Oops, My Android Phone Has Black Screen. 1 Minute to Fix It Here

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Experiencing black screens on our Android phones can be a nuisance and is so frustrating. Especially now that our phones are basically a part of our daily lives, we use them in important matters for work, school, and setting personal appointments in the hospital or bank.

If your phone is unable to function, you might miss out on important notifications and it will be hard for you to communicate with your loved ones with a broken phone. That is why it is vital to get our phones fixed as soon as possible.

What is Android Black Screen

Also known as the Android Black Screen of Death, the Android Black Screen issue is an error screen displayed by the operating system after meeting a critical system error that leads to a system breakdown. This occurs when your screen turns completely blank and black.

This scenario is not the same as the phone won’t turn on, because if you are experiencing a black screen on your Android phone, the device can be turned on but you cannot see anything on your screen. There are also some instances when you can see that your screen is lit up, but the apps and buttons cannot be seen on the phone.

There are a lot of reasons a black screen occurs on your Android phone, like corrupted applications, overcharged phone, application cache, improper handling of the device, and more.

Don’t worry, you don’t really need to identify the reason at all. In this article, we will provide you with some possible and alternative solutions to resolve this problem.

Solutions to Android Black Screen of Death

Here are some solutions that you can do to salvage your phone. Hopefully, this can help you get your phone fixed in no time.

Solution 1: Force restart your phone

You can try to force restart your Android phone and turn it back on after a few minutes, this can refresh the phone’s system and applications. To do this, just long-press the power button to reboot and do the same to turn on the phone.

If your Android phone has a removable battery, remove it after turning off the phone, and put it back on when you are about to turn it on.

Solution 2: Wait for the phone battery to die, and charge the phone

If you cannot force restart your phone, you can also wait for your phone to run out of battery and shut down automatically, then charge your phone. After that, try pressing the power button to turn on your device.

Android Drained Battery

Solution 3: Check the phone’s buttons

Check and make sure that your phone’s buttons are not jammed.

If you see some dirt, we recommend cleaning the buttons using a Qtip or a soft cloth. You can also press the buttons several times in quick succession, this will help free up the caked dirt in the buttons. After this try to restart your phone.

Solution 4: Inspect charging port

Inspect your phone’s charging port and clean it out if you see some debris.

You can use an air blower to remove the dirt or a wooden toothpick to scoop out the debris stuck on the port. After doing so, try charging your device for a few minutes and restarting it.

Android Charging Port

If the above methods do not work we recommend using an alternative solution with the help of an amazing Android system repair program.

Solution 5: How to Fix Black Screen on Android Phone

To repair your Android phone’s system you will need a reliable and powerful program, and that is echoshare ReiBoot for Android.

One-click Repair

echoshare ReiBoot for Android is a modern and advanced Android system repair tool that helps users repair a range of problems that commonly occur in Android phones. ReiBoot allows you to enter and exit your phone’s recovery mode in just a single click, making it a perfect program to fix your Android phone’s black screen.

All-in-one Repair Tool

In addition, ReiBoot focuses on the elimination of common problems in an Android phone, like lagging caused by unwanted caches that are a major cause of some problems in your phone. With the help of this program, you can use your phone to its full potential and enjoy playing games, videos, and listening to music all you want without worrying about your phone crashing.

ReiBoot Main Interface

echoshare ReiBoot for Android is one heck of a program that provides:

  • One-click to clear the Android system and optimize your phone.
  • Free entry and exit to Androids fastboot and recovery mode.
  • Free entry and exit Android download (Odin) mode.
  • Can fix up to 50+ Android issues.

With echoshare ReiBoot, you can repair your Android’s black screen with no hassle, so download ReiBoot now to restore your Android phone’s best state.

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Steps to Fix Android Black Screen

Step 1: Dowload echoshare ReiBoot for Android and launch it on your computer.

Step 2: Next, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: On the program, click on Repair Android System.

Click Repair Now on ReiBoot
Step 4: Select Repair Now.

Note: When you try to repair your Android System data loss may occur. We highly recommend backing up your data to the computer first.

Step 5: Complete the device information section and tick Next.

Fill Out Android Information

Step 6: Wait until the firmware package is finished downloading and it on your device.

ReiBoot Firmware Download

Step 7: When the process is over your Android system is all good, check out your device and restart it.

If all the solutions mentioned in this article still won’t work, then try to bring your phone to your local mobile repair shop and get it checked. Maybe there is something wrong with your phone’s hardware.

Final Thoughts

Having our phones malfunction is a pretty serious issue. As I’ve said, our phones are basically a part of life. Without it, we can’t attend to our important transactions, receive important calls and messages, and a lot more. If you want to save time and money consider trying out the solutions we listed above, this can potentially help you fix your Android phone’s black screen issue and have your phone again to its original state.


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