5 Easy Ways to Find Out if Someone Has An OnlyFans Account

Last Updated on September 19, 2022 by John Abac

Having an OnlyFans is no longer new and shocking in today’s culture. It’s been used by many to subscribe to and even create contents like tutorials on fitness, music, dance, etc. However, it’s mainly loved by many as it allows posting of exclusive adult pictures and videos for free or with a fee. Sounds fun, right?

But it’s all fun and games until you find out someone has an OnlyFans account, especially if they’re your girlfriend or boyfriend. But is it really a big deal? Well, not really if they’ve only used their accounts to subscribe. It’s only going to be a problem if they use OnlyFans to create NSFW content without consulting you first. That could be considered a form of cheating.

Now, if you're afraid that your partner has an OnlyFans or you’re just curious whether someone you know has it, this article will definitely help you! Below are some of the effective ways to find out if someone has OnlyFans.

Method 1: Enter Their Possible Username on OnlyFans

This is the simplest way to find out if someone has an OnlyFans. However, such a trick may not work accurately as you may need to guess the possible username(s) the person you’re searching for is using on the site.

If you know the person personally, you can look at their Social Media accounts and find some clues and possible keywords and numbers that they may use. You can turn on their favorite screen names or birthdays. You may also check on their favorite movie characters and whatnot.

Now, here’s how you do it:

  • Go to your browser or Google search.
  • Type the following on the search bar: onlyfans.com/(enter the username here)
  • Then, confirm the search and see if there are similar results.


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Method 2: Use Their Email Address to Sign Up on OnlyFans

If you can’t pinpoint their OnlyFans account, you can try focusing on their email addresses. You see, creating an OnlyFans account requires users to use an email for verification and confirmation. And once it’s been used on the site, it can never be re-used to register again.

You just need to sign up using their email address, and when it’s rejected or says “email is invalid”, it can only mean that the email has already been used to create an account on OnlyFans. This helps you confirm if someone has a profile there.

However, this can be quite tricky as well, because your target may be using a dummy email account to register. So, try to collect as many email addresses as possible.

Method 3: Check Email Inbox to Find Traces of OnlyFans

In case you can easily get access to your target’s email account and inbox, be it Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Try looking for any email related to OnlyFans and see if the site has sent one or two. Yes! Any user may be able to create an anonymous OnlyFans account, but the site still needs to send one email for confirmation.

So, you should see an email from OnlyFans in their email inbox if they’re a user. Just type in “OnlyFans” on the search bar of the inbox to do it.

However, you must remember that the chances of finding any clue are pretty low. This is because your target can just delete the confirmation email and leave no more trace of it. But it’s still worth a shot, though.

Method 4: Find Out if Someone Has An OnlyFans with eyeZy

Now, if the methods above have failed to give you proof that someone has an OnlyFans account, using a powerful phone monitoring tool could be your last hope.

There’s an app called eyeZy that can be readily installed on your target’s phone (iOS or Android). It can record all of their phone activities, most especially their Internet Usage via the Web Magnifier feature. This can help you confirm if they’re using OnlyFans directly from the source. You never have to guess anymore!


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And one thing you’d love about this spyware is that your target won’t even know you’re there sneaking around. Yes! All that’s to the Invisible Shield feature that allows you to hide the app icon on their phones.

Browser History

eyeZy can access all of your target’s recently visited websites. Yes! You’ve read the right! This includes the name of the website, the URL, and the number of visits, and the time and date when they last visited the websites. So,not only will you be able to know if they have an OnlyFans account, you will also get an idea how often and when they usually visit the site. This feature is perfect for those whose partners are keeping their OnlyFans activities a secret.


Of course if someone likes being on OnlyFans, they’d definitely bookmark the site for easy access. Good thing, eyeZy can also access all the favorite pages and websites on your target’s phone. You will see the webpage title and the exact URL of that page that you can click in case you want to check it out.


You can also rely on eyeZy’s Social Spotlights feature to read the contents of all the emails sent to your target. This is one easy way to confirm if they’ve been receiving emails from OnlyFans or if they have receipts of payments related to the use of the said platform. This can be used on Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

There’s more to eyeZy than meets the eye. It can serve as a cheater catcher, parental control app, phone tracker and many more. There are other features that are left for you to discover. So if you wish to use this app, below are the steps you need to take first.

  • Go to eyeZy and create an account using your Gmail or any valid email address that you can access.
  • Then, select a membership plan and complete your payment to download the app and receive the installation manual via email.
  • Install the program on the target phone. Find a perfect time to do it without the person knowing.
  • After all that, log in to your eyeZy account to access the Web Control Panel. There, look for the features mentioned above and use them as you like.


Best phone monitoring app for parental control

The only monitoring app you will need to solve whatever troubles you have

With just 4 easy steps, you can definitely find out if someone has an OnlyFans account with eyeZy. Try it out!


If you want to to block the website on their phone, you can also do it remotely with eyeZy. It has a powerful connection blocker feature that can restrict websites as well as apps and WIFI.

Method 5: Ask The Person Directly if They Have an OnlyFans

If the reason why you want to find someone’s OnlyFans is because you want to subscribe to their content or you’re just curious, just ask them directly. It wouldn’t hurt to just ask them on their username and how you can avail subscription. There’s definitely no shame in that.

Just make sure that you approach and ask the person nicely. Don’t try to intimidate them or even try to expose them to their loved ones. That’s just a big NO.


Many people are on OnlyFans now. You shouldn’t be shocked if you find someone you know is creating content or subscribing to other users. If you are really determined to find out if someone has an OnlyFans account, try the methods we’ve presented above. See which one of them is best for your situation.


1Does OnlyFans have a mobile app version?

OnlyFans have released an app called OFTV. However, there are no NSFW content on the app. It only offers videos of famous OF content creators for free, without ads.

2Can I find if someone has an OnlyFans account through their bank statement?

Yes! If someone uses their bank account to transact on OnlyFans, each and every transaction is recorded in the bank statement. This is one way to find out if they are using the platform. However, getting someone’s bank statement is close to impossible for anyone, as it is confidential and secured.