Dropbox File Recovery: How to Restore Deleted Dropbox Files or Folder Over 30 Days

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Are you looking for a way to restore/recover deleted Dropbox files or folder? Let’s face it, losing business or personal data that are stored in Dropbox is one of the most traumatizing experiences. When you can’t find the files, the first question that probably comes to your mind is ‘Can I restore deleted files on Dropbox?’ Well, the answer is, yes the Dropbox restore deleted files feature can help you recover lost data.

Read on to know how the feature works, the steps to recover Dropbox files/folder, and finally, smart ways to keep your Dropbox file and account safe so you don’t lose more important files in future.

dropbox restore deleted files

File deletion mechanisms of Dropbox: what happens when I delete a file from my Dropbox account?

When a file or folder is deleted from your Dropbox, this cloud storage tool will still keep the deleted and previous versions of file or folder for you for up to 30 to 180 days, depending on your Dropbox plan.

Even though they are invisible in any of your Dropbox folders, these deleted Dropbox files/folders are still recoverable unless you delete them permanently.


Dropbox Recovery Window: For how long will Dropbox keep your deleted files/ folder and version history?

Dropbox provides different plans with different recovery window to help you recover lost/deleted files. They include the Dropbox basic, Dropbox plus, Dropbox Business, and Dropbox professionals.

For the Dropbox basic, and plus plans, you get up to 30 days to restore deleted files and recover older version. Dropbox Business (Standard/Advanced) allows you up to 120 days to restore the deleted files, and Dropbox professionals gives you up to 180 days to restore your missing data and version history.


How Dropbox Restore Deleted Files Feature Works within Recovery Window

With that at the back of our minds, let’s get into the steps of recovering deleted Dropbox files/folder.

Step 1: Log into your Dropbox account.

Step 2: Navigate through the dashboard and then click ‘Files.’

Step 3: Go to ‘Deleted files.’

Step 4: After opening the ‘Deleted files’ section, you’ll find prompts to choose the data you wish to recover. In these options, you can recover either single files or multiple files. Here’s how to go about it.

If you want to recover just one file, select the target file by clicking on its name under the deleted files. Optionally, if you’re going to recover more than one files or folders, you will mark the checkbox with the file you wish to recover.

Step 5: After marking the all target files, click ‘Restore’ to recover the data. Note that, restoring these files may not be immediate. It may take some time depending on the sizes and most importantly the number of files you’re recovering.


Recover Permanently Deleted Dropbox Files or folder after 30 Days/120 Days recovery window

Although those deleted Dropbox files will be permanently deleted from the Dropbox servers after the recovery window, you still have a chance to restore deleted Dropbox file if you have Dropbox installed on your Desktop or handset.

Once the program/app is installed, it creates a specific folder on your device to keep a collection/cache of your files as a backup.

So, instead of recovering from the cloud, you can use a data recovery tool to recover the file deleted because of Dropbox syncing from your local devices. Also, you can recover files you uploaded to Dropbox before in this method.

To recover Dropbox file from your computer, try DataKit Data Recovery. Here are the detailed steps to follow:

Step 1. Download, install and run the data recovery tool on your PC.

Win Download Mac Download
Win Download Mac Download

Note: Make sure that the recovery program and Dropbox are installed in different drives to increase the chance of recovery.

Step 2. Select the disk your Dropbox file was stored and file types you want to recover, then click “Scan”.

Step 3. When the program finish scanning, you can preview all the files in details and choose those you want to restore and click “Recover”.


For those who need to recover deleted Dropbox files from mobile:

Recover Deleted File from iPhone

Recover Deleted File from Android


Can I Restore A Deleted Shared File On Dropbox?

If you accidentally deleted a shared file or it was deleted by a team member, you can only recover it under one condition; you must have the ‘Can Edit‘ permission. Remember that this is not the same as the ‘Can View‘ privilege. If you only have the can view privilege you won’t restore the file.


Can I Restore an older version of files from Dropbox?

Dropbox provides many thoughtful functions to protect your Dropbox content and avoid accident, such as Version history, which can help you reverse all the change to your files.

To return to an older version of your Dropbox file:

Step 1. Log in your Dropbox and select the file you want to rewind.

Step 2. Click Version History ( if you are using Dropbox desktop app, right-click and click Version History.)

Step 3. Preview and select the version you want, then click Restore to return to the older version of the file.

Keep in mind that this file will be replaced by the older version. So, if you want to keep both versions of it, then back up first.


My File Is Missing On Dropbox, Did Someone Delete it?

Now, there are also situations that you cannot remember deleting a file in your Dropbox account. However, when you try to look for it, you can’t find it. Here are the possible reasons for missing files on Dropbox;

♦ Someone might have deleted it without your knowledge.

♦ You might have moved the file or renamed it.

♦ Someone may have deleted it from your team folder or a linked device or possibly, from a shared folder.

♦ If the device you’re using has hard disk problems.

♦ If you’re using a software that is not compatible with Dropbox alike backup software or disk scanning tool that doesn’t permit

Dropbox access or you’re using an Antivirus tool that blocks access to the files or automatically deletes them.


You can check for these missing files on Dropbox.com if you can’t remember deleting them, and you don’t know the destination folder as well. If you can’t find the files still you may need to consider using a reliable third-party recovery software to restore them. When looking for a good recovery software, be sure to check past client reviews before making a purchase decision.


Tips for Keeping Your Dropbox File and Account Safe

If you’re willing to keep your files safe and avoid simple risks of losing them, here are a few pointers to observe;

♦ Use two-step/ two-factor authentication for your account. It will help you lock out intruders from the account.

♦ If you changed devices or used someone’s device, be sure to de-link any linked devices.

♦ Manage web sessions and linked apps, and be sure to revoke access permissions for apps you no longer use.

♦ Activate email alerts to notify you any time there is suspicious activity on your account.


Dropbox is an intuitive tool for storing all your essential documents and files. For good user experience, be sure to note the names of files you’ve stored in there. Also, be sure not to share your private details, e.g., passwords with strangers.


Take Away

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