How to Factory Reset Android Phone & Tablet (Most Brands & Models Covered!)

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Jack Robertson

Months or years of usage will make the once handy, speedy, sparkling Android phone or tablet laggy and banal. Let’s not mention there’re bugs and malware on the Android that ruin all your experience.

To make the Android phone or tablet sharp again, let’s do a factory reset on it.

What Is a Factory Reset and What Does It Do

A factory reset is to erase everything on an Android, resetting it back to factory settings. While removing all the data and settings, you won’t suffer from a slow and constantly bugged Android device. All the joy that you used to have with it will be back in a minute.

Also, if you’re about to switch to a new phone, a factory reset on the old Android keeps your privacy safe. It will erase all the data on the Android and make them as unrecoverable as possible. No concern at all!

Below, we will introduce the whole process of doing a factory reset on your Android. We will cover all the details and precautions as well.


The below methods works for all Android devices, including Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Sky, Vertex, Xiaomi, Walmart Onn, Leonov, Realme, iQOO, etc.

Priming: Back Up Your Android Phone/Tablet Before A Factory Reset

A factory reset will wipe everything on your Android and it’s irreversible. This means you cannot get your data back from the Android phone or tablet after a factory reset is complete.

To avoid data loss, you’d better back up your Android data entirely to the cloud or to another device.


Skip this part and proceed to the next part if you’ve made a backup already or the data on the Android is not important.

Back Up Android before Resetting:

Option 1: Back up Android to PC before Resetting

First of all, if your Android is having a bunch of data, consider saving them all on a computer. While the free storage of regular cloud services is just 15GB, a computer can save times of that number.

Now, download Android Data Backup & Restore and let’s start to save your Android data to a computer.


Android Data Backup & Restore


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Step 1

Launch the program on your computer after the download. Choose Android Data Backup & Restore from the interface. And connect your Android phone or tablet to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 2

Click One-click Backup to start saving your Android data to this computer. Decide where you would love to save the backup file. Click OK to complete.

In this case, the program will save all your Android data to the selected folder.

Step 3

If you want a flexible backup - decide the data for this backup, and click on Backup Device Data. There, tick the types of data that you prefer to back up. Also, tick Encrypted Backup and set a password to the backup file to secure your privacy.

Click Start and decide a folder to complete the backup.

Option 2: Back Up Android to Cloud before Resetting

There’er cloud services that we can apply to as well.

  • You can either choose the default backup option of your phone, such as Samsung Cloud, Mi Cloud, One Cloud, etc.
  • Or apply to Google Drive (for Google Pixels, this will be the default option), Dropbox and other third-party cloud services.

Method 1: Back Up your Android to Default Cloud Service

On your Android phone, you will find the built-in backup option. Based on the brand of your Android, it may differ in names, storage, and supporting data.

All in all, you can find it on your Settings app and it’s the easiest option for Android backup.

Go to Settings, find Cloud and log in with your credentials and start the backup right away.

Method 2: Back Up your Android to Google Drive

Google Drive is available on all Android phones despite the brands and software versions.

Go to Settings, find the Google option, log in with your Google account. Once in, choose Backup and tap Turn on to activate the Google backup.

Then, tap Back Up Now to complete the process.

Ongoing: Methods to Factory Reset Android Regardless of Brands and Models

Regarding the methods to factory reset your Android, we can use the Settings app on your phone, the Google Find My Device and the Android Recovery mode.

Method 1: Factory Reset your Android through Settings

On your Android phone, launch the Settings app. There, you will find the access to reset your Android.

Since on different phones, the names of the options and buttons are different. Below, we will discuss them one by one.

Case 1: How to Reset a Samsung Phone/Tablet

  • On Settings, scroll and find General management, proceed with Reset - Factory data reset - Reset - Delete all.
  • Enter your Samsung password to complete the reset.

Case 2: How to Reset a OnePlus Phone

  • Tap System, go to Reset options - Erase all data (factory reset). Tick Erase internal storage option and tap Erase all data to finish.

Case 3: How to Reset a Xiaomi Phone/Tablet

  • Scroll all the way down to About phone. Hit Factory reset then Erase all data. Enter your password for your Xiaomi account to pass the verification.
  • Continue with Factory reset, tap on Next when you receive a pop-out note.

Case 4: How to Reset a Huawei Phone/Tablet

  • On Settings, tap on Backup and Reset, keep on with Factory Data Reset - Reset Device. Enter your Huawei password to complete.

Case 5: How to Reset an Oppo/Realme Phone/Tablet

  • Realme is the sub-brand of Oppo and they have the same process factory reset. Do this: From the Settings app, find Additional settings and head to the last option Back up and reset. Proceed with Erase all data (factory reset) - Erase all data - Erase Data.

Case 6: How to Reset a Google Pixel Phone

  • It’s easier on Pixel phones to do a reset, simply find System Reset options - Erase all data(factory reset) - Erase all data. Lastly, enter your Google credential to start the reset.

Case 7: How to Reset a Vivo Phone/Tablet

  • On the Vivo Settings app, locate System management. Click on Backup/Reset, choose Erase all data and enter your password to finish it.

Case 8: How to Reset a Motorola Phone

  • Touch Backup & reset, follow Factory Data Reset - Reset Phone. Enter your Google password to proceed.

Method 2: Factory Reset your Android with Google Find My Device (Remotely)

Google’s Find My Device is designed for users to find their missing phones. To secure the data of users, Google develops a remote reset option. So, users can erase their Android phones remotely to stop anyone from accessing their privacy. And we can use this to factory reset our Android too.

Follow this:

Step 1

To use Find My Device to erase your phone or tablet, you need to activate it first on the device. Move to Step 2 if you’ve done this.

Launch Settings, go to Google - Find My Device. Turn it on then.

Step 2

Visit Find My Device, and log in with your Google account. Find the device that you want to reset on the left panel. Then, move to the right panel and tap Erase Data. Enter the password of your Google account to complete the erase.

Method 3: Factory Reset your Android with Recovery Mode

Maybe the phone is having an unresponsive screen or bug, or you forget the password that is necessary to complete the reset. Either one makes you unable to reset your Android with the first two methods.

In this case, we can put our Android to Recovery Mode and do a hard reset on our Android.

The key of this method is to enter Recovery Mode:

  • If your Android has a Home button, press and hold both the Home and Power/Side buttons;
  • While there’s no Home button, press the Power and Volume Up buttons together;

Release the buttons when you can see Android Robot screen. Then, use the Volume Down key to select Wipe data/factory reset option. Press the Power button to confirm and start the factory reset.


The key combinations of entering Recovery mode are different from brand to brand and device to device. To get the right combination, read here: How to Enter Android Recovery Mode for Samsung, LG, HTC, or go to the official support for help.

Closing: Remove Google FRP to The Android Phone/Tablet

After the factory reset, you will have to enter the previously synced Google account and password on the Android to pass the FRP.

FRP, AKA Factory Reset Protection, is a method developed by Google. It aims to stop anyone from using a stolen Android phone. Whoever gets a stolen Android device must reset it to bypass the screen lock. However, after the reset, there’s this FRP screen on the Android stopping anyone from using the phone normally.

You have to enter the related Google address and password to turn it off completely.


If you’ve forgotten your Gmail address and password, click here to see how to remove the Google FRP.


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1Does a factory reset delete everything/ If I reset my phone, will I lose everything?
Yes, a factory reset will delete everything from the phone, including all app data, settings, caches, etc. So, you need to back up your data before you lose everything.
2What does restarting your phone do?
A restart or reboot will fresh your phone. If your phone is laggy, frozen, or suffering from an undefined bug, a restart will most likely fix it, making your phone work smoothly again.
3How do I reboot my phone?
To reboot your phone, simply press the side button till you see the Restart option. However, if your phone is having a bug, simply pressing the side button doesn’t work, try pressing the side button along with the Volume Down button for at least 5 seconds.