How to Check Private Browsing History On iPhone After Its Been Deleted

No matter what your goals are, Your Desire for checking history on iPhone after its been deleted can be satisfied by some efficient tools. Here’s how to take full advantage.

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how to check history on iphone after its been deleted

For many iPhone Users, it’s very common to delete browsing history as well as cookies and cached data by mistake. Sometimes you may accidentally delete important info with just a click of a button.

So, checking the deleted browsing history sometimes proves to be very essential especially when you are worried about your spouse or child activities on the internet. This scenario may really trigger the need to be aware of the events in the browser even after it has been cleared!

Did you know that the technology has now made it possible to check private browsing history on iPhone? In this article, we will discuss how to check history on iPhone after it has been deleted, no matter on your iPhone or someone else’s iPhone.

Here are several approaches to do so.


Part 1 Check on Your iPhone

If you want to find deleted history on your iPhone, you can restore it from iTunes/ iCloud backup file.


How to Check private browsing history on iPhone with iTunes Backup

Restoring deleted history from iTunes is very simple if the user backs up regularly.

  • To restore the backups, open iTunes on your computer that you used to back up before.
  • Connect your iPhone to the PC and press Trust if a prompt pops up.
  • Click on the iPhone icon when it appears in iTunes and Clicks on the Restore Backup
  • According to the date or the size of each backup file, select the most relevant one and click on the Restore

Then all the backed up data will be restored to your iPhone, including some of your deleted browsing histories you want to check.


How to View Private Browsing History by restoring an iCloud backup

Start by checking the status of your iCloud backup by going to Settings then your Apple ID> iCloud> Manage Storage>Backups.

You can check the info of each backup file here, such as the last backup date, backup size and what app data was backed up before.

Follow the steps below to restore the deleted browser history.

  • From the Settings menu, go to General then press the Reset.
  • Then select the button Erase all contents and Settings and Reset.
  • On the setup screen, select restore from an iCloud Backup. Follow the instruction to set up your iPhone and some of your browsing histories will be shown.

However, restoring from backup file will not only get your deleted browsing history back but also recover other data together.

What’s worse, any change on your iPhone after the last backup will be lost.

Want to selective recover/view deleted browsing history without resetting?


How to Find Deleted History on iPhone from Settings

You can find some deleted safari browsing history under Settings. The steps here are really very straight forward.

  • First, go to settings on your iPhone and scroll all the way down till you find the browser, select it and proceed.
  • At the bottom of the selected browser, select the “Advanced Option” button
  • To find the website data, go to the next section
  • To find the deleted history on the browser, tap on the website data.


How to View Private Browsing History on iPhone With Google Account

If an iPhone user is also a Google user, then checking the Web & App Activity from Google account is a highly workable way to view private browsing history on iPhone.

Just Visit:  and log in your Google Account

You can view SOME of your Private browsing histories under “My Google Activity

Why just SOME, not ALL of your browsing history?

You can check Activity controls setting here:

  • If you do not have “Web & App Activity” turned on, you will get nothing with the steps mentioned above.
  • If you do not check the box “Include Chrome history and activity from sites, apps, and devices that use Google services”, you can only view the Google search history and those websites you visited via Google Search with Chrome. Those websites you visit directly from bookmarks or address bar will not show up.
  • If you Google with other browsers except for Chrome, then Google will keep the history of Google search and website you visited via Google Search for you, even though you have turned on “Web & App Activity” and checked “Include Chrome history and activity from sites, apps, and devices that use Google services”


Part 2: How to Check Browsing History on Someone Else’s iPhone After Its Been Deleted

The user especially your kid, your employer or your spouse may opt to clear the browsing history after viewing the unauthorized sessions on their iPhone!

This should really not bother you since it’s possible to still find the deleted browsing history.

Check private browsing history on iPhone in the following steps below!


Get “the iPhone” And Unlock It

So, detective, your first step to check others’ iPhone is to figure out how to get the targeted phone at hand and unlock it.

I can’t show you how to get someone’s iPhone, but I will let you know how to unlock it.

iPhone Unlocker is the answer. It can help you bypass screen passcode for lock, disabled, broken screen in critical situations.

No matter 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, or Custom numeric code, iPhone Unlocker can remove screen lock in any iOS versions and iPhone devices(including iOS 12.3 and iPhone XR and iPhone XS).

Win Download Mac Download
Win Download Mac Download

Viewing Deleted Private Browsing History without Backup

After unlocking the iPhone you want to check, you can use an iPhone Data Recovery tool to help you check those deleted browsing histories.

These third-party recovery tools are very resourceful and here is a selection of top iPhone Data Recovery for reference.

As you can see, Fonelab is one of the best. With this iPhone data recovery tool, you can recover/view deleted data on iPhone with or without backup file, selectively or perhaps fully recover browsing history from iPhone or other Apple devices. Also, it helps you recover private browsing history after it has been deleted without affecting current data.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

To discover how to view deleted browsing history and so many other useful features, just follow a few steps.

  • To begin, download and run the program on a computer.iOS data recovery
  • Connect the iPhone to the pc with a USB cable.connect iOS device to computer via usb cable
  • The iPhone will ask your permission to allow the program to access those safari/Chrome history and even the deleted one.
  • Select Recover from iOS Device then click Start Scan.recover from ios device
  • Preview the deleted browsing history in detail, then you can choose from the recoverable safari history, click Recover then choose a folder on a computer to save them in.

Retrieve Previously Deleted Private History on iPhone With Backup

If you firmly believe that what you want to check is backed up to iTunes/iCloud before, you can use Fonelab or another iPhone data recovery tool – Wondershare dr.fone to help you selective recover Deleted Private History from iCloud/iTunes backup.

Because the traditional method of backup file restoration will erase all existing data on the iPhone. So, with Wondershare dr.fone, you have the option of selectively restoring, you don’t have to delete existing data from your device and you have the liberty to restore only deleted browsing history.


Here are a few things to note.

  • Download the free Wondershare dr.fone for iOS on your computer.
  • Run it and Connect iPhone to the Computer via USB.
  • Click the right arrow button.
  • Select the browsing history you want to recover that is, from the appropriate backup.
  • Select the right arrow button and uncheck the select all button
  • Click OK to start the scan process.
  • Choose the deleted history that you want to recover after the scanning process has been concluded.
  • Click the recover button and Voila! You have all the info.


Continuous checking Private iPhone Browsing History In the Future

You can check the previous browsing history with the aforementioned methods. However, if you want to check private browsing history on iPhone in the future, a spy app for iPhone is all you need.

Some famous Spying Tools, like mSpy, can really help you check the private browsing history, and monitor the activities of the phone remotely, including:

WhatsApp, Capture Screenshots, Call logs, Messages, Data Export, Alert, Location, Keylogger, Facebook, Browser History, Timeline, Photos, Instagram, Snapchat, Contacts, etc.
EN All in one chat app tracking tool

To feel all these amazing features for monitoring and check the Private iPhone Browsing History secretly and remotely, just follow the guide here:

Step 1. Create Your mSpy Account

Like any other app, you will need to click the “Try it now” button that provided on the website and sign up with an authentic email address to get started with the mSpy.


Step 2. Select the Target Device You Want to Monitor/Track

After signing up, the next step is to fill in select the device you want to monitor, such as iPhone or Android, or you can decide later. From the left panel, you can view the dashboard of the program and all kinds of data can be monitored with.


Step 3. Select the Plan that suit you

According to your need or the information you want to check with the program, you can select the basic or the premium plan.


Step 4. Start Checking the private browsing history and monitoring other

Fulfilling the first three steps will actually enable your monitoring system and you can now check the browsing history of the iPhone or even iPad. The monitoring tool does update information efficiently and therefore since everything will be under your control after you have verified the iCloud account, you will access the GPS location, read the text, spy on the phone calls or even check the Whatsapp messages. Everything that you want, even checking the browsing history is really enabled with this amazing monitoring tool.

These steps are actually practical on the mSpy tracker and will really make it possible to keep an eye on your employees, kid or even spouse browsing data in the most efficient way!



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Answered Jun 30, 06:22pm

RE: How to Check Private Browsing History On iPhone After Its Been Deleted

Well, here is a workaround, which is free. If you use multiple Apple devices with the same iCloud account logged in,  then your Safari Browsing history will be synced across all the devices.

So, if you are lucky enough and have your Mac backed up by Time Machine before, then you can recover your browsing history with Time Machine backup.


Time machine is one of the resourceful applications with affiliations to MAC, and by it, you can have a backup by toggling the option and the Time machine is handy in recovering safari browser history. Just follow the simple-steps below

  • Enter time machine at the drop-down menu.
  • Go to application and search safaris snapshot.
  • Click on the recover button.
  • A little thing to note though, you must have an updated backup.
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Answered Jul 1, 11:34am

RE: RE: How to Check Private Browsing History On iPhone After Its Been Deleted

Like Vincent mentioned above, Apple Users can check their deleted browsing history from Time Machine. But chance are most Mac user don’t have their time machine configured before.

So a Mac Data Recovery, like Stellar Data Recovery for Mac can do you a favor.stellar mac data recovery

Stellar data recovery professional for MAC is a very resourceful and handy application, it usually has the .plist extension as this is the file which contains the-safari history. It also recovers files from corrupt and encrypted hard drives. The following steps are instrumental to recovering your safari history.

  • Launch the software by double clicking on its icon.
  • You can select the recover everything option or customize the scan and click NEXT.
  • Click on the Macintosh HO from the interface.
  • Click scan while you wait for the scan or you may select the deep scan option especially when the drive has been corrupted.
  • After the scan, the software will list all the files deleted from MAC.
  • You can see preview by turning on the switch from the preview option.
  • Click on the file with the .plist extension and select recover.
  • Register the OSMac data recovery software to save files at the location of your choice.
  • After file selection. Save.