How to Unfreeze an iPhone

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Ian McEwan

how to unfreeze an iphone

“I dropped it into the water accidentally, and now it doesn’t respond anymore…”

“Oh! What’s going on? My iPhone is dead again… ”

“My iPhone will sometimes turn off automatically although it has enough electricity…”

As Apple users, we have been troubled by the frozen iPhone problems for a long time. When the iPhone system does not work, what can we do? Contact the customer service or go to the maintenance point? However, sometimes it will take you a long time to wait for a “healthy” iPhone. In this article, four methods will be offered to you along with instructions on how to unfreeze your iPhone.

Method 1: Force Restart iPhone to Unfreeze Your iPhone.

Ways to restart an iPhone vary from different iPhone generations:

  • On an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus: Firstly, press the Volume Up button and then release the button; secondly, do the same operation on the Volume Down button; thirdly, long press the Side button until you see the Apple logo.
  • On an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press the Side and Volume Down buttons simultaneously, and please hold this two buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.
  • On an iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch: Press the Home and the Top/Side buttons simultaneously, and please hold this two buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

If it doesn't work, try to Unfreeze your iPhone by Entering DFU Mode

Method 2: Update iPhone System to Unfreeze Your iPhone.

If you have used an older version of iOS for a long time and not updated your iOS in time, then it may result in a frozen iPhone. An updated system indicated that Apple has improved how your iPhone run and fix some problems the previous version had (For example, an updated app couldn’t always work well under an older system).

How to Update iPhone System?

Please go to “Setting” and then select “General”. If there is a numerical notation (in red) on the “Software Update”, please go to “Software Update” and hit “Download and Install” to update your iPhone.

For more information, you can turn to this article to Update your iPhone.

Method 3: Erase iPhone or Delete Some Apps to Unfreeze Your iPhone.

One of the main reasons for iPhone freezing is lack of space on your device. If you don't get used to cleaning up your iPhone regularly, app cache and data might get clogged up in your iPhone during day-to-day usage and affects iPhone performance, which eventually causes "a frozen iPhone" issue. In that case, try to clean up iPhone to keep the internal storage free and prevent system failures like iPhone keeps freezing.

Click here to learn how to erase your iPhone safely.

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Unfreeze Your iPhone without Data Loss and Fix other iOS Errors.

The three methods mentioned above can’t work out when iPhone buttons were broken or not functional, or an iPhone was unresponsive to any of your input or pressing. Well, don’t be depressed! You can use iOS System Recovery Win(Click to free download today) or Mac iOS System Recovery software(Click to free download today) which has a “Fix iOS System” functionality. This software will fix and repair your iPhone, iPad but also iPod that is bricked on Apple logo, black screen and white screen.


  1. After using this function, an iPhone will be updated to the latest iOS version automatically, which means that any Jailbroken device will be restored to the default mode, too.
  2. If your iPhone is locked or you have forgotten the password, iMyFone D-Back Recovery will unlock it once you use this function.

Connect iPhone & Computer using the iPhone cable.

fix ios system

Fix the Bug that Caused a Frozen iPhone via Standard Mode.

D-Back will identify the smartphone automatically once you connected your iPhone to the computer. Choose the Standard Mode, and before it starts to settle the problems, what you need to do is to enter either DFU Mode or Recovery Mode.

  • Step1. Put Your iPhone into DFU Mode/Recovery Mode.
  • fix frozen iphone standard mode
  • Step2. Download and Install the Firmware.
  • download firmware standard mode

    Note: If there is a situation where D-Back was failed to recognize the iPhone automatically, don’t worry, selecting the right model of your phone by yourself is still workable.

  • Step3. Start to Fix the Bug once the Firmware was Installed Successfully.
  • Once the firmware was installed successfully, then click "Start to Fix" button to verify the firmware and D-Back will start to unfreeze your iPhone automatically. What you need to do is to wait for few minutes.

    finish fixing system

If the fixing failed, you can retry the Standard Mode or use the Advanced Mode to fix the iOS issues.

Repair Your iPhone with Exit Recovery Mode once click an “Exit” Button.

Enter the “Exit Recovery Mode” after D-Back detecting your phone successfully.

  • Step1. One Click to Start the Process
  • Click "Exit" button, then a normal iPhone is on the way.

    exit recovery mode
  • Step2. Wait until the Process Finishes.
  • finish exiting recovery mode

    Note: After the fixing, if an iPhone is still frozen, please try again or change into the Standard Mode.

Use Advanced Mode to Reinstall Your iPhone Completely

If the Standard Mode cannot fix the frozen iPhone, then please transfer to the Advanced Mode. Enter Advanced Mode and D-Back will run well as par with Standard Mode. Unlike Standard Mode, which can unfreeze an iPhone without data loss, Advanced Mode will reinstall iOS completely which means a kind of data loss in total.


For Mac users, after saving iMyFone D-Back on your Mac, what you need to do is to duplicate and install the software in your apps folder, instead of double clicking the software.