[2 Methods]How to Recover Deleted History on Android Phone

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

Sometimes you may need to access a site or page that you surfed in earlier- But incidentally, you remember erasing your browser history by mistake. Whatever the case, there is good news for you as you will learn how to recover deleted history on Android here.

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Method 1.Recover Deleted History on Android with Android Data Recovery
Method 2.Recover Deleted Android History from My Activity of Google Account

How to Recover Deleted History on Android

#1 How to Recover Deleted History on Android with Android Data Recovery

It is a consensus among us that we do a lot of things on our phone daily. AND we lose some histories on our phone; for instance, internet browsing history, call history and SMS history. To recover deleted history on Android, Android Data Recovery is my first recommendation for you for the fact that you can recover almost all Android phone histories with it including contacts, photos, WhatsApp history, and documents.

Steps to Recover Deleted history on Android with Android Data Recovery

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Step 1 Connect your Android phone to the computer using a USB cable.

Connect Android Phone to Computer with USB Cable

Step 2 Enable USB debugging on your Android phone.

Step 3 Choose a scan method: Quick Scan or Deep Scan. Quick scan is suitable for locating recent history data while a deep scan is for finding the full browsing data.

Step 4 In the resulting scan interface, choose the items you would like to recover.

Step 5 After selecting the files for recovery, your computer will prompt you to recover these files- Normally, the machine will recover the data to its original path, but you can also choose a different saving path.

Step 6 After recovering the files, a pop-up window will appear on your screen that will prompt you to “view results” of the recovered files.

The advanced version of Android Data Recovery is suitable for recovering more files without limits. The version allows you to perform more in-depth searches without any limitations on the size of browsing history.

#2 How to Recover Deleted Android History from My Activity of Google Account

Google Chrome users can synchronize their data to a Google account. When you erase your Google browsing history locally by mistake, you can easily sign in to your account and get it back.

By default, Google synchronizes the history of what you search, read and watched to your Google account, but you can change the option here: https://myaccount.google.com/activitycontrols/search

Synced data includes history, bookmarks, passwords, and other browsing information. You can access your synced data by signing in to your Google account using any device.

Steps Recover Deleted history from Google Account

You can recover your deleted browsing data on Google by following the steps below:

Step 1 Openhttps://myaccount.google.com. Access your Google account by entering your sign-in information i.e., username and password.

Step 2 Select “My Activity” under “Activity and timeline”. Then on the next page,  you will be able to see your synced history data on your Google account. All the search history and the history of websites and pages you visit will be visible except those that you visited while in incognito mode.

Step 3 You can access these websites and re-save them as your browser’s bookmarks for later use.

After following these steps, you will restore the browsing history that you need to your Android device.

Tips for getting the most of history recovery

  • Before initiating the data recovery process ensure to stop your browsing activities- Doing so prevents the old browsing data from being overwritten by new data.
  • Make sure the “sync” option is activated in your Android device.
  • Most Android data recovery software requires the “root functionality” to be enabled- So remember to root your phone before using them.
  • Back up your browsing information to your Google account.

From our post, you can always use any of the two data recovery methods to recover your browsing data: Using Android Data Recovery and Google sync recovery – You can go for any method depending on the one that suits your situation. You can also try both ways to find the one that works best for you.