How to Hear My Wife’s Call & VoIP Call without Her Knowing

Last Updated on October 13, 2022 by Ian McEwan

Beware Of Any Unusual Phone Call

Does your wife act weird recently and busy on her phone for hours with someone you don’t know? Is she being secretive and leave the room to answer the phone call? Calls enter at night more than usual? Get a higher cell phone bill? When all these happen, do you still think it won’t be going to matter very much?

Nowadays, over 70% of all Americans engage in some kind of affair sometime during their marital life. So, you might not be surprised to find out that your wife could be cheating on you when she became addicted to her phone recently.

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If your wife doesn’t want to talk about it or you think the relationships come to an end, well, you may wonder how to hear your wife’s call without her knowing and find out the truth.

Hence, we have got you all covered in this blog. From phone call listening to the recording, you will learn how to intercept all the calls and VoIP calls on your wife’s mobile in real-time.

“Your wife’s call history can be a goldmine of information.”

Prove That Suspicion – Ways to Track My Wife’s Phone Call without Letting Her Know About It

#1. Detectaphone

To listen to call on your wife’s mobile, you can bug the rooms with a portable detectaphone. Then you can hear or record the calling when you are not around. But it only works when your wife answers the call at home alone. Also, it may take time to get the information you need.

On the one hand, the detectaphone receiver you placed may not close enough to hear your wife’s call. On the other hand, even the detectaphone happens to monitor the call, what you hear is one-sided. You can’t find out who your wife talking to exactly.

#2. Private Detective

Sure, a private detective is way more professional than an angry husband. They know all the tricks and have plenty of time to hunt for the truth. They will solve all those complex puzzles and provide valuable information for you. So, you can count on them.

However, hiring a private investigator can be quite expensive and unsafe. If the situation is not that bad, a private detective should always be a backup option.

#3. Spyware

If you are trying to take control of everything and not willing to bother an outsider, then you can hire a silent “detective” – a Spyware, which not only can help you hear your wife’s phone call remotely without letting her know about it but also can monitor any other activities on the target cell phone.

This kind of remote access monitoring program is meant to keep track of my kids’ activities online, and it also works pretty well for wife’s cell phone monitoring.

Since tracking calls on your wife’s cell phone need to be discreet, using reliable and powerful spyware that works in complete stealth mode makes it even more important.

How Do I Hear and Record All of the Incoming & Outgoing Calls/VoIP from My Wife’s Phone without Her Knowledge

FlexiSPY, the best undetectable phone surveillance application and the most effortless way to track someone’s call history, no matter on an iPhone or an Android.

From hearing call remotely to recording any/specific call, this phone tracker impress. It enables you to know almost everything that happens on your wife’s cell phone, no matter anytime and anywhere with a few simple clicks.what else can flexispy do

Though there are multiple ways to track calls on your wife’s cell phone, FlexiSPY will keep things simple.

3 Easy Steps to Track My Wife’s Call Remotely Without Her Knowing

Step 1. Create an account

Click the button below to create an account first. Choose a plan as per your need and budget.

Create FlexiSPY Account

Step 2. Activate your wife’s phone

After registration, you will get an email with your exclusive credential and full instruction, which will guide you through all the activation and configuration processes.

Then all the data, including calls coming and going from your wife’s phone will be captured and synced to the FlexiSPY server in stealth mode without your wife knowing about it.

Step 3. Hear your wife’s call via web account

With the credential offered, you can log in to the control panel from your web browser. Then you can enjoy these features:

From the Data Section

  • Wife Call Recording: The program will save all the incoming & outgoing call recordings on your wife’s phone into digital files, which are listed with detailed information like Contact, Phone number, Duration, Date and Time. You can choose one and download it anytime you want on your desktop.flexispy call recording
  • Check Wife’s Call Log: You can browse the call logs and find out which number makes the most contact with your wife in seconds. No matter the frequency and duration, you got it.flexispy call log
  • VoIP and VoIP Recording: Likewise, FlexiSPY will also collect and save all the VoIP call logs like Call history on Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, etc. on your wife’s cell phone. You can download the call recording anytime with a simple click.flexispy voip call recording

From the Live Listening Section

Enable Wife’s Phone Live Listening:  You can intercept calls on the wife’s cell phone in real-time or turn on the phone microphone and make it an interceptor.

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