How to Transfer Data from iCloud Backup to Android

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

With all the advancement in technology, we find ourselves storing a lot online, either on our smartphones or personal computers. A lot of this data are very vital and one may not want to lose it. Data could range from personal documents, personal pictures as well as videos and music. This makes backing up of data very vital in the modern world. Data already backed up is safe for retrieval in case one loses their device.

In what circumstances you want to transfer the iCloud Backup to an Android Phone

The common situation that can make you need to restore your iCloud Backup is you lost your iPhone and buy a new Android Phone. Or simplely because your want to transfer the data on iCloud such as photos, videos, contacts, notes, or other files to your Android phone.

Another situation is when your device becomes defective and you have to acquire a new. A new device may require you to restore contacts and some other data that was in the previous device. Here is where transfer from iCloud comes in handy as it will enable you to get back all your data as it was in the previous device.

Switch Mobile Transfer:

Switch Mobile Transfer is an effective way to restore your backed up data to your device or between two devices. It is able to pair with almost any device; whether Apple, Samsung, Android, Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola and many other devices. Actually, it can support over 6000+ devices. You can use Switch Mobile Transfer to transfer files, images, text messages and contacts from a given device to another. Switch Mobile Transfer can also be used to restore a backup from various platforms such as OneDrive, iTunes and iCloud.

How to restore data from iCloud to android Phone

Step 1. To use Switch Mobile Transfer, first, you have to download it and connect your device. Switch Mobile Transfer can run on Windows and Mac. Once you have installed Switch Mobile Transfer in your system, you need to connect the device too.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2. A screen will open welcoming you. On this screen, go to restore from backups and select iCloud.

Select Restore from Backups

Restore from Backups Select iCloud

Step 3.  Sign into your iCloud account by filling in account details as required.

Restore iCloud Data to Android Login iCloud Account

Step 4.  You are then required to download the backup. To do this, you need to pick the backup and then download it. The downloading process may require some time to complete. Kindly, be patient and wait for this process to complete.

Step 5.  Once the download process is complete, you are now able to restore the backup data to your Android device. From here, you can choose any data type that you want to restore e.g. contacts, images, files, messages and so on.

Step 6. To do this, for example, select messages, and then click on the button Start Transfer. This will initiate the transfer process and you have to wait until this process is complete. Please make sure your device stays connected throughout the entire process.

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