How to Catch a Wife Cheating on Snapchat

Last Updated on July 25, 2022 by Angelos Chronis

At a first glance, Snapchat appears to be a perfectly innocent Social media application. You can text friends, share photos with others. It also lets you find people online and follow them to see their Snaps and even chat. And all that without even having to worry about privacy, like all message threads and posted Snaps are deleted shortly after they are created and posted.

But Snapchat has a darker side. It is also known as the cheater’s app, and for good reason.

Its auto-deleting messages and Snaps, the fact that it is geared towards meeting strangers and exchanging photos with no trace of the interaction appearing anywhere make it ideal for cheating wives who wish to sext, flirt, and have entire affairs without worrying about the evidence.

So, in this article, we will go over how you can catch a wife cheating on Snapchat for all those of you out there that are worried their wives are having online affairs.

Part 1: How to Prepare to Catch a Wife Cheating on Snapchat

There are some things you can do to prepare before you go into the more involved parts of catching your wife cheating on Snapchat. Those mainly involve ascertaining that your wife is, indeed, cheating and a few things you can do to make it easier to monitor and catch her.

1. Find your wife on Snapchat

The first thing you need to do is to actually figure out if your wife is using Snapchat. Obviously, the easiest way of going about that is to check your wife’s phone directly, or to hack into it somehow. However, this is not always possible. If your wife is cheating on you via Snapchat, she will make sure to hide any evidence on her phone, or simply refuse to let you check it.

So, you will have to download Snapchat and make an account yourself to look for her online. Here are a few tips for how to do that:

2. Prepare the ground to get her phone for a while

This is a very important step for what we’ll need to do later. The only way to see your wife’s Snapchat and catch her cheating is to collect evidence from her phone. Therefore, you will need to get your hands on it for a while.

Thankfully, neither of the two alternatives on this article requires having your wife’s phone for long.

Here are a few pointers on how to not get caught:

  • Spy out the times when she’s not using her phone.
  • Create a good excuse in case you are caught.
  • Create a distraction to get your wife away from her phone for a while.
  • Figure out or try to see her PIN number.

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Part 2: How to Catch a Wife Cheating on Snapchat with mSpy

Having taken all the steps we propose above, you should now be ready to actually catch your wife cheating on Snapchat.

So, how do you do that? How can you spy on your wife and collect enough evidence to catch her cheating on Snapchat?

The answer is simple; You can use a spy app called mSpy.

mSpy is our go-to choice whenever we need to monitor someone, be it wives, employees, children, or anyone that needs some sort of supervision. We prefer it because:

  • It is extremely lightweight. It can run from any browser.
  • It is user-friendly, usable even by the least tech-savvy people.
  • It is 100% undetectable.
  • It works on most Android and iOS models.
  • It monitors 24/7.

mSpy has a special set of tools that will allow you to hack Snapchat and monitor your wife with ease.

Apart from the obvious, letting you see all the text threads on Snapchat as well as see and download media files, mSpy also lets you check every single thing your wife types on her phone. This feature will give you access to her password when she logs into Snapchat as well as an insight into what she is doing or saying throughout the day. Even if she deletes everything after.

And best of it all, you can also get alerted every time she so much as types the word Snapchat with mSpy’s incredible keyword tracking feature.

So, wait no more and catch your wife cheating on Snapchat with mSpy.

How to catch a cheating wife on Snapchat with mSpy

Install mSpy on your target’s device (phone or tablet, Android or iOS)

Get your wife’s phone for a few minutes and call mSpy’s IT team. They will help you plant the spy app.

Open the Dashboard

The Dashboard is your starting point. This is the first page you can always check to get an overview of your wife’s activities. There, you can also see the latest Snapchat messages and websites they have visited.

Check Snapchat

The Social Networks tab is where you will find all of your target’s message threads on social networking platforms. Among those, you will find Snapchat. It is there that you can see your wife’s Snapchat messages and download photos.

Use the Keyloggers

With mSpy’s keylogger you can also see everything that has been typed on your wife’s phone. Whether it was a Snap, a post, a password, or an internet search, mSpy has it saved for you to see.

Set up and alert with Keyword Tracking

You can even set up a keyword alert. This way, mSpy will notify you every time your target types a specific word or phrase that you have set up in advance.

Screen Recording

If you are worried about the fact that Snapchat deletes all messages and Snaps after a while, you can use screenrecorder. This is mSpy’s tool that will let you record your wife’s screen in real time. So, you can save her texting others as a video that you can watch whenever.

mSpy Social Media Hacker

Spy on every any social media apps as you like with one easy click. Become a social media hacker right now!

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Snapchat is chief among those apps that, when found on a partner’s phone, should be cause for worry. However, while its features might be ideal for adulterers and pornography consumers, its mere existence shouldn't send you into a fit, as that could damage your relationship without good reason.

What you should do is think about whether you really have reason to worry and then try to collect evidence in a manner like the ones we describe here.


1How do Snapchat messages and stories work?
Snapchat works exactly lke any other social media application. It creates message threads between its users and lets them text and send media files to one another through its networks. It also has a “story” feature that lets users put a short video or photo on display for everyone to see. What is unique about Snapchat is that all those messages and media files are deleted from its servers after a while.
2Is Snapchat a Dating app?
Snapchat is a social networking app. Unlike Tinder, it isn’t geared towards dating or enabling strangers to meet each other. However, this doesn’t mean that people haven’t found dates through it.