega hard disk

Now let’s try the Aissesoft Data Recovery software to retrieve files from iomega HDD on a computer in several clicks.

Step 1: Download Aiseesoft Data Recovery.

Win DownloadMac DownloadWin DownloadMac Download

Run and install the software right after it is successfully downloaded on your computer. Select file types and computer drive where you lost the files. Next, click the Scan button to start a quick scan. You can also use Deep Scan to search for the lost files more thoroughly than the Quick Scan.

Data Recovery - Choose Location USB Drive to Scan

Step 2: Check the scanned result.

After the scanning finished, You can preview the recoverable files.

Step 3: After choosing the files you want, click the Recover button to save them to your desired storage device.

It’s better to save the recovered data in another partition or disk than the same place where you lost them before. If you want to recover the files later, remember to save the scanning result before exiting the program, so that you can restore them directly by importing the scan project, instead of re-scan.

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