How to Fix Android Phone that Is Frozen and Won’t Do Anything

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With a phone that constantly freezes whenever you use it can be very annoying and a total pain in the neck.

When you listen to music, send important emails, scroll through Facebook or Instagram, and more important stuff, your phone suddenly keeps freezing and won’t do anything no matter what you try. It will be hard to keep up with our tasks and update our social media accounts with this problem getting in our way.

That is why in this article, we will help you figure out the source of this problem and fix it for good, as we have compiled the possible causes and the best alternative solutions.

Frozen Android Poster

Reasons and Related Solutions for Frozen Android Phone

To fix a frozen Android phone, we first need to identify its possible causes.

Reason 1: Insufficient Memory

An Android phone’s memory plays an important role in the Android system. Insufficient memory causes the applications to close down or freeze as they simply do not have space to save temporary files and to run the phone’s system.

Insufficient Memory on Android

Related Solution: Free up memory on your Android

  • On your Android, go to your File Manager and delete unusable files to free up space.
  • Or go to Setting then select Apps and delete application cache.

Reason 2: Android Phone Overheat

Constant usage of your device while charging can cause overheating that affects the phone’s CPU, which results in frequent freezing and lagging.

Related Solution 1: Let your phone rest

Avoid using your device while charging, wait for the battery to be fully charged before using it.

This habit can cause harm not only to your phone system but also to the phone’s battery.

Related Solution 2: Perform a soft reset

Even after charging, letting your device rest while charging and you still notice the problem, maybe your phone just needs a restart.

Press the power button to turn off your device and after a few minutes turn it back on and see if the issue still occurs.

Reason 3: System Flaws

If the above solutions still don’t work, there are chances that the cause of the problem is Android System failure. This automatically affects the phone’s performance causing it to freeze during usage.

Related Solution 1: Fix Android system

To fix your phone’s Android System, we recommend an alternative solution and you will need a powerful program that can penetrate the system and repair it.

Related Solution 2: Fix Android Phone Freezing with Reiboot for Android

To completely fix your Android freezes and won’t do anything, you will need a reliable program that will help you repair and restore your Android System without the hassle and that is echoshare ReiBoot for Android.

ReiBoot is a robust Android utility tool that allows users to repair a series of issues that is common in most Android Systems. If you are experiencing freezing and lagging on your Android phone, well ReiBoot has your back. This reliable program can fix up to 50+ Android System issues. So you don’t need to worry about a frozen phone or your music streaming being interrupted, echoshare ReiBoot has the answer for you.

Reiboot for Android

This amazing program allows you to easily enter and exit your Android recovery, Odin, and fastboot mode. It also provides a one-click repair, which means you resolve all issues on the Androids system with just one single click. How amazing is that?

ReiBoot’s user-friendly interface makes it a more ideal Android repair program for both beginner and professional users. So if it’s your first time using this program, no need to worry, ReiBoot offers an easy access feature for you to fix your phone with ease.

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Steps to Fix Android Phone that is Frozen

Step 1: Launch echoshare ReiBoot, and connect your phone to your PC using a USB cord.

Step 2: Next, click Repair Android System.

Click Repair Now on ReiBoot

Step 4: Right after that, choose Repair Now.

ReiBoot Repair Now Button

Step 5: Fill out the device information sheet, and hit Next.

Fill Out Android Information

Note: Performing an Android system repair might cause data loss. We advice backing up your data before doing so.

Step 6: Wait for the firmware package to download and when it’s done click the Repair Now button.

ReiBoot Firmware Download

After that, your phone’s Android System should be repaired, and you can now use your phone to its full potential.

Final Thoughts

Although phone freezing is a common problem in Android phones, it is still a big issue because it can affect the important appointments and schedules that we set up using our phones. That is why if you are experiencing this issue we recommend that you try our suggested solutions so that you can solve this problem.


Will a hard reset fix touch screen problems?

Hard reset can help if you are experiencing touch screen problems. If you want to hard reset your device, remember that this can potentially erase all data in your phone. Check out your phone manual to know how to hard reset your device.

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