Girlfriend Phone Tracker – How to Track My Girlfriend’s Cell Phone Remotely

Last Updated on April 25, 2023 by Jack Robertson

Recently, a friend of mine ask me that:

Jack, here’s the thing.

A punk’s texting my girlfriend crazily. He knows she has a boyfriend – me and I spoke to that guy face-to-face a few times, but it didn’t work. I’m afraid that he will hurt my girl, so I drive her to work and back home every day.

But I’m still worried that he’ll kidnapt or hurt my gilr when I’m not around. So can you tell me a way that I can track my girlfriend’s phone location so that whatever happens, I can know where she is and get there ASAP.

Thanks a lot, man.

So, to help him protect her girlfriend from damage, I teach my friend several ways to track his girlfriend’s phone location.

If you’re reading this, you possibly have the same need as my friend does – track girlfriend’s phone location to protect her from potential threats. Or, you decide to spy on your girlfriend’s phone to see if she is cheating on you by tracking her location since she’s been acting weirdly lately:

Girlfriend Phone Tracker

Anyway, whether you want to protect your girlfriend or spy on her, I will give you 2 girlfriend’s phone tracker tools in the following content. Hopefully, you can find peace for yourself.

Method 1: Track Girlfriend’s Cellphone Location with mSpy

Talking about tracking someone’s phone location, mSpy is something you should never miss.mspy banner

As a phone tracking professional, mSpy will hack into your girlfriend’s phone and show you everything you want to know about your girlfriend, including:

  • Real-time location: When you want to know where your girl is, open mSpy on your phone and you will see the real-time location of her phone and her.
  • Geo-fencing: You’re available to set up digital fences on a virtual map so that once your girlfriend steps out of the ‘fence’, you’ll be notified right away. So, there’s no need to worry when your girl leaves the town without telling you.
  • Sim monitor: The SMS she texts, the contacts, and the call logs on her cellphone are all visible to you. You can see who she talks to and what she says.
  • Apps hacker: All the messages of social apps on her phone are viewable to you. You’ll see whether she is cheating on you or being harassed directly.
  • Invisibility: By default, once mSpy is installed on your girlfriend’s phone, she’s not going to find out that you’re spying on her phone since the app is completely hidden and cannot be detected. She will never know that you’re tracking her phone.
  • Android & iOS: mSpy will work on both Android & iPhone, so no matter what your girlfriend’s using, you will always track her phone without operation system difference. And you’re available to track her location on an Android or iPhone, even a PC.

By the way, if your girl uses an Android phone and turns off the GPS on her phone, no worries. mSpy will still detect the phone’s location and send you the spot. And more importantly, no jailbreak or rooting is required for both your and your girlfriend’s phone.

mSpy Parental Control

Now, I guess you must want to give it a try, right. Let’s see how to use mSpy to track your girlfriend’s phone location then.

Step 1 Sign up for mSpy

First of all, you need to sign up for mSpy with the button below. Then, mSpy will send you an email that contains all the details of downloading and installing the app on the target phone.

Step 2 Install mSpy on your girlfriend’s phone

Next, you need to follow the instruction from the email and download the mSpy app on your girlfriend’s phone. The whole process will take less than ten minutes, you can do it when she’s in the shower or asleep.

When the download is complete, the mSpy app will be hidden.

Step 3 Track your girlfriend’s phone

Now, you may download the mSpy app (Control site) on your phone or sign in to the mSpy Dashboard on your PC. Click Locations from the left menu and check out your girlfriend’s real-time location.

mspy gps location

If you have other questions about this spying service, visit its official site here: mSpy.

Method 2: Track Girlfriend’s Cellphone Location Using Snap Map

Snapchat can be a girlfriend’s phone tracker app as well. How?

In Snapchat, there’s a Snap Map feature. Once a user chooses to share the location with friends, then his/her real-time location is viewable for approved friends.

So, you can turn this social photo-sharing app into a phone tracker tool to check your girlfriend’s location.

Track Girlfriend Phone Location via Snap Map

If you and your girlfriend don’t have Snapchat yet, go download one and friend each other. Then, on your girlfriend’s Snapchat, go to Map and choose to share her Snap Map with you.

In this way, you’re available to track your girlfriend’s location with Snapchat. Pay attention that your girlfriend will know that you’re tracking her very easily. It’s OK when you’ve informed her about your purpose. But to catch a cheater? Snapchat doesn’t fit well.

Snap Map Track Girlfriend Phone Setup

Method 3: Track Girlfriend’s Cellphone Location Using Localize

Another way to know your girlfriend’s location is by tracking her phone number. Now, this may seem impossible but with the help of Localize, you will know her current location without going through any troubles.

This tool works like a super spy as it lets you compose a message that will be sent to your target. You can be creative as to what message you want to write, just remember that the goal is to make her hit the link on the message. Once she clicks it, her location will be revealed.

Track any phone location by its number

What makes this tool amazing is that it works in most countries. Meaning if your girlfriend is abroad, you can still keep track of her location. Pretty amazing right? Try Localize now!

FAQ: Can I use Find My iPhone to track someone else’s phone?

Find My iPhone can be used to track someone else’s phone when both you and the victim use an iPhone and turn on Find My.

  1. First of all, pick up the victim’s iPhone and unlock it. Go to Settings > [Apple ID] > Find My, turn on the Share My Location option.
  2. Next, exit Settings and open the Find My app. On the Me tab, turn on Allow Friend Requests.
  3. Go to the People tab and tap on the Start Sharing Location button. Enter your phone number and send a request to your Apple account.
  4. Lastly, take out your iPhone and set the Share My Location option as on. Open the Find My app and agree with the request.

In this case, you’re available to track the victim’s phone and he/she can track yours as well.