How to Transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Ian McEwan

Sometimes, we may wish to migrate between different mobile platforms, say from android to windows and vice versa, from Android to iPhone and so on. During this transition, we may wish to take our photos with us.

How to Transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone

Photos are meant to keep memories alive, some serve as reminders for the future event while some photos are just too valuable to abandon. All in all, we want our important photos to move with us, none should be left behind.

Transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone

DataKit Switch Mobile Transfer is a software platform that gives you the capability to transfer files between different mobile platforms. In this article, we look at how we can use Switch Mobile Transfer to transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone.

You should note that Samsung phones run on the Android operating system while iPhones run on iOS. These are two different platforms that don’t support direct inter-transfer of files. You, therefore, need an intermediary or a third party software. With Switch Mobile Transfer downloaded onto your computer, you have got your solution.

Here is a systematic procedure to transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone:

  1. Once you have downloaded DataKit Switch Mobile Transfer onto your computer, install and run it.
  2. The application window appears on your screen. It prompts you to select a solution from four options, i.e. Phone to Phone Transfer, Restore From Back-ups, Back-up Your Phone and Erase your Phone.
  3. Select ‘Phone to Phone Transfer’ and connect both the Samsung and the iPhone.
  4. Once both are successfully connected, large icons will appear side to side with a list of files in between. The large icons represent your two devices. Photos are one of the items on the list of files.
  5. Click on ‘Photos’ and select the photos you want to transfer.
  6. Next, click on ‘Start Transfer’ to initiate the transfer.
  7. Data will be transferred from the source to the destination device.

NOTE: In case the transfer starts to happen in reverse i.e. from iPhone to Samsung, cancel the transfer and use the ‘Flip’ button to exchange the positioning of the devices, always make sure that the source device is on the left for a successful transfer.

For a successful transfer from Samsung to iPhone, DataKit Switch Mobile Transfer is the way to go. The transfer process is fairly simple and totally click through.

Switch Mobile Transfer offers excellent transfer features best suited for your file transfer needs.

Download Switch Mobile Transfer today and enjoy a free trial with a buy option and enjoy the fastest data transfer speeds between mobile platforms.

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