How to Retrieve Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. on Desktop or Cell Phone

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

Bookmark recovery differs depending on which browser you use, but–thankfully–there are a few ways to go about retrieving a bookmark that was accidentally deleted.

retrieve deleted bookmark

Retrieve Deleted GOOGLE CHROME Bookmarks

First and foremost, if you accidentally delete a bookmark, do NOT open a new Chrome browser or window and close out of any that you currently have open. Chrome will automatically reset its bookmarks settings and files every time a new browser window is opened, and you want that old setting to remain intact.

Then, go to Windows Explorer from your computer and paste the following into the search bar, but use your actual Windows user account name instead of “NAME“:

C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

You’ll see two different bookmark files, the latter of which is the one you want: Bookmarks.bak. This is the most recent backup file of your bookmarks list. As long as no new Chrome windows have been opened since the deletion, this should include the missing bookmark.

Change the plain Bookmarks file to something else, like or Bookmarks.old, so that you retain the current setup just in case. When you pull up a new Chrome browser, it’ll automatically save whatever the current bookmarks layout is to the original Bookmarks file like normal, but you’ll be able to see the separate one you saved as well. Once you’ve edited the current file, delete the .bak from the second file. This will make Chrome revert to the version before you deleted the wrong bookmark.

At this point, as long as Chrome hasn’t already backed up a new bookmarks file and written over the previous ones, you should be able to pull up a new Chrome browser and see the bookmarks tab you accidentally deleted. If these steps didn’t work, the only other possibility to retrieve the lost bookmark is if you saved an old version of your PC that has the bookmark on it. Otherwise, you’ll likely just have to track down the old link again.


Recover Deleted MOZILLA FIREFOX Bookmarks

Firefox makes retrieving an old bookmark significantly simpler. If you’ve just deleted a bookmark or folder, you can go to the sidebar or Library window and just use the Ctrl+Z method to ‘undo’ the mistake. Similarly, you can click Undo from the Library window’s Organize menu.

If the deletion happened a while ago, however, go to Import and Backup and click on Restore. Firefox saves several days’ worth of bookmark settings, so you should be able to find the one you need as long as the deletion happened in the span of time Firefox retains.

Note: The only downside to this option is that it will also delete any new bookmarks you’ve created since then because it’s restoring the entire setting. If you have to use this method and know you’ve changed things since the deletion, it would be a good idea to save the new pages to a separate document or file so that you can re-add them as soon as the old Setting has been restored. You can also just click Export Bookmarks to HTML to save your current bookmark settings elsewhere before the restore, and use the reverse option–Import Bookmarks from HTML–once you’re ready to add them back in.


Get back all the Deleted SAFARI Bookmarks

If you’re a Mac user, your best bet is to use the program Time Machine.

  • Pull up Finder and hold down the Option key long enough to be able to click Go, then Library. From the Library, open the Safari folder and look for a file that says bookmarks.plist.
  • At this point, go ahead and open the Time Machine and select Enter Time Machine, then find your way back to right before you accidentally deleted the bookmark, as close to the exact date and time as you can. Hit Restore once you find the right point in time, and the program will give you the option to just keep the original version and replace the current file or save both.
  • If you’ve added new bookmarks since deletion, you’ll want to keep both, in which case a second file named bookmarks(original).plist will be created.


Recover deleted bookmark from all kinds of browsers on PC or Mobile Phone

If the methods mentioned above do not help, or you are using a browser other than Chrome, Firefox and Safari, consider using a data recovery tool to help you retrieve deleted bookmarks on your PC or mobile phone.

Since all deleted bookmark recovery process with different recovery software are pretty much the same, so, here you can just pick on of the most popular one and follow a few easy-to-follow steps that should point you in the right direction.

Here are some of the most used tools that help in bookmark recovery:

#1 #1
data recovery
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


Steps to get back lost bookmarks on PC/Mac.

1. Download a safe and reliable Data Recovery software on your PC or Mac. And have it installed and ran on the PC. Ensure the software is not downloaded to the same location that used to store the bookmarks. Otherwise, those info that help to recover bookmark will be overwritten.

2. Select the specific location of the lost bookmarks (e.g., the system drive, the local disk, the C drive) and select what to recover from the user interface. Then start the scanning process with the Next or Scan button. (The scanning process can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour depending on the size of your drive and the specs of your computer.)

3. Most of the PC data recovery software are free and allow you to scan, even Deep Scan your drive and help you preview files. So you can select and preview the scanning result before you decide to upgrade your license.


Steps to recover lost bookmarks on cell phone

The difference between pc bookmark recovery and cell phone bookmark recovery is that you need to use a USB cable to connect the device to pc.

Also, iPhone users should pre-install iTunes on their Win PC and Android users need to follow the onscreen instruction to enable USB Debugging.

Other than these details, the bookmark recovery process on PC and cell phone are the same.

You just need to download a data recovery tool for iPhone or Android. Then follow the guidelines from the program window to finish recovering lost bookmark in just a few clicks.

Here is a list of the best Data Recovery(iOS / Android) for your reference.

OneClick to Recover All/Specific Deleted Bookmark on iPhone/Android with Ease.


One Last thing

Regularly exporting your bookmarks settings is a good idea for anyone who keeps important and otherwise difficult to reach or remember pages saved, regardless of which browser you use. Even if you have a good memory or believe that you’d be able to navigate back to the bookmarked page on your own, it’s far more convenient to simply have the bookmarks available to save time and headache.


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