How to Erase iPhone With A Broken Screen Easily

Last Updated on September 15, 2021 by Jack Robertson

An iPhone with a broken screen is just disturbing since you just cannot use this iPhone normally no matter how hard you tap on the screen. You can only get it repaired or buy a new one.

But one significant matter is that you should erase your smashed iPhone to protect your privacy before you send it to repair or replace it.

  • Your iPhone with an unresponsive screen will be handled by a bunch of people if you choose to repair it or mail it to the insurance company. Those tech people might have the skills to hack your iPhone and peep at your information.
  • Even if you plan to throw the smashed one away or sell it, you’d better erase it in case somebody has the chance to take it away and hack it.

I guess nobody would love the feeling of being hacked on their iPhone, right? To help you avoid privacy leak, this article will guide you to erase a broken-screen iPhone easily, after that you can just send it to repair or give it away with ease.

Erase iPhone with Broken Screen

Why shouldn’t you use iTunes to erase your iPhone with a broken screen?

A lot of tutorials advise people to erase an iPhone through iTunes.

Normally, you can just plug in your iPhone to the computer. Then, launch iTunes and get into Summary, finally, click the Restore iPhone button to erase your iPhone.

Restore iPhone iTunes

There’s little doubt that iTunes helps erase a normal iPhone. But when it comes to an iPhone with a broken screen, iTunes might not be that efficient.

If you’ve never synced your iPhone to iTunes on a trusted computer, then, when you connect your device to iTunes, it will ask you to trust this computer and enter the passcode on this iPhone to verify, which is barely impossible for an owner of a smashed iPhone.

iOS11 Trust This Computer

You can still erase your iPhone with Recovery Mode

You can set your iPhone into Recovery Mode and sync the device to iTunes for erasing.

After you enter the Recovery Mode and connect your iPhone to a computer, iTunes will display a notification for you. You just need to click the Restore option to erase your iPhone.

Restore iPhone Via Recovery Mode

But the Recovery Mode has some downsides as well.

  • First of all, it requires skills and a bit of luck to get in.
  • Also, there’s a 10% risk of being stuck in Recovery Mode which needs to fix additionally.
  • Recovery Mode has a 15-minute time limit. So when the erasing takes more than that time limit, your iPhone will exit the mode and you need to redo all the process.

iPad Recovery Mode

Can I use iCloud to erase my iPhone with an unresponsive screen

iCloud can also help you erase an iPhone as long as Find My iPhone is enabled on the device. You can just log in to and select your iPhone from All Devices. Then, click Erase iPhone to delete all data on your iPhone.

iCloud Find Erase iPhone

However, iCloud only works when you’ve signed in before. Otherwise, when you sign in for the first time, you will encounter a Two-Factor Authentication screen on the page.

iCloud 2 Factor Authentication Enter Verification Code

In this case, you have to tap Allow on your iPhone and get a verification code which you need to enter it on to verify.

If your iPhone has a broken screen, you can hardly complete such verification, and therefore, iCloud or we say cannot help you erase your broken iPhone.

Erase your iPhone with a broken screen when iTunes and iCloud are not helpful

When iTunes and iCloud are both unhelpful to erase your iPhone, you can try a third-party program. Here, I recommend Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker.

Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker is a powerful iOS unlocking tool. When iPhone Unlocker tries to unlock an iPhone, it will reset the iDevice first. After the reset, iPhone Unlocker will not only wipe out the screen lock but also erase all the data on the iPhone.

In this way, you can send your iPhone to repair without worrying about privacy leak since all the data is gone.

Let’s make use of Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker to erase your iPhone with an unresponsive screen.

iPhone Unlocerk Interface Functions

Step 1 Launch iPhone Unlocker on your PC

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to the PC

Take out a UBS cable and connect your iPhone to the computer. Keep in mind that do no plug out your iPhone during the process.

Step 3 Choose Wipe Passcode

Three functions are listed on the interface. Here, to erase an iPhone, you need to choose Wipe Passcode. Then, click Start to proceed.

Unlocker Wipe Passcode Confirm Information Download Firmware

Step 4 Confirm the information and download a firmware

Make sure all the information listed is correct about your iPhone, then, click Start to download a firmware that will be used to reset your iPhone.

Step 5 Erase your iPhone

It will take a few minutes to download the firmware, when it’s done, click Unlock.

Next, type in the code “0000” on the Unlocker to confirm the erasing.

Click Unlock to start erasing your iPhone.

Unlocker Complete Download Firmware Enter Code Unlock Successfully

It will take a few minutes to erase your iPhone. When it’s done, all the data on your iPhone is gone.

Now, your iPhone is clean, nobody can have any possibility to steal your information on this iPhone.

You can just send the broken-screen iPhone to the repair store and don’t have to worry about data loss or privacy leak anymore.