How to Recover Files Lost During Cut and Paste or Copy and Paste

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Cut and paste, or copy and paste are essential and powerful tools that Windows and Mac users enjoy while working with their computers. The features allow us to duplicate files, documents, videos, and audios in different locations in our computers. On top of that, the cut and paste feature helps us move data from one location to another without affecting the content or format of the files. However, several issues occur during the cut-paste and copy-paste operations that make us lose our data.

Recover file lost with Copy and Paste or Cut and Paste

One common technical issue that can make us lose important information is when there is an indefinite power blackout during the pasting operation. Another probable cause that can lead to data loss is an event where the files are changed accidentally before the pasting operation is over. These among many other reasons can make us lose critical information. However, all hope is not lost because the Data Recovery tool is a powerful and effective program that comes in handy to help us retrieve all our lost files. The points below explain in details how to recover files lost during cut and paste or copy and paste operations.

Step 1 Launching the Recovery Tool

The first step towards recovering the lost files is by getting Data Recovery program. Download the software from the Data Recovery official page and install it on your computer. Launch the application to use it.

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Step 2 Specify the Files to Recover

After launching the program, the second step is to indicate the type of file or files that you want to retrieve. The recovery tool can recover many file types such as videos, audios, emails, images, and documents. Specifying the types of files to recover helps in quickening the scanning process.

Step 3 Specify the Location to Recover Data From

After specifying the type of files that you want to recover; the next step is to tell the recovery tool where to get your files from. Selecting the location reduces the time the recovery program will take to perform the scanning process.

Step 4 Performing the Scan Operation

The next step is to initiate the scan of the files that were lost during copy and paste or cut and paste. Data Recovery will scan the selected disk(s) for the files that were lost and display them in the scan results section.

Step 5 Selecting the Data to Restore

After the scan operation has completed, the lost files will be displayed allowing you to choose the files you want to recover. If the files cannot be found here, a deep scan should be conducted to retrieve most of the files that were deleted. A deep scan usually takes more time than a quick scan.

Step 6 Recovering Your Data

Once you locate and select the files you want to recover, click on the Recover option and all your data will be restored to your computer.

In a nutshell, understanding how to use Data Recovery tool is essential because it can help you recover and retrieve important files that might have been lost during copy and paste or cut and paste operations. A striking advantage of Data Recovery software is that it is a secure tool that guarantees recovery of the lost files from flash drives, hard drives, memory cards, and formatted computer drives.

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