How To Export Contacts from Lumia Windows Phone

Last Updated on June 21, 2022 by Jason Ben

When Mricrosoft and Nokia Brought Lumia with Windows phone system to the public, all people are astonished by the unstanding design. While since iOS and Android were dominating the mobile phone system, Windows phone and Lumia vanished in the market. To be honest, nowadays, Windows phone is not a choice to buy when you need a mobile phone.

The case is that you have an old windows phone, such as Nokia Lumia 830, Microsoft Lumia 640, or even Nokia Lumia 1020, and you have many contacts in the phone, now you want to import them into a new phone like iPhone or Samsung phone.

export lumia windows phone contacts

How to Export Contacts from Windows phone to Android Phone and iPhone

To Transfer Contacts from Windows phone to Android phone

The good news is if you have signed in your Microsoft account that you use on your Windows phone to your computer, you will see all your contacts are already in the contact lists of your Windows PC. If you haven't set it up, then you can go to people app on your Windows phone > settings > add an account > select Microsoft account or Outlook account, now all contacts on your Windows phone will be synced to your Windows.

Now you need to open the resource explorer (C:\Users\Administrator\Contacts) and select those contacts that you need then you can choose to convert them to VCF or CSV. What if you could not find those contacts? You can sign in to Microsoft account on your browser at In People module, you can manage to export all contacts to local in .csv file.

Note, If you just want to transfer your Windows phone contacts to a new phone (Android phone/iPhone)or other places, VCF and VCard are the best choice, if you want to have a back up of your contacts or you just want to view those contacts, you can choose CSV.

To use Android phone, a valid Google Account is needed and your have to signed in to the phone. As Android phone store and sync contacts with Google Account, you can use it to transfer Windows phone contacts from Windows pc to your gmail.

Step 1 Go to and login in with your Google account on your PC.

Step 2 Move to the navigation bar on the rigtht and choose "Import" option.

Google Contact - Import

Step 3 Click "Choose File", and select the cvs file that you just export from Microsoft account.

Import csv or vcard contact to Google

That is it.

To Transfer Contacts from Windows phone to iPhone

It is much easier to copy contacts from Windows phone to iPhone since in the iOS contacts settings, you can simply add your Outlook acount to add all your Outlook contacts to your iPhone contact list.

Step 1 Sync all your Windows phone contacts to your Outlook account by adding your Outlook account to your people app on Windows phone.

Step 2 On your iPhone, move to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add account > select, then type in your user name and password.

Then iOS will help you sync all Windows phone contacts to your iPhone via your Outlook account.

Best Way to Export or Transfer Lumia Windows Phone Contacts

A much more convenient method will help us a lot when exporting or transfering contacts from Windows phone. Here I want show you how to export your lumia phone contacts with our phone transfer, which can help you to transfer any phone data from one device to another, including contacts, images, videos and more. You can use it to transfer phone data to Android (including samsung galaxy phone), iPhone or Computer even transfer iCloud data to phone.

While today, we will focus on transfer Windows phone contacts.

Step 1 Install and launch our phone transfer, on the interface, select Phone Transfer in the top switch-bar. Then choose Phone to Phone module.

Download Now

Step 2 Plug in both phones to your computer, the program will detect it and please choose your Lumia phone as source phone, the other phone as destination phone.

MobileTrans Phone Transfer

Step 3 Tick Contacts and click Start. All old Lumia phone contacts will be moved to your new phone.

You can also export Windows phone contacts to Windows or Mac computer.

As you can see there are so many ways for us to transfer or export data from a Windows phone. While among all those methods, we have to choose the best one or the easiest one, since we obviously don't want to spend a long time to deal with this. So, I would say, To use a Phone transfer for your Window phone contacts transfering is the best option.