Download/Install/Upgrade Android USB Driver on Windows

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Ian McEwan

Android USB driver is the bridge to make sure you can transfer files between PC and phone. It will often install automatically to your PC when you first time connect your Android device. However, some Android users may find that sometimes portable device is unrecognized leading to failure transmission.


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Excluding USB cable broken, it is a signature to install proper Android USB driver or update the old version manually due to constant upgrading of mobile phone, PC system compatibility, etc.

If you are using Windows 7/8/10 and your Android device can’t connect PC, the article will help you install/upgrade Android USB device step by step.

Guide List:

Part 1. Install or upgrade Android USB driver in Windows System

  1. Connect Android device to PC and find Device Manager.
    • For Windows 7 users, please right click “Computer” >left click “Manage”
    • windows right click menu

      Choose “Device Manager” and locate it, which is in the left pane of Computer Management.

      computer management
    • For Windows 8 users, please press “Windows” and “X” simultaneously> click “Device Manager”
    • device manager
  2. Expand “Portable devices” in Windows 7 or “Other devices” in Windows 8. If your PC can’t recognize your Android mobile phone, there will be a yellow exclamation mark beside the device name. Right-click the device name, such as “MTP” and choose “Update Driver Software”.
  3. update driver software
  4. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software” in the pop-up window> “Let me pick a list of device drivers on my computer” will show installed driver which is compatible with Android device and all driver software in the same category as the device.> click “Next” button then you can install or update the suitable Android driver in your PC.
  5. Browse my computer for driver software
  6. Reboot your PC to test whether you can connect your Android device to computer or not.

Part 2. Download Android USB Driver

In most cases, Android USB Driver will install or update in your Windows PC, but sometimes you may need to download Android USB Driver manually due to the system glitch, delete USB driver by mistake, etc. You can download it from device official website or third-party program if your mobile phone is not mainstream brands.

Tip 1. Download Android USB Driver from official website

As Samsung takes up most of the market shares in Android market, we take its main series--Samsung Galaxy series as an example to show the download details.

  1. Visit device manufacturer official website> choose “Mobile”>choose “Phone”
  2. select your product type
  3. Choose your device’s model name or type it>choose “Confirm”
  4. downloads and product info
  5. Find “Software” then “Download”. You can install the driver under the guidance on the download page.
  6. manuals and downloads

Click the brand of your Android Phone to download Android USB driver below.

USB Driver Download Websites of Top Android Phones
Samsung Click here HUAWEI Click here Motorola Click here HTC Click here
Google Click here Sony Click here LG Click here Lenovo Click here
Xiaomi Click here OnePlus Click here ZTE Click here Coolpad Click here
Oppo Click here Vivo Click here Hisense Click here Acer Click here
Asus Click here Alcatel One Touch Click here WikoClick here Unimax Click here
Microsoft Click here Vodafone Click here BLU Click here BQ Aquaris seriesClick here
Kyocera Click here DOOGEE Click here Generic Click here Lanix Click here
Archos Click here BlackBerry Click here Hyundai Click here Bmobile Click here
T-Mobile Click here M4Tel Click here Lava Click here Polaroid Click here
Dell Click here Fujitsu Click here Intel Click here LGE Click here
MTK Click here Sharp Click here Toshiba Click here

Tip 2. Download Android USB Driver from third-party program

If you do not want to search the software in the official website of the manufacturer or you are afraid of infecting virus, Google Play is the best choice.

  • Step1: Visit Google Play store website and search “USB Driver for Android”. The software can support Android device from more than 800 Android mobile phone manufacturers to connect to Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10 (x86 and x64).
  • Step2: Download USB Driver for Android on your phone and connect your phone to a computer with a USB cable.
  • Note: USB computer connection should be set as Media device (MTP), if not, go to “Settings” on your phone > “Storage” > “Menu” > “USB computer connection” > Check “Media device (MTP)”

    android mtp
  • Step3: Unlock your phone and open the app, tap EXTARCT
  • usb driver for android
  • Step4: Wait until the Android USB Driver is downloaded and installed on your computer.