How Long Does It Take to Backup iPhone to iCloud? 

Here are some useful tricks to quicken the process of backup iPhone to iCloud. Maybe 5 minutes or less.

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

How long does it take to backup iPhone to iCloud? My answer is 5 minutes. It seems unbelievable, but believe me, it is achievable. Let’s see what I have done to speed up backing up my iPhone.How long does it take to backup iPhone to iCloud

1. Optimize the network environment

There is no doubt you must spend longer to back up your iPhone if Wi-Fi condition is not very good, thus data transmission speed can be so low. For example, if you improve your Wi-Fi condition from 2 Mbps to 10Mbps, for data worth 1GB to backup, it will roughly reduce the backup time from one hour to just 20 minutes. So, before backing up, I always tried to find an excellent Wi-Fi environment first.

Apart from good Wi-Fi conditions, I accelerated the Wi-Fi connection by changing the DNS server of my iPhone as well. Slow DNS server will let loading up websites take longer than needed. Luckily, iPhone allows users to change the DNS server by its network setting. Let me show you how to change iPhone’s DNS under the Wi-Fi condition.

1) Go to Settings, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to a network.

2) Click the ‘i’ icon on the right side of connected Wi-Fi.

3) Click DNS, delete the current one and input DNS servers with high speed. Please don’t forget to split different servers by comma.


2. Delete data to improve device condition

Crowded iPhone with narrow space just like a square full of people, which makes it impossible for one person goes through the square quickly. In this situation, it’s reasonable that backup costs longer. So, cleaning up waste and improving the iPhone’s performance is essential.

Firstly, delete unused media (such as video, music, audio or voicemail) can be a big help. This will improve your iPhone’s condition as well as reduce the amount of data need to be backup. Besides, cleaning up cache and apps can also help. Removing the cookies stored in the Safari browser is a good way to reduce data load as well as potential data risks. You can also delete outdated apps because they may occupy more space than you imagine. After doing this, I believe backup time will be drastically reduced.


3. Back up data selectively

Can you imagine backing up more than 10G data? That can be a disaster even if your iPhone connected to the fastest Wi-Fi. Here are a few ways to cut back data which need to transfer.

The backup option of Apple’s iCloud helps you filter data you don’t want to backup. On most occasions, videos, audios, and apps can be very large, so it will take a long time to back up all of these files to iCloud. To avoid backing up one or more unnecessary apps, you only need to click on “Settings> Apple ID > iCloud” to turn off the option of them. For example, if your Messages app is full of spams and outdated verification codes, you can turn it off in iCloud to skip the backup.

There are also some other tips I’d like to share with you:

  1. Check available iCloud space regularly. Crowded iCloud can be the biggest obstacle to backup.
  2. Reduce the number of devices connect to the Wi-Fi which your iPhone has connected. This can guarantee the network transmission speed is fast enough.
  3. Develop a habit of regular backups by making use of auto backup. By setting this option on, your data will be automatically backed up when your iPhone is charging, under Wi-Fi condition and the screen is locked.


A better Alternative – Try professional tools for a better experience

Desire for faster backing up speed?

Don’t have enough iCloud space?

Eager to make more than one backup?

Never want to meet backup interruption or failure?

Luckily, professional tools always can solve the above problems perfectly. I highly recommend you to try iOS Data Backup & Restore developed by Aiseesoft, it’s such a magic tool.

There is no doubt that the most import feature of iOS Data Backup & Restore is a quick backup by one click. You only need to download FoneLab on your PC, open the program, choose iOS Data Backup & Restore option, connect your iPhone to PC, and select iOS data Backup option to start the fast backup.

FoneLab allows you to choose what kind of file needs to be backed up. Also, you can choose “Encrypted backup” to protect privacy. After clicking the “Backup” button, your backup files will be saved in the local disk. The whole process can be quite fast (about 2 minutes).

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Apart from backing up, FoneLab also holds a humane restoring feature. FoneLab allows you to search for different backups and choose one to restore your iPhone without affecting other data, these backups can be iTunes backup, iCloud backup or FoneLab backup. Before restoring, you can preview data details, and select items you want to restore in case valuable data be overwritten.

Now, you may have realized that it is possible to back up iPhone in 5 minutes. By making use of all tips in this article, you will feel much better when you need to back up your iPhone. As for FoneLab, I believe it will be an intimate assistant because you won’t worry about backing up the iPhone may cost lots of time anymore.


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