How to Reset Samsung Tablet to Factory Settings for setting your Tablet back to normal or selling it to others. Here is the Ultimate Tutorial.

How to Reset Samsung Tablet S3/S2/2/3/4 or other to Factory Settings

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

Yesterday, one of my classmates complained that her Samsung tab S3 tends to get choppy recently. She wanted to solve the problem by resetting her Samsung tablet to factory settings. But she didn’t know how and what details need to be paid attention to.

Resetting Samsung Tab S3/S2/2/3/4 is to make the device return to the original state, just like a newly purchased one. Like most of the Android devices, Samsung Tab S3/S2/2/3/4 may be inevitably lagging like crazy after being used for a long time. In addition, the Samsung tablet may get problems, such as a frozen screen, automatic restart repeatedly, and so on. When the situations above happen, apart from rebooting your device manually, the most effective and simple way is to factory reset your Samsung tablet.

However, all the data, apps or caches on your Samsung tab will be totally erased during the process. Thus, before resetting Samsung tab to factory settings, you should make a backup first.

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How to Back up Data before Factory Reset your Samsung Tablet

Instead of backing up your Samsung tablet by using USB connection and checking the folder one by one, here is a more efficient and less confusing way.

Step 1 Download and install an application - Android Data Backup & Restore

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It can help you preview and selectively back up your tablet's data with easy operations. And it applies to various versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Step 2 Launch Android Data Backup & Restore on your computer

Step 3 Connect and enable USB Debugging

Connect your Samsung tablet to the computer and click Android Data Recovery on the left side. If your Samsung tab cannot be detected, all you should do is to enable USB Debugging on your Samsung tab.

Enabled the USB Debugging

1. Go to Settings on your phone;

2. Tap Developer Options (if you can’t find the Developer Options, just go to Settings, About phone, and tap Build number 7 times until You are now a developer! appears on the screen );

3. Toggle USB debugging;

Step 4 Scanning your Samsung tab

Android Data Backup & Restore can help you to back up different kinds of data such as text messages, contacts, photos, phone records, music, notes, videos, and so on. You can choose selectively to save your time or click Select All to save all of them. Click Next to start scanning.

Step 5 Preview before back up selectively

Before backing up the data, you can preview the files that you have chosen in Step 4. When you click Recover, it will automatically back up the data to the computer.

After backing up your data on your tablet, here we will come to the operating instructions of factory resetting. The ideal situation is that your tablet is in a normal state, which means that you can factory reset the Samsung tab through ‘Setting’ menu. And you can read the operating instruction one in below. But if your Samsung tab cannot boot for some reason, just skip to operating instruction two.

Operating instruction one:

How to reset Samsung tablet when it’s in a normal operational state

A) Go to the menu button which is below the screen;

B) Tap Settings;

C) Tap Privacy;

D) Tap Factory Data Reset;

E) Tap Reset Tablet;

F) Tap Erase Everything;

G) And then it will take a short time for your tablet to erase everything and restart.

Operating instruction two:

How to reset Samsung tablet when it's system crashes

A) Long press the power button to turn off the tablet.

B) Press and hold the Volume Up, Power and Home buttons together until you feel that your tablet vibrates again.

C) Select Wipe data/factory reset option

There will be several options on the screen, you can use the volume buttons to navigate. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset and use the Power button to confirm.

D) Click Yes – delete all user data

E) Click Reboot system now

When you see the screen below, your tablet has been successfully reset. The next step is to restart your tablet by clicking Reboot system now.

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