#lifeprotips | How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To Android (HEIC/JPG/JPEG): 3 Simple Ways

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Unlike transferring photo between iPhones, the process of transferring photos from iPhone to Android is rife with many challenges, especially transferring the space-squeezing HEIC Photos from iPhone To Android.

Transfer Photos From iPhone To Android

This mainly due to the fact that iPhone and Android use completely different operating systems, or rather, adopt different standards-based formats for storing and processing images.

Fortunately for us, however, various third-party apps have been developed to help you in the process of iPhone to Android Photo transfer. So, start perusing the guide below and choose the best solution that suits you.


1. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android with Switch Mobile Transfer

Switch Mobile Transfer is a software package designed by DataKit that facilitates cross-device data transactions such as transferring pictures from iPhone to Android and vice-versa.

If you are in the process of replacing your iPhone with a snazzy new Android, then use Switch Mobile Transfer to transfer all contents to the novel phone. The content includes pictures, contacts, calendar, messages, music, videos and more.

Now let us see the step to step guide of how to transfer pictures from iPhone to android using DataKit-Switch Mobile Transfer.

Step 1. Download, install and launch the Switch Mobile Transfer program on your computer and click on the Phone to Phone transfer option.

Step 2. Connect both devices with USB cables to your computer and wait for the program to recognize your devices.

Step 3. Two tabs namely the source and destination tab should appear on the screen. Ensure each device is positioned on the correct tap using the flip button located above the content.

Step 4. Once each device is in its place and fully connected, you need to check the boxes next to the data you would like to transfer. In this case, you should ensure you check the photos or picture box so as to complete the transfer.

Step 5. Click on the start copy button at the bottom of the screen, then sit back and relax. The HEIC images from iPhone will be converted into .JPEG automatically during the transmission, so that you can check them on the Android device.
Depending on the magnitude of data you have chosen to transfer, the transaction can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes. It is therefore important to make sure your devices have enough battery power to take you through the process.

Step 6. Once the transaction is completed, you can now disconnect your device from the computer.

2. Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Android with Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution that transcends operating systems that can be used to transfer not only JPEG photos, but also HEIC pictures and a myriad of other data.

Follow the easy steps below to transfer photos from iPhone to Android using Google drive.

Step 1. Download and install Google drive app on your iPhone and make sure to keep the Wi-Fi connection on.

Step 2. Go to the gallery section on your iPhone, select the photos you want to share and Tap share on Google drive. Soon the files will get uploaded.

Step 3. Search the Google Drive app on Play store, download and install it on your Android device.

Step 4. Open the drive and log in with the same Google ID you used on your iPhone. You can preview all the uploaded photos, including the HEIC images or other media files, which you are able to selective and bulk download.

3.How to import photos from iPhone to Android Using Drag and Drop Method

The drag and drop method is perhaps the most straightforward method to transfer pictures from iPhone to Android. This is because you don’t need to install any app on your smartphone or PC.

This method, however, comes with a couple of downsides such as iPhone DCIM Folder not Showing on the PC, or you need a third-party converter to convert HEIC to JPEG before“Drag and Drop”, or confused by the complicated album location in the Android Gallery app.

Step 1. Connect both your iPhone and Android smartphone to the PC via USB cables.

Step 2. Go to my computer and click on iPhone. Navigate to internal storage and locate the DCIM folder which holds all the photos taken using your iPhone’s camera.

Step 3. Copy all photo albums.

Step 4. Go to my computer and click on Android. Navigate to internal storage and locate the DCIM folder.

Step 5. Paste all previously copied photo albums here. If you do not convert the HEIC files before, your Android device will not be able to load the HEIC images.

Bottom Line

After going through our article, we are sure you have got a range of options to transfer pictures from iPhone to Android.

While every method is good in itself, we would like to vouch for transfer using Switch Mobile Transfer due to the wide range of data options you can transfer which is not restricted to photos.

DataKit Switch Mobile Transfer helps you selective Transfer Contacts, Text Messages, Calendar, Call logs, Music, Videos, Apps, App Data and more from one phone to another without data loss. Just One Click!


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