How to Recover Deleted Notes on Mac [100% Works]

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Have your notes disappeared from Mac after MacOS upgrade or due to accidental deletion or mistake? Are the notes in the Trash or not in Trash and the emptied Trash cannot recover them? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. This article outlines the various ways you can recover your deleted notes on MacBook efficiently and quickly.

To recover your notes, you can either use Mac built-in tools or use a data recovery tool.


how to recover deleted notes on mac

1. Recovering Lost or Deleted Notes Using Mac Built-In Tools

This guides you on how to recover deleted notes on Mac using some of the built-in tools. There are various methods you can achieve this.


a) Recovering Deleted Notes from Recently Deleted Notes Folder

No matter you deleted notes on iCloud or on your Mac, if the time passed since you last deleted your notes from the Notes application is less than 30 days, it is possible to retrieve it. Because you don’t restore those deleted notes after 30 Days, they will be permanently deleted. That will take up to 40 days. You can check your notes from the “Recently Deleted Folder” in your system by the following steps.

  • Go to the Notes app on your Mac.
  • Click the Recently Deleted folder under iCloud or On My Mac, open it and look for your deleted notes.
  • Drag the deleted notes to the folder of your choice.


b) Retrieve Deleted or Disappeared Notes from the iCloud

iCloud enables you to sync notes among your Apple devices possibly. This means that it is possible to retrieve your deleted or disappeared notes from Mac. You can achieve this by following steps the steps below:

  • You start by disabling the internet access in your Mac once you realize the notes have disappeared.
  • You can as well uncheck the box next to notes by following the path to “Preferences”>”iCloud.”
  • Visit, log in using your Apple ID. Choose Notes and look for the deleted notes. Save them into your preferred local file.


c) Restore Deleted Notes from the Time Machine Backup

MacBook is created with the Time Machine, which is a built-in backup feature for these computers. You can use the feature to back up your files including notes, photos, emails, music, applications, and documents. This feature makes it possible for you to restore your notes when they disappear or when you accidentally delete them. The guidance below shows how you can perform the MacBook note recovery:

  • Open the Finder and press the following keys Cmd + Shift + G. You can as well follow the path to “Go”> “Go To Folder Menu” found in the top status bar
  • Type “~/Library/Containers/” and then press enter. A folder that contains three files presents itself. These files include the “storedata”, “NotesV1.storedata-she” and “NotesV1.storedata-wal
  • Copy these files to any preference folder in your desktop and rename each file to include the “.html” file extension. If prompted with the question of whether to add the extension, click “Use .html.” If this process is successful, the file should bear your default browser’s icon.
  • You can double-click on these files to open them up using your default browser. Your lost notes will open in HTML format. Press the Cmd + F to find and recover your notes.


2. Recovering the Deleted or Disappeared Notes Using Data Recovery Tools

You can use third party software tools designed to help you with your notes recovery. Such as DataKit Data Recovery. Guidelines on how to use it to recover deleted note on mac are outlined below:

#1 DataKit Data Recovery

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

To recover disappeared notes from your Mac, you can follow the guidelines below:

– Download, install and run the DataKit Data Recovery software on your Mac

– Select the lost data types and the disk drive, and run a scan of the deleted files

– Find and preview the deleted notes. To recover them, click “Recover” button.

Other Top Mac data recovery tool of 2019 to recover deleted Notes On Mac

#2 Recoverit


This is a software that helps you recover your deleted or disappeared notes on Mac in a safe, professional and easy way. This software helps you recover notes that disappeared due to malware attack, disk formatting, system crash, and deletion. The following steps will help you recover your lost or deleted notes.

– Select the location where the notes were deleted and press the “Scan” button

– The software runs a quick as well as deep scan and finds your deleted notes and other files on the selected disk drive

– Select your notes from the results and click the “Recover Now” button to get them.

#3 EaseUS Mac Data Recovery

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  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Offer 2GB free Recovery
  • Preview before recovery

#4 Stellar Data Recovery for Mac

  • Support Almost All Kinds of Storage Devices On the Market
  • Recover lost data from Mac
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This article provides you with just a number of ways on how to recover deleted notes on mac. There are more ways you can recover your notes but the ones discussed above are the best.


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