GoPro Video Recovery 101: How to Recover Deleted Videos/Files from GoPro

You are a daring adventurer and use your trusty GoPro to record your every brave action. But sometimes, sh*t happens, your precious GoPro video may get deleted accidentally. Here is every detail of GoPro recovery you should know to recover deleted GoPro files.

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

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Extreme sports are all about the thrill. You may have fun hang gliding, cliff diving, downhill skateboarding, and even base jumping, capturing not only the intensity and suspense of these moments but also the intimacy of the characters with GoPro.

Instant Regret: GoPro Files Deleted/Formatted/Lost/Corrupted Accidentally or Automatically

You may feel invincible when conquering nature, but you will feel instant regret and impotent when all the witness on your GoPro got deleted/formatted/lost/corrupted accidentally.

Except those you have uploaded to cloud, all your footage is stored in SD cards. Just like other types of storage, these cards are prone to corruption or erasure. You may even delete the video footage while manipulating the camera.

Your GoPro File Can Get Deleted/Formatted/Lost/Corrupted Due To:

  • Automatically delete files from SD card after importing
  • Overwrite because of Looping
  • SD Card unplugged without Ejecting.
  • Deleting media in Quik for desktop
  • Misoperation on GoPro App(formerly Capture) or camera
  • Delete file while accessing upload GoPro content without backup
  • Water Damaged
  • SD card cannot read
  • “repairing file” Error
  • Using off-brand micro SD cards you get from Wish.
  • Mistakenly delete while deleting LRV and THM files
  • Other reason


GoPro Recovery: All Possible Methods to Recover GoPro Files


Method 1: Recover Deleted GoPro Files from GoPro Plus Cloud Media Library

Apply to: HERO7 Black/Silver/White, HERO (2018), HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session

If you have unlocked GoPro Plus and had your files uploaded to cloud before, you can access your deleted files (videos and photos) from Cloud Media Library. That means, once you have uploaded the files to GoPro Plus, they will remain there although you delete them from the SD Card.

FYI: GoPro Plus is a subscription service, including unlimited cloud storage (which can help you backup and access your GoPro files anywhere), damage replacement (only available in US) and online shopping discount.

Here are 4 easy ways to recover deleted GoPro files from GoPro Plus.

1.GoPro for mobile (formerly Capture)

  • First, download GoPro for Android or install it on your iPhone.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi on your phone.
  • Open the App and tap Media from the menu bar and tap Cloud
  • .gopro for mobile
  • Select those you want to recover and hit the download button.

2.Quik for mobile

  • Install Quik for Android or iPhone.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi on your phone.
  • Launch the App and tap on the “CREATE A NEW VIDEO” button > Select “GOPRO PLUS” to import your lost/delete videos and photos from your GoPro Plus cloud media library.
  • quik for mobile

3.GoPro Quik Desktop

  • Download GoPro Quik Desktop here.
  • Log in your GoPro account.
  • Select the clips you deleted/lost before and hit the download button to save it on your PC.

4.Web GoPro Plus Cloud Media Library

To recover your deleted GoPro videos online, just log in on PLUS.GOPRO.COM or with your GoPro Plus account and download what you need to your native device.


Method 2. Locate Your Quik for Desktop Media File

If you have ever imported your media or sync GoPro into Quik for desktop, you can find your lost GoPro file from the Quik Media Files folder.

Here is the default path for the imported media from GoPro SD card:

For Windows User:

C:\Users\<YourUserName>\Pictures\GoPro – Windows

For Mac User:

/Users/<YourUserName>/Pictures/GoPro – Mac


Method 3: GoPro SD card Data Recovery– Recover Deleted Videos from Your GoPro SD Card

Sometimes you are out of luck and the lost GoPro files are nowhere to be found with GoPro Plus and Quik. Don’t worry. Just let the tech do all the hard work.

You can simply use Data recovery software like Aiseesoft data recovery to recover the deleted files from the camera or SD card.

Main Feature:

  • Recover all lost data from GoPro internal memory and SD card, including video clip, photos, thumbnail image ( .mp4 .wav .thm .lrv .gpr file)
  • Recover Deleted/Formatted/Lost/Corrupted file from SD card
  • Can also recover data from Virus attack/ Unexpected shut down during the writing process/ partition error
  • Recover from all kind of SD Card (SD, SDHC, microSD, miniSD, CF, SmartMedia, MMC, XD…)
  • Deep Scan and Quick Scan Mode

Apply to:

  • HERO7 Black/ Silver/ White
  • HERO6 Black
  • Fusion
  • HERO (2018)
  • HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session
  • HERO4 Black Edition Camera, HERO4 Silver Edition Camera, HERO Session / HERO4 Session Camera
  • HERO+ LCD Camera, HERO+ Camera, HERO (2014)
  • HERO3+ Black Edition Camera, HERO3+ Silver Edition Camera, HERO3: Black Edition Camera, HERO3: Silver Edition Camera, HERO3: White Edition Camera, HD HERO2 camera, HD HERO Original camera.


    • Step 1: The first step is to shut down the GoPro and stop using it. That’s because all the videos which got accidentally deleted are still inside the GoPro’s SD card. If you operate the camera and record any new footage, it will be immediately overwritten on these sectors and you will lose the deleted files permanently.
Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download
  • Step 2: Download Aiseesoft data recovery on your computer. Proceed to install it and ensure that the process is completed successfully.
  • Step 3: Connect the GoPro to your computer. As you do this, ensure that the SD card is still inside. If you had already removed the SD card from the GoPro camera, attach it your computer using a card reader. After you have connected it, the storage medium will appear as an external hard drive.
  • Step 4: Launch the Aiseesoft program. It will automatically detect the GoPro SD card which you have connected to your computer. Point and click on the Data Recovery tab in the software.Interface of Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery
  • Step 5: In the active window, check all the file types which you would like recovered from the SD card. Normally, Aiseesoft has all types checked by default. After making sure that the ones you desire are checked, click on Start.Select Recover Data from Mac Internal Hard Drive
  • Step 6: The software will scan the SD card and immediately display all the files that can be recovered. These files are indicated on the left column of the window. Details about them are described in the right column.
  • Step 7: Choose the files which you would want to recover. In this case, you can choose all the videos files. Once you have completed this step, click on Recover. The program will begin a deep analysis and start the GoPro video recovery process. After it has completed the process, your videos will be visible in the active window. At this point, you can save them on your computer.


Top GoPro File Recover Tools for You

Aiseesoft is powerful software which you can use to recover deleted GoPro files. By following the procedure described above, you can accomplish this activity. If you should accidentally delete videos from your GoPro SD card, simply use this software to get them back. You can try out Aiseesoft at no cost through a demo. For maximum functionality, you can buy the premium version. The Mac version costs $49.14 while the Windows version costs $73.11. Click to buy it now and enjoy a 40% discount!

Aside from Aiseesoft, here are other top Recovery Tool For your GoPro