How Can I Find Deleted History On My Computer? – 5 Methods

Last Updated on April 25, 2023 by Ian McEwan

There are a variety of reasons why you would want to find deleted history on your computer. Perhaps you want to check whether your spouse/ kids have been visiting inappropriate sites in their computers, or you just need to trace your way back to a particular website, especially when you have studied articles or other information that is not easy to find in the search and lose access to it with the cleaned history.

How Can I Find Deleted History On My Computer

The good news or perhaps bad news, depending on the situation you are in, even if you delete your browsing history and assume that everything you have been doing with your computer has been permanently erased, it isn’t true.

The computer records everything, whether somewhere on the hard drive or deep in your computer operating system.

Nothing that is ever permanently deleted on your computer. Despite the existence of the delete function, the history data always remains somewhere within your computer.

Unless you use a very big and fat magnet or an immeasurable magnitude of inferno on your hard drive, the data is still recoverable.

Recovering deleted history can be easy if you are sure of what you are doing.

There are various ways you can use to recover the deleted internet history. Some are simple, while others are technical and complex depending on how deep you want to go. Check them out.

Find Deleted History On My Computer Using Aiseesoft recovery software

Aiseesoft is one of the best-deleted history recovery software you will come across. It recovers deleted or lost files from recycle bin, flash drive, hard drive, memory card, digital camera and other memory handling devices. A distinct aspect is that it performs its intended task efficiently and effectively.

Steps to find deleted history on my computer:

    1. To begin with, download and install the program, then run the software on your computer.
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  1. Afterward, the main interface pops up. Select the file type that you want to recover.  It may be an image, document, email, video, audio or any other. Then, choose the location of your lost file(s) in the disk drive(s).Data Recovery Choose Documents and Others to Scan
  2. Subsequent to locating the file, two scanning options are available. There’s the quick scan and deep scan. Clicking on Scan offers a quick scan on the selected disk drive.Data Recovery - Quick Scan
  3. Later, lost or deleted files are listed on the interface. A filter feature that helps in locating your file of interest is also present.
  4. By just clicking the Recover button. All the selected files get restored to your computer.

It’s important to note that, if you cannot locate your file(s) after a quick scan, it’s advisable to use Deep Scan.

Data Recovery - Deep Scan

There are a million reasons why every folk should have Aiseesoft software. One is that it’s easy to download to use It doesn’t matter whether the files were lost through accidental deletion, RAW hard drive, emptying recycle bin, partition loss, RAW partition, crashed OS, or bootable problem, this powerful software recover them with ease.

Consequently, every time this query comes up, “how can I find deleted history on my computer, Aiseesoft recovery software should always come in your mind.


Find Deleted Chrome History With Google History?

This can be done through the use of a standard system for downloading information from the cloud, but there is one limitation – you must be in your account. If you work with a browser in which you are logged in to the user’s account, then there will be no problems; if without logging in, you will have to use other methods.

In order to restore the history of Google Chrome you need:

  1. Open your browser and click on the menu icon in the upper right corner;
  2. Select “Settings”;
  3. Now in the “Login” section, you will see the link “Personal Account”, if it is not there, then you are not authorized;
  4. Click on “Advanced Sync Settings” and the history will be restored. A 10-week history of visits is stored on the cloud, everything older is automatically deleted.


The method is easy and efficient but is available only to authorized users. If you do not fall under this category, use the following method.


Using the DNS Cache

It’s used in retrieving deleted internet history. Usually, it’s a simple method that recovers browsing history easily. If you delete it, no need to worry.

It involves:

  1. Go to “Starr and select “Run.. In the search bar enter “CME and select “OK”.
  2. Wait for the Command Prompt to open. Enter config/displays. Hit Enter’.
  3. After entering the command, your internet history will be displayed.


History recovery using Handy Recovery

This solution is suitable to restore the history of the browser Opera, Mozilla, Yandex, etc. The only difference when recovering information for different browsers is the location of the files.

Handy Recovery program allows you to recover deleted information on the remaining tracks. In fact, the data you delete does not disappear anywhere. They are simply assigned a value that allows overwriting of these files and they are not displayed in the explorer. Accordingly, you can recover any deleted files if they were not overwritten.

There are two main advantages to this version of history recovery: it works with all browsers and the program is free.

To use the method you need:

Download the Handy Recovery program;

Open the utility and on the right side of the window specify the path C: \ Users \ Here should be the name of your active user \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data, the link is presented for the Chrome browser, but can be modified for your browser by selecting it in the folder Local. Initially, you will not see the AppData folder at the specified path; you first need to make it appear as hidden items in the system.


Restore history using the standard Windows method

To use this solution, you will need a recovery point at the time of creation, which contained the necessary elements of history. If you have one, then you can easily restore the necessary information and do not have to roll back the entire system.

  • Follow the path presented in the 2nd paragraph of the previous method;
  • Click on the final folder with the right button and click on the option “Restore the old version”;
  • Select the point you need and then follow the instructions.
  • The disadvantage of the method is a small probability that you have a recovery point suitable for time intervals.

The history contains information about the visited pages of sites and the time of entry to them. It is this information that you need to restore, for the future, if you need certain sites for frequent use, just add them to your favorites and history problems will be diminished.

P.S. All erased by simple deletion of information is recoverable. Therefore, if maximum privacy is important to you, you need to use special programs for complete file deletion and not use synchronization with the Google cloud service.