Microphone Spy: How to Remotely Activate Cell Phone Microphone

Last Updated on April 19, 2023 by Jack Robertson

In spy movies or some criminal investigation dramas, we can always see some spies or police officers using some special equipment to hack into someone’s phone and record the calls on the target phone remotely.

Seeing these scenes makes most of us surprised, but some may be eager for that kind of ability for various reasons.

By spying on someone’s phone microphone, we’re capable of doing the same stuff as the spy or detective has done in the movie - listening to someone’s phone call remotely.

Can You Hack Someone’s Cell Phone Microphone Remotely?

Listening to someone’s phone call remotely sounds quite appealing, but is it possible for individuals to do that?

So, before we make anything further, let me make one thing straight you CAN surely hack someone’s phone microphone to record phone calls.

Better yet, with the right tool, you can turn the cell phone microphone into a recorder that enables you to listen to the surroundings.

In this case, you can easily find out who the person is talking to on the phone and what’s going on.

Now, your puzzle should be gone. Have you made up your mind to hack someone’s phone microphone?

For those who are looking for solutions, I will tell you two apps that you can use to hack someone’s cell phone microphone remotely. Luckily, both apps require no jailbreak and root. You can simply choose one and start your ‘spy’ career.

Spy Microphone Apps:

  • KidsGuard - Listen to cell phone calls remotely
  • Flexispy - Remotely activate cell phone microphone

Spy Microphone App No1. KidsGuard - Listen to Android Phone Calls Remotely

The first tool we use is KidsGuard, a phone spy professional. Designed for parental control, this program helps users to monitor everything on a child’s phone or someone else’s Android phone.

Remote Call Recorder

KidsGuard can hack the microphone and speaker on an Android, recording every single incoming and outgoing call that takes place on the phone. You’re available to see the date, duration, contact, and phone number of each conversation.

Most importantly, KidsGuard records every word of the call and updates the recordings to the cloud. So, you can listen to the whole conversation remotely without the person knowing.

If this is a long one, download the recording onto your computer or phone. Later, you may listen to it carefully without missing some important stuff.

Makes Parental Control Easy and Secret

To help you secretly and easily protect your child from bully and harassment in real life and cyberspace, KidsGuard offers you these features:

ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro

Hack Android Phones & Tablets, iPhone & iPad, Windows PC

Monitor WhatsApp, FB, IG, SMS, Calls

Listen to Android surroundings

Record screen of the target phone

No jailbreak or root required

Easy Installation

Once you apply to KidsGuard, you’re available to install the app on your child’s phone within 5 minutes and start your hacking right away.

Stealth Mode

If you don’t want your child to feel like she/he is being watched all the time, no problem at all. KidsGuard is like a ghost hiding inside the phone, it cannot be seen, found, or detected. No pop-outs or requests will attract attention.

How to listen to cell phone calls remotely via KidsGuard

To hack someone’s Android microphone to listen to phone calls with KidsGuard, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Get KidsGuard

Click the button below to sign up for KidsGuard. Create an account and get a plan. Then, it will teach you how to install the ClecGuard Spy App on the target Android phone within 5 minutes.

Step 2 Listen to phone calls remotely

When the installation is complete, KidsGuard will start working on the phone without knowing, recording every call and other information.

You may visit the Dashboard and choose the target device. Locate Remote Control from the sidebar and choose Record Calls.

Remote Control Of ClecGuard Choose to Monitor Phone Calls

Now, look at the right panel, you’ll see all the phone calls that KidsGuard has recorded from the phone.

Check the contact and phone number, and see whether you know this guy or not. Then, click the Play button and listen to the phone call, or click the Download button to save it on your PC for later playback.

ClevGuard Record Phone Calls Remotely

More than Remote Microphone Spy

As I mentioned above, KidsGuard will help you monitor everything on an Android phone. More than just listening to phone calls, you’re available to browse all the phone activities, including:

  • Text Messages, Emails, Photo Gallery, Social Apps, App Attachments, Phone Location, Video & Music Library, Browser History, Keystrokes, etc.

Every time the person receives sends, downloads, googles, deletes, takes, records, enters, or visits stuff on the Android phone, KidsGuard will detect the action and upload it to the Dashboard. You may launch the Dashboard on a browser to see what the person’s been doing on the phone remotely.

ClevGuard Features

For more information, you may visit here: KidsGuard Official.

ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro

Hack Android Phones & Tablets, iPhone & iPad, Windows PC

Monitor WhatsApp, FB, IG, SMS, Calls

Listen to Android surroundings

Record screen of the target phone

No jailbreak or root required

Spy Microphone App No2. Flexispy - Remotely Activate Cell Phone Microphone

To activate the microphone on an Android or iPhone to listen to phone calls and surroundings, look no further than Flexispy. This is an insane spy app that can help you spy on someone’s Android or iPhone and all the phone data remotely.

Spy Microphone App

Flexispy helps you turn the target phone’s microphone into a remote voice recorder.

First of all, Flexispy records not only phone calls but also voice and video calls of all kinds of social apps like Skype, Facetime, Facebook, LINE, Viber, and more. As long as the person makes a call on the phone, Flexispy records it and delivers you the audio without losing a word.

Flexispy Record Calls from Skype Line Facebook

Besides, it helps you turn on the microphone remotely from the target phone so that you can listen to all the surrounding sounds in real-time. It’s like you put an auto-upload digital recorder on the person.

This live streaming feature is indeed helpful, especially when:

  • A child is being bullied by others at school;
  • Your partner is flirting with others face to face;
  • An employee leaks company secrets to your competitors.

Warping up, whenever there’s a sound, Flexispy records it and you can hear it on your phone or PC.

FLEXISPY Phone Hacker

Make secrets inside Android & iPhone visible to you

How to Remotely Turn on A Cell Phone Microphone

Find Flexispy attractive? Let’s use it then.

Step 1 Install Flexispy on the target phone

By clicking the button, sign up for Flexispy and finish the setup. Then, Flexispy will give you a link to download the app onto the target phone.

Follow the on-page instruction and complete the process.

Step 2 Listen to cell phone calls

Next, launch Flexispy Dashboard and choose the target phone. Locate the two options: Call Recording or VoIP Recording.

Listen to the calls or you may download those recordings on your device to listen to them later.

Flexispy Record Phone Calls

Step 3 Activate the cell phone microphone remotely

To turn on the cell phone microphone, locate the Live Streaming option from the sidebar.

Enable Live Listening on Flexispy to Activate Microphone

First, you need to set up a target phone number. Choose Monitor Number. Then, click on Set Monitor Number and enter the target phone number. Click Confirm to proceed.

Set Phone Number to Enable Live Listening

Next, go back to the sidebar, choose Enable Live Listening, and set this feature as ON.

Turn on Microphone with Flexispy

Now, Flexispy will start to record all the nearby sounds of the phone. To listen to those sounds, locate Ambient from the sidebar. Locate a recording and listen to it.

Flexispy Record Microphone Activate Remotely

More than a spy microphone app

Similar to KidsGuard, Flexispy helps you monitor all the other phone content, including Sim activities, social apps activities, media library, phone location, browser history, etc.

There’s one more time-saving and helpful feature you can use on Flexispy, the Alert. You can create an Alert on Flexispy, like a Caller ID, Keyword, or Location.

In this way, whenever the person is having a phone call with a bad guy, typing a specific word, or going somewhere that you don’t want the person to go, FlexiSpy will notify you immediately.

Flexispy Create Alerts

To know more about Flexispy, you can visit its official site here.

FLEXISPY Phone Hacker

Make secrets inside Android & iPhone visible to you

Ending Note

Both KidsGuard and Flexispy can record phone calls on a phone and help you listen to the recordings remotely. And if you want to activate the microphone on another phone to listen to all those surroundings, try Flexispy.


1How can I hear talking through walls?

You often see this technique is movies. Take a stemless glass and place the open end against the wall. Any sound waves that permeate the wall will resonate inside the glass and your ear will better be able to capture and process them.

2Is there an app for a listening device?

Clevguard and FlexiSpy are tow of the most effective listening spy app in the market today. They provide great features and has a user-friendly interface.