How to Hack A Gmail Account for iPhone/Android/PC

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Jack Robertson

Does anyone not have a Gmail account? Well, almost every single one of us has a Gmail account if we want to live, study, work or communicate normally. The Gmail inbox contains so many private things about us, including the services we subscribe to, business partners we’ve been working with, the class we take, and more.

That means if you hack into someone’s Gmail account, someone’s personal, academic, and business information is accessible to you. You may say hacking someone’s Gmail account is illegal and improper, however, such action does help us solve puzzles and problems.

How to Hack A Gmail Account with Gmail Hacker for Android iPhone PC

Why would anyone like to hack someone’s Gmail account?

Protecting children:

A responsible parent will always keep the kid away from any possible harm, including cyberbullying or scams through emails.

Catching cheaters:

If your partner has signed into any dating apps or websites, you’ll find an invitation or confirmation email in his/her inbox. Then, you’ll have the evidence to prove him/her cheating.

Capturing leakers:

Running a business, the most unpleasant thing is having a leaker who tells everything of the company to your competitor. Let’s get the evidence from the leaker’s Gmail inbox.

No matter what your purpose is, there’s one common goal - to get into someone’s Gmail account. In today’s tutorial, I’ll tell you 3 possible methods. You may get started then.

Solution 1: Hack Gmail with a Gmail hacker for Android/ iPhone/ PC

Speaking of Gmail hackers, mSpy is the one wearing the crowns.

What is mSpy

Designed for Android and iPhone, mSpy is a professional phone spy app that can help you hack into your kid’s, partner’s, employee’s, or someone else’s Gmail account, giving you full access to the inbox.

mSpy Phone Hacker

Hack Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad remotely and secretly! All information is visible to you!

Spy on all social media apps, FB, IG, Twitter, Snapchat, etc

View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

Record every keystroke and set alarm for specific keywords

How does it work

By installing the Monitor App into the target phone, mSpy will monitor all the phone information, mark down each activity and upload the records to the Dashboard (Cloud).

Later, you may visit the Dashboard with a browser on PC/phone or install the Control Site app on your phone to check the latest mSpy reports to find out the email that this person sends and receives.

mspy control panel

What else can mSpy do

If you cannot find anything valuable from the person’s Gmail inbox, don’t worry. mSpy will spy on the person’s whole phone and deliver you everything you want to know from this phone, including:

More than anything, the app is 100% invisible and undetectable on the target phone, which means the person will never see or find the app on his/her phone and you don’t have to worry about getting caught.

mspy banner

How to use mSpy to hack a Gmail account

Step 1 Sign up for mSpy

To use mSpy, create a mSpy account with an email ID and set up your spy plan. Click the button below to complete.

Step 2 Install mSpy on the target phone

When you finish the setup on the official site, mSpy will send you a confirmation email containing several attachments. Take a look at those attachments:

  • An installation wizard, a link for the Dashboard, a download link for the Control Site app, and a registration code.

Here, you need to launch the installation wizard and follow its instruction to finish installing the app onto the target phone remotely.

SpyZie Installation Completed

Step 3 Hack Gmail account right away

Now, launch the Dashboard or the Control Site app. Here you can find plenty of functions that can help you hack Gmail accounts or other information, like Email, Keylogger, Text Messages, or Screen recorder.


If you just want to check the email detail, just locate Email from the sidebar and start to see all the emails sent and received.

mspy email tracker
*Keylogger & Text Messages

If you want to sign in to the Gmail account with your device, mSpy Keylogger will help you with that. This feature will mark down every password the person types on the phone, including the one for the Gmail account.

  • Locate Keylogger from the sidebar and locate the password of the Gmail account.mspy keylogger
  • Log in to the account on your device with the password and Gmail address.
  • Given that this is a new device, Gmail’s server will send a verification code to the preset phone number. You need to enter the code on the login page to complete the process.
  • Now, go to Text Messages on mSpy’s Dashboard. mSpy will update the latest message - Gmail verification code, to the Dashboard.mspy text messages
  • Get the code there and type it in on the login page.

You’re in then.

*Screen Recorder

This is another way to hack a Gmail account. By viewing the video clip recorded by mSpy, you can check any activities on the target phone, including the credentials of the Gmail account.

mspy screen recorder

An Alternative to mSpy

Hacking someone's Gmail account doesn't end with installing spyware on their phone. What if they always cling into their mobile devices that you can't get the chance to strike? Well, there's stiil a chance you can do it by hacking into their computer. And there's no program more reliable to get the job done than FlexiSPY. It can works in stealth mode on Mac and Windows, which makes it safe to use.

FLEXISPY for Computers

Revealing secrets from Windows and Mac computers you target

To hack someone's email with FlexiSPY, you just need to login to your Web Portal and remotely monitor your target's emails on the Dashboard. You will see their sent and recieved emails as well as the email addresses, time, date, and the subjects. That's how effortless it is to use this tool.

FlexiSPY also has a powerful keyboard tracker for computers. It can extact your target's passwords, usernames, and email addresses whenever they input them. It's basically one of the most useful features to use when trying to hack someone's Gmail account. So, what are you waiting for? Try it the free demo now!

Solution 2: Hack Gmail by sending a phishing website

You can also try to create a phishing website and send it to the person.

For instance, you may pretend to be a customer service official of Gmail and send an email in Gmail’s tone, saying “the account is having an abnormal sign-in activity, you should visit this link to reset your password” or anything similar.

How to Hack A Gmail With Phishing Website

Then, the person may have the chance to take the scam and sign in to the phishing page you create.

Next, you can use the stolen password to hack the person’s Gmail account.

mSpy Phone Hacker

Hack Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad remotely and secretly! All information is visible to you!

Spy on all social media apps, FB, IG, Twitter, Snapchat, etc

View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

Record every keystroke and set alarm for specific keywords

Solution 3: Hack Gmail account without software


  • You can have physical access to the person’s computer;
  • You know the passcode of the person’s PC.

You’re available to hack the person’s Gmail account without any software. Chrome is all you need to get the person’s password for the Gmail account.

This is how to:

On the person’s PC, launch Chrome and go to Settings.

Enter Settings on Chrome

Hit Passwords under the Autofill tab. Then, you’ll see all the services registered with auto-saved passwords and usernames on Chrome.

Locate Passwords on Chrome to Hack Gmail

Now, locate one service signed in with the Google account and click on the Show password button.

Show Gmail Password

Then, enter the passcode of this PC on a pop-up panel to pass the verification. The password of the Gmail account will be visible. Take it down.

Enter PC Passcode to Hack Gmail

Solution 4: Hack Gmail account with online tools

The final option is applying to some online Gmail-hacking tools.

  • All you have to do is to google ‘online tools to hack Gmail account’, choose one from the result, enter the target Gmail account and pay for the hacking.

If you’re lucky, the result will come out in a few hours. It may take longer, like days or weeks.

However, this should be the last solution you apply to when the above three methods couldn’t help you. Why is that? Because most of these online tools are useless and some even bring potential financial loss and privacy leak.

Risks of using these online Gmail-hacking tools:


Some of these platforms can help you do nothing. Those website creators built these sites, boasting that they can crack any Google accounts and Gmails, aiming to get you to pay them. After your payment, nothing will happen because you’re tricked.


What makes things worse is that some criminals don’t satisfy with the money you pay. They want more.

After subscribing to their ‘service’, they'll send you an installer file or other files and ask you to install it on your PC.

Let's say, if you do install the program and sign in with your personal information.

From then on, your PC is no longer safe since you’ve created a perfect entrance for these hackers. All the information on your PC is visible and accessible to them, your bank account, family photos, social accounts, etc.


1Is It really possible to hack into someone’s Gmail account directly?

No, individuals can’t hack into someone’s Gmail directly. You can only steal the person’s password and try to pass the two-factor authentication. Or, you can use a spy app to monitor the inbox.

2What is Google’s Two-step Authentication?

When you create a Gmail account, Google will ask you to enter a phone number. Anytime when an attempt of signing in to the Gmail account occurs, Google will send a verification code to the preset phone number. Whoever signs in to the account must enter the verification code on the login page to complete the process.