How to Transfer iCloud Photos to Android Phone

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While other people love using iOS devices, there are also other many people who love using Android devices. As you know, through Apple’s iCloud, one is able to store different types of files including photos, notes, and videos over the web. The disadvantage of this impressive phone data storage application though is that it is only accessible through or is available for iPhone or iPad and not through Android phones. Android devices are not able to download from iCloud.

Transfer iCloud Photos to Android Phone

If you are in a situation that you are changing your phone from an iOS phone to an Android phone, you may need a way to transfer the iPhone data such as photos synced to your iCloud account. One of the popular mobile data transfer applications that can help you in that respect is Switch Mobile Transfer. By using the application, it is easier and faster to transfer iCloud photos to Android. Moreover, it is important to appreciate that the Switch Mobile Transfer application can be used to restore data from other storage sources too including One Drive and iTunes. Consequently, here is the process of using Switch Mobile Transfer to transfer iCloud photos to Android.

Step 1. Download and install the Switch Mobile Transfer software

The Switch Mobile Transfer application can be downloaded from the official website of Switch Mobile Transfer. You can choose either the trial version of the software or just choose the premium version. The Switch Mobile Transfer application is available for Windows and Mac.

Win Download Mac Download

After downloading the data transfer application on your system, you are supposed to install it and then open or launch it. Once you have launched the application on your system, you are required to connect your Android phone to your system.

From the Welcome screen, select the option that enables you to restore from backup and then proceed to iCloud. This is how you commence the process.

Restore from Backups Select iCloud

Step 2. Sign-in to iCloud account and Restore from backups

After the interface has recognized your Android device, a snapshot of your phone will be provided. To transfer iCloud photos to android, you are required to provide your Apple ID and password to sign-in to the iCloud account belonging to you. There is an interface provided for you to enter your iCloud sign-in credentials.

Restore iCloud Data to Android Login iCloud Account

Step 3. Download the last iCloud backup files

After you have selected the iCloud backup option, you are then supposed to download it. You will have to wait for just a few seconds for the process of downloading the iCloud backup files to be completed.

Step 4. Transfer the backup files to your Android phone

Once the iCloud backup files have been downloaded, therefore, it becomes possible to transfer it to your Android phone. You are able to select the data type that you want to be retrieved from the menu displayed. In our case, if you want to see how to transfer iCloud photos to Android, simply choose the option for photos. Once you have chosen the photos option, click on the button Start Transfer and wait until the transfer process is completed. And just like that, you now have your iCloud photos on your Android device.

In conclusion, it is important that you do not disconnect your Android device during the process of transferring photos. Moreover, before you can restore photos or any other data type, there is an option that enables you to clear data before copy. With this option, deleting any current data on your Android device is possible before new data, in our case in the form of photos, are added.

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