What to Do When “iTunes Could Not Connect to This iPhone, The Value is Missing”

Summary: This article will show you the possible reasons for “The value is missing” and the methods to fix it. Also, if the error cannot be fixed, or the side effect of solving the problem is unacceptable, you can still find some replacement for iTunes.

Last Updated on February 25, 2021 by Jack Robertson

We’ve received some reports from readers saying that they failed to connect their iPhone to iTunes and received a notification – “iTunes Could Not Connect to This iPhone, The Value is Missing”. With this error, you cannot sync to iTunes and use it to update, restore or back up your device. To regain your iTunes connection, this article will show you how to fix the error of iTunes value missing. But first, you need to understand the iTunes Value Missing problem first.

iTunes Value Missing

# About “iTunes Could Not Connect to This iPhone, The Value is Missing”

The iTunes Value Missing fault might take place when:

  • Your iPhone is disabled and you try to sync it to iTunes;
  • You put your iPhone into Recovery mode or DUF mode and connect it to iTunes;
  • Your iPhone is having an unsuccessful upgrade and you try to fix it with iTunes;
  • Your handset is completely fine, nothing seems to go wrong.

No matter which scenario you’re currently in, the iTunes Value Missing basically results from 2 main reasons:

  • One is your iTunes might have undefined problems, the problems give iTunes incapability of detecting your iPhone,  so your iTunes is not available to connect.  In this case, we can solve the problem by fixing your iTunes.
  • The other is that your iPhone has a system bug. The bug has prevented iTunes to recognize your handset and because of the special framework of the iOS system, we cannot simply fix the bug solely, but to replace the old problematic system with a completely new one.

Depending on the 2 reasons, you can have specific methods to fix the error:

Tips: you can backup / reset your device without iTunes

# Method 1 Fix “iTunes Value is Missing” by updating or reinstalling iTunes

Normally, if the problem is caused by iTunes. We can easily solve it by updating or reinstalling iTunes.

To update iTunes, you need to launch iTunes on your PC, and go to Help > Check For Update, to make sure you have the latest version of iTunes.
iTunes Check For Update

If, the iTunes on your PC is the latest version, try to re-install it. Uninstall it first and download a new one on your PC.

After the upgrade or re-installation, if you still fail to sync your iPhone to iTunes. This problem might result from your iPhone. Check out the next section to repair your device.

# Method 2 Fix “iTunes Value is Missing” by repairing your iPhone

While the problem is caused by an unidentified error on your handset, repairing it can help you regain connection to iTunes. To fix an iOS system error, we need help from FoneLab. Similar to iTunes, FoneLab is an iOS management tool that you can use it to do multiple tasks, for example, you can use it to recover lost data or iTunes/iCloud backup, backup and restore data on the handset, and fix the errors in an iOS device. Having the capability to fix iOS errors, FoneLab can help you fix iTunes Value Missing error with some clicks.

Here are what FoneLab can do for you:

  • Handles more than 50 errors, including device issues, like the iPhone is disabled, stuck in various modes, cannot turn on or update, cannot connect to iTunes, etc.
  • Simple but effective. No techniques are required, a high success rate is provided.
  • Multiple errors can be fixed by once, like if your iPhone is disabled and cannot connect to iTunes, FoneLab can enable your iPhone and help you connect to iTunes.

Now, let’s see how to use FoneLab to solve your problem.

Step 1 Download FoneLab on your PC, and launch it

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Choose iOS System Recovery

Three functions are listed, choose iOS System Recovery to fix your iPhone, and then, connect your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable, try to use the original accessory.

Step 3 Scan your iPhone

In order to find out the error on your iPhone, click Start to scan your iPhone. The scan will be done in seconds, then you can see the exact error of your iPhone, click Fix to proceed.

FoneLab iOS System Recovery Detected

Step 4 Download a firmware to repair the error

Two modes for repairing are offered. Here, we need to choose Advanced Mode to fix the iPhone. Click Confirm to proceed.

Advanced Mode Download Firmware

Then, FoneLab will list the information of your device, make sure it’s correct. Click Repair to download a firmware. This firmware will be used to repair your iPhone.

After the download is complete, FoneLab will automatically start to repair your iPhone.

Repairing iPhone Error

When the process is complete, you can connect your iPhone to iTunes without any problem.


  1. Fixing your iPhone will erase all the data and settings as well. You might need to back up your data without iTunes.
  2. Unlocked carrier lock will be re-locked.
  3. A jailbroken device will be restored to a non-jailbroken state.

Method 3 Put your iPhone into Recovery mode

When your iPhone has something gone wrong, we can put it into Recovery mode and connect it to iTunes to fix the fault.

Now, let’s begin with setting your device to Recovery mode.

Step 1 Recovery mode

Power off your device first. Then,

  • For iPhone 8/8 Plus and later models: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button;
  • For iPhone 7/7 Plus: Keep pressing the Volume Down button;
  • For iPhone 6/6 Plus and earlier models: Press and hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake button.

Release the button(s) when you see the Recovery-mode screen, connect the device to the PC with a USB cable.

Recovery Mode Screen

Step 2 Restore your device

iTunes will detect your device and launch automatically.

On the interface, go to Devices and select this device, a notification will appear, saying that there is a problem with the iPhone and you can choose to Restore or Update the device. Here, select Restore to fix the problem. iTunes will start to restore your iPhone and the problem will be fixed.

Restore iPhone Via Recovery Mode

When the process is complete, you can connect your iPhone to iTunes without entering Recovery mode. However, using Recover mode to repair your device will lead to a complete data loss, you’d better back up your data without iTunes first.

Method 4 Restore your iPhone in DFU mode

Just like Recovery mode, DFU mode is also an iOS mode for restoring devices. Short for Device Firmware Update mode, DFU mode can help you update and restore your device no matter what states your iPhone is in. To fix the error, we can try DFU mode.

Step 1 Enter DFU mode

Step 2 Restore your iPhone

Once the DFU mode is successfully set, you’ll receive a pop-up notification on iTunes, saying your iPhone needs to be restored before it can connect to iTunes. Click OK to proceed.

iPhone DFU Mode iTunes

On iTunes, click Restore iPhone, then iTunes will start to restore your iPhone.

Once completed, your iPhone will be completely fixed, you can now connect it to iTunes without any faults.

#iTunes Alternative: Back up/Reset your device without iTunes

When you can’t stand with the side effect of repairing the bug or the error just cannot be fixed, and your iTunes is still unavailable to use, you can still back up or reset your device with the help of other tools.

Back up your iPhone without iTunes

To back up your iPhone and restore data on it, we can apply to FoneLab. As mentioned, FoneLab is a powerful iOS management tool, you can use it to make a backup as well. Offering a more convenient data backup and restore service, you may choose to keep those important data and leave the rest behind.

Let’s try using FoneLab to do a backup now.

1. Download the program on your PC.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

2. Choose iOS Data Backup & Restore > iOS Data Backup.

3. Select the data you want to backup.

4. Click next to begin.
FoneLab iPhone Data Backup Select Categories

Your data will be perfectly saved on your PC then, you can choose iOS Data Restore to restore data back to the device.

Reset your iPhone without iTunes

Actually, we can simply perform a reset via the handset, we don’t need to apply to iTunes or other tools for help. We can restore our iPhone to factory setting with only 1 step. Here’s how:

On your iPhone, tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings and Contents, tap Erase Now to proceed. Then, you need to enter your screen passcode and iCloud password to confirm the action. Once entered, a total reset will begin, just wait for the completion.

iPhone Reset All Contents And Settings via Settings

When the reset is done, no more data and Apple ID remain, you can power it on and set up for new.

Closing Thought:

It’s pretty annoying when you see “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. The value is missing”. But still, we can find our way out of it. Just try the methods above and hopefully, you can solve the problem at ease. Also, you can find an iTunes alternative to do the regular backup or reset.