[Solved]How to Factory Reset Android Phone and Tablet (2022 Update)

Last Updated on January 11, 2022 by Jason Ben

Why Should People Factory Reset/Reset Their Android Phones and Tablets?

Actually, lots of people must have had these awkward problems: your Android phone or tablet is lagging, sometimes freeze, and even worse, it stuck on a black or white screen. Or you may just forget your phone's passwords. But you can solve them by resetting the Android phone/tablet.

Factory Reset Android

There are many ways to factory reset the phone/tablet. But before doing factory resetting, we should know what factory resetting is. To factory reset an Android or to hard reset is to erase all of the user’s data on the phone. Everything including photos, Apps, accounts, and files will be deleted and return to its original state.

So you should always remember to keep a backup of your data.

Guide List

  1. Precaution: Backup Your Android Data before Restting/Factory Resetting the Android Phone/Tablet. Click to Learn.
  2. The Gloves Are Off: How to Reset an Android Phone/Tablet

Precaution: Backup Your Android Data before Restting/Factory Resetting the Android Phone/Tablet.

Here we recommend a professional tool named Android Data Backup&Restore to back up your data. Now follow the steps:

Step 1: Launch the Android Data Backup&Restore on your computer.

  1. Download and install Android Data Backup&Restore, launch it on your PC.
  2. Free Download Here:

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    Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download
  3. Connect your Android phone or tablet to your computer through a USB cable.
  4. Select Android Data Backup & Retore > Device Data Backup or One-click Backup
  5. Wait till your Android device will be detected by the program. If not, turn to Step 2.
Select Android Data Backup &Restore Click Device Data Backup

Step 2: Allow USB debugging

Enable USB debugging on your phone/tablet. Follow the steps showed in the pictures to allow USB debugging.Make sure your phone is rooted or it will not work fluently.

usb debugging

Step 3: Back up your data to the PC

Then the program began to scan your files on the phone. Wait till the main window shows the lists of your files. Check the files that you want in the boxes beside each item.

Click Start and Choose a Destination

Click Start button and select a Backup Folder, then the data you want will be stored on your PC.

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OneClick to Backup Android Data to PC and Restore with Ease.

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How to Reset an Android Phone/Tablet

Actually, it depends on your requirements as well as the state of your phone. Choose a suitable way to solve your problem.

Part 1. Reset an Android Phone/Tablet without Losing Data

Note: Although Soft Resetting Android or resetting to default won’t erase your data, you’d better backup your data first, in case your Android phone can’t be fixed with the method mentioned below.

Application Scope : Lagging, Freeze, Stuck On A Black or White Screen

Tip 1: Soft Reset Android

If your phone is stuck or crashed, try this:

  1. You should just long press the power button until a pop-up window appears;
  2. Then you tap on “Power off”. After that, turn on your phone;
  3. If it doesn’t respond, you could take out your battery.

Tip 2: Reset an Android Phone/Tablet by Setting

If you just want to reset your phone to default without losing data, this is a common way (but remember not every Android phone can take this way):

  1. Find the app “Settings”, in which you can find “Backup and reset” and tap on it;
  2. Tap on “Reset settings” and confirm your action, and then click “Reset”.

Part 2. Hard or Factory Reset an Android, But Your Data Will be Erased

Note: You must know that this will delete all of the data so you have to backup first and prepare well before hard resetting.

Application Scope : System Failure/Error, Keep Restarting, Stuck On A Black Or White Screen, Unable To Turn On, Forget Passwords, Screen Locked, Clear Android Cache And History, etc.

Tip 1: Factory Reset Android

If your Android phone is in a stable state, but you want to reset all of the data, follow the steps:

Factory Reset Android

Find the app “Settings”, "General management" and then find “Reset” in which you can find “Factory data reset” and tap on it.

Tip 2: How to Reset an Android Phone When Locked? Hard Reset Android.

If your phone is in an abnormal state, or your phone is locked and you forget your password, then you can try this:

Android Phone Recovery Mode

Press “Volume up” “Home” and power button at the same time to enter the recovery mode. This is a common way. But different phones have different combinations. You can look up the instructions or see these:

  • Hard Reset Samsung, Sony, and Motorola: Press and hold “volume up”, power button and “Home” at the same time. Then release if you see the logo on the screen.
  • Hard Reset LG: Press and hold “volume up” and power button. Release the power button if you see the LG logo on the screen. Then press the power button again until you enter the mode.
  • Hard Reset HTC: Press and hold “volume up” and power button. Then release if you see the logo on the screen.

When you enter the mode, you can use the volume buttons to choose the “Factory Reset/Wipe data” option on the menu. Wait until it finishes.

We have finished all of the steps now, I hope this will help you solve your problem. And I have to say, keeping backup regularly is a good habit.