(New Update)How to Enable Developer Mode on Android Phone

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

Accompanied by your Android Phone for so many years, have you ever felt the impulse in your mind yelling that I want to be a more advanced user? Or as a professional developer, have you felt the need to customize your Android Phone with your skills to make it distinctive and unique? Or maybe as a technology geek, have you ever been intended to run advanced apps on your Android Phone? No worries! If yes, your Android Phone would be relieved from hiding a secret of the path towards advanced users and be glad to tell you that it is time to open the hidden door – the developer mode.

Yes! We are going to introduce how to enable and disable developer mode on Android Phones, such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, SONY, OnePlus, Nexus, ZTE and Google Pixel, in this article. Just imagine you are an alchemist in the Middle Ages and the steps we are going to introduce would be eventually alchemized into the key to the hidden door. Let’s start!

How to Enable Developer Mode on Android Phone

The developer mode is turned off by default on your Android Phone. It might be because the developer mode requires users to equip with relevant knowledge with regard to Android system and the mode is merely designed for the minority of professional and advanced users who are keen to go deeply to the root of the system. For normal users, it is not used very often. But don’t you think nothing could stop the passions of those Android lovers?

Step 1 Tap Setting App and go down to the bottom. Tap About phone option and find the build number of your Android Phone. It may vary slightly depending on the brand of your Android Phone. For example, on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, it is the About device option, instead of About phone and on an HTC smartphone, the build number could be found under More option which is under Software information option.

Step 2 Tap the Build number option for 7 times. Repeat! It is 7 times. Then the system may inform you by a dialogue box that your developer mode is turned on and you are now a developer.

Step 3 Go back to Settings and you would find a new option there right for you! It is Developer Options on the menu.

Now you are a real developer!

By the way, as you turn on the developer mode, please be especially careful when using as it might cause errors on your Android Phone.

What to Do with the Developer Mode

Before you start your adventure, do not forget to look at the map. The developer mode brings you a bunch of amazing functions to set your free from the default Android settings.

1 Enable USB debugging. This is supposed to be the most common reason for enabling the developer mode.

2 Set fake GPS locations. It may require an app to do so.

3 Set a password for backup files.

4 Tweak animations. This is awesome. You no longer need to wait for the animation when shifting between several apps.

5 Stop App activities when you are not using it.

6 Enable FXAA For OpenGL Games. Your 3D game would be more smooth and fluent.

How to Disable Developer Mode on Android Phone

You may ask then: is there any option to disable the developer mode if I no longer wish to access the option? The answer is always yes! The Android system allows you to disable the developer mode.

You may see a button on the top of Develop Option list that let you Disable Develop Option.

If you could not find the button on your phone, please follow the steps as below.

Step 1 Tap Settings App and find Apps option. Then find Settings in All apps list.

Step 2 Tap Storage option under Settings menu and CLEAR DATA.

Step 3 You may go back to Settings App and check. Now the developer mode is gone.

The developer mode is only one step away from you. Why not go and have a try?

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