To Fix A Disabled iPhone With iTunes or iCloud

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jack Robertson

You might have an iPhone that has been disabled since it has been entered with the wrong passcode multiple times, or Face ID/Touch ID fails to unlock your iPhone. A disabled iPhone can not be unlocked and used easily. If you see “iPhone is Disabled”, you need help to fix this problem. And today, I will teach you how to fix your disabled iPhone with iTunes or iCloud.

iPhone Is Disabled Connect To iTunes

Notes for fixing a disabled iPhone

Before you get to fix the disabled iPhone, you must understand that no matter how you’re gonna fix this problem, iTunes, iCloud, or any other software, the disabled iPhone can not be simply unlocked, but only be reset.  Everything on this disabled iPhone will be erased, including the disabled condition, all the data and settings. If your iPhone is disabled, and the data on it is quite important,  you’d better back up your disabled iPhone before fixing it.

Make sure your data is perfectly safe, then you can move to fix your disabled handset.

Method 1: How to fix a disabled iPhone with iTunes

If you don’t want to pay extra fees and have the skill to set your iPhone into Recovery Mode, iTunes could help you fix the disabled problem. Check the following steps.

Step 1 Enter Recovery Mode

iPhone 6 Buttons For Recovery Mode

To enter Recovery Mode, turn off your iPhone first. Then, if your iPhone is:

iPhone X or later, and iPhone 8/ 8 Plus: 

Connect your device to your computer while holding the Side button. Keep holding the Side button until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

Or iPhone 7/7 Plus: 

Connect your device to your computer while holding the Volume down button. Keep holding the Volume down button until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

Or iPhone 6s or earlier:

Connect your device to your computer while holding the Home button. Keep holding the Home button until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

Step 2 Launch iTunes and locate your iPhone

Launch it and go to Device on the left. Click the icon of your device. A pop-up appears saying this iPhone has an error that it requires to be updated or restored, click Restore. iTunes would download a firmware for restoring your iPhone.

Restore iPhone Via Recovery Mode

BUT, if it fails to complete the downloading in 15 minutes, your iPhone will exit Recovery Mode. You need to set your iPhone to Recovery Mode again.

Step 3 Wait for the Restoring

When the downloading is complete, the restoring will get working automatically. Just wait and you would have your iPhone fixed. When the whole process is done, you can have your iPhone functioning normally again. Power it on and set it up.


There’s a 10 % chance for your device to be stuck in Recovery Mode, once your iPhone is stuck in Recovery Mode, you need extra effort to fix that error. You can try FoneLab System Recovery, the software for fixing various iOS errors with only a few steps. Once the issue is repaired by FoneLab, the stuck will be solved and the disabling condition will be gone as well. Your iPhone is completely reset after the process.

Method 2: How to fix your disabled iPhone via iCloud

You can also unlock your disabled iPhone via iCloud. Make sure you’ve signed in to iCloud on your PC or any other iOS device before. Check these steps.

Step 1 Sign in iCloud

On your PC or any other iOS device, open a browser and visit iCloud. Log in with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2 Locate your device

Go to All Devices at the top, and select the icon of disabled device.

Step 3 Erase your disabled iPhone

Click Erase iPhone, and confirm your erasing by clicking Erase. You would need to enter your Apple password to confirm. Then, your device will be erased.

iCloud Erase iPhone

In this way, you can also have your iPhone fixed by erasing it. You need to power it on and set up your iPhone once again.

However, if you say that your iPhone can not enter Recovery Mode or iTunes failed to download the software, or you have forgotten Apple ID and password. Are there any solutions instead of these? Yes, there is still one way for fixing your disabled device. Check this out.

Method 3: How to fix a disabled iPhone with less limits

Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker is a professional tool for unlocking an iOS device. With this program, you can easily wipe your passcode with a few clicks in minutes. Unlike iTunes or iCloud, you don’t need to enter Recovery Mode for your iPhone or enter a password of Apple ID. So if you want to save your time and energy, let iPhone Unlocker help and it will definitely be helpful. Just follow these steps.

iPhone Unlocerk Interface Functions

Step 1 Download and install iPhone Unlocker

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Launch it

Launch the software, and connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable. Make sure the connection is stable during the whole process.

Step 3 Choose Wipe Passcode

Click Wipe Passcode on the interface and click Start.

iPhone Unlocker Wipe Passcode Confirm Information Download Firmware

Step 4 Confirm the information and download the firmware

Click Start on the information page and download the firmware for wiping passcode. It would take a few minutes.

Step 5 Type in “0000” to confirm the erasing and wait

Once the firmware is downloaded, type in “0000” on the software to confirm the process. Click Unlock, iPhone Unlocker will start to wipe passcode. Wait for the completion.

iPhone Unlocker Wipe Passcode Unlock Successfully

In this way, your iPhone will be erased without a password or Recovery Mode. Your disabled iPhone will be fixed. The data on your iPhone will be erased as well as I mentioned before. If you care so much about the data, you can back up your locked iPhone without a passcode. Hopefully, you can have your iPhone completely functioning as usual.