Fix “iTunes Cannot Connect To iPhone It’s Locked With A Passcode”

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jack Robertson

Some iOS users said that they’ve received a notification, saying “iTunes Cannot Connect To iPhone Because It Is Locked With A Passcode” when they tried to sync their iPhone to iTunes. The notification keeps popping up even though there’s no passcode on the iPhone or they’ve entered the correct passcode multiple times.

Having this issue, iTunes becomes a worthless burden. So, to fix this iTunes error, here are some methods that will help.
iTunes Cannot Connect iPhone Locked With Passcode

Part 1: Fixing iTunes

There are 3 methods for you to fix the “iTunes cannot connect to the iPhone because it’s locked with a passcode” issue. I hope the following solutions can be helpful.

Method 1 Remove old devices from iTunes

Generally, this error happens when you try to sync a new iPhone to your PC, iTunes detects a device that’s different from the one that you’ve synced before. iTunes cannot differentiate the two devices properly and it gets stuck in disorder. That’s why the error occurs.

To get your iTunes back to normal, we need to remove the previous record of the old iPhone.

Here’s how:

Launch iTunes, plug out your iPhone if you’ve connected one. On iTunes, locate Account, and click View My Account on the drop-down list.

Scroll down and click Manage Devices, then, you can see the previous devices that you’ve synced to iTunes.

Select all the old devices, click Remove. The removal will be done in seconds, click OK to confirm.

Restart iTunes and connect your new iPhone to the PC, iTunes should detect it and launch automatically.

Method 2 Re-install or update iTunes

If removing old devices cannot solve your problem, you can choose to update or reinstall your iTunes.

On your iTunes, click Help and choose Check for Update from the list, then your iTunes will be updated to the latest.

iTunes Help Check For Update

Or, you can uninstall iTunes and re-install a new one on your PC.

After the update or re-installation, plug in your iPhone, iTunes should detect it and sync successfully.

Method 3 Fix the iTunes error with Tenorshare TunesCare

You can apply to an iTunes repairing tool and fix your “iTunes cannot connect to the iPhone” issue. Here, you can choose Tenorshare TunesCare.

Tenorshare TunesCare is a powerful tool for fixing all iTunes errors, once downloaded, you can use it to solve all your iTunes errors with only a handful of clicks, no need for techniques or any skills. You can regain your iTunes connection within minutes.

Win Download Mac Download

  • Launch the program.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • Click Fix iTunes Sync Problems.

TunesCare Fix iTunes Sync Problems

Finishing these steps, TunesCare will take a few minutes to fix your iTunes. When the process is done, iTunes will launch automatically and sync to your iPhone.

Part 2: iTunes Alternatives/Replacement

If the above methods cannot fix the issue, you can use other programs to replace iTunes.

When you want to back up your iPhone or restore some data from an iTunes backup, you can apply to FoneLab. Or you can use FoneTrans to transfer data between your iPhone and a computer.

1. Back up & restore iPhone data without iTunes

There’s a better option to back up your data safe or restore your data – FoneLab.

FoneLab is an all-in-one iOS manager, you can use it to recover data from previous iTunes and iCloud backup files, back up the iPhone data onto a computer and fix multiple iPhone errors.

Besides, when you use FoneLab to restore or back up data, you can preview and select the data before you make a decision. Such a selective backup and restore feature saves you a lot of time. It also supports dozens of data categories, you can back up and restore data like text messages, photos, contacts, notes, audios, videos and chatting history of social apps, etc.

Now, if you want to know how to use FoneLab to back up your iPhone data, click here.

Or you can click here to see how to restore data from an iTunes backup file with FoneLab.

FoneLab 3 Modules

#How to back up iPhone data with FoneLab

Step 1 Install FoneLab on your computer

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to the computer

Use a USB cable and connect your iPhone to the PC, make sure the connection is stable.

Step 3 Launch FoneLab

Launch FoneLab, and choose iOS Data Backup & Restore. Then, click on the iOS Data Backup option.

Step 4 Back up your iPhone

Click Start to proceed. Next, you can select the data you want to back up by category.

Click Next after you select the data. FoneLab will start to back up your iPhone data to a default folder.

FoneLab iPhone Data Backup Select Categories

After these easy steps, your data on the iPhone will be perfectly safe on the computer.

#How to restore data from an iTunes backup with FoneLab

Step 1 Download FoneLab on your computer

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Choose iOS Data Recovery

On FoneLab’s interface, choose iOS Data Recovery. Then, choose Recover from iTunes Backup File.

Recover From iTunes Backup File

Step 3 Select an iTunes backup file

FoneLab will list all the previous iTunes backup files, choose the one you want to restore data from, click Start Scan.

Step 4 Restore your data

After you click Start Scan, FoneLab will analyze the backup file and display all the data of this file on the interface.

When the scan is done, you can select the data and click Recover to restore them to the computer.

Select Data From iTunes Backup File

When the recovery is done, your data of the backup file will be stored on your PC.

2. Reset iPhone without iTunes

A lot of people use iTunes to reset their device, virtually, you can do it on your device directly. Take out your iPhone, tap on Settings, then go to General > Reset, tap Reset All Settings and Contents, enter your password for the Apple account to confirm.

iPhone Reset All Contents And Settings via Settings

In this way, your device will be restored to factory settings, nothing will remain. If the data are important, you’d better back up your data with FoneLab.

3. Transfer computer data to your iPhone without iTunes

If you want to transfer some movies, songs, or e-books from a computer to your iPhone, you can try FoneTrans to do the job.

FoneTrans is one of the best data transfer apps for iOS users, you can use it as the bridge to connect your iPhone and your computer, you can transfer all kinds of data from your computer to your iPhone, including photos, movies, music, etc.

Also, FoneTrans supports an iPhone-to-iPhone data transfer, you can connect two iPhones to a computer simultaneously and transfer data from one to another.

Now, let’s see how you can use FoneTrans to export movies or music on your computer to your iPhone.

Step 1 Download FoneTrans on your computer

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download
Step 2 Connect your iPhone to the computer

Take out a USB cable and connect your iPhone to the PC, then, launch FoneTrans.

Step 3 Add files

On FoneTrans, select the data you want to transfer to your iPhone.

For instance, click Videos, then, click Add.

FoneTrans Add Videos

You can choose to add a single video or a whole folder to FoneTrans. Choose the video file you want to export to the iPhone, and click Open.

FoneTrans will start to output the video to your iPhone.

Select Video File Transfer To iPhone

Wait for the transfer, when it’s done, the video will be loaded on your iPhone.

You can continue to export more files to your iPhone if you’d like to.

Now, you know all the possible methods of fixing the iTunes cannot connect to the iPhone issue. You can now start fixing the error on your own and I hope the methods can help you easily out of trouble. If the error remains, you can also turn to iTunes alternatives.