How to Download iCloud Backup to PC or Mac and View Backup Files

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

As an iPhone user, you must know iCloud . It’s a popularly used tool all over the world for backing up your data on iPhone. Apple provides 5GB storage space for free in iCloud which is enough for our daily use.

Download iCloud Backup

But in practical, iCloud is not convenient to use at all. Its function is not powerful to fulfill our requirements. For example, you cannot access iCloud backup files unless you restore your iPhone from it, and if you restore your iPhone from it, current data on your iPhone will be overwritten by the backup. Activities take place after the last backup may be lost.

But in some circumstances, we only need to review or restore some of the data instead of all, such as some photos, messages, contacts etc. It’s not necessary to retrieve all the backup. Do we have any other choices to satisfy that requirement?

Yes, of course, we have! Here I introduce you a very useful tool called D-Back. With the help of D-Back, you can download your iCloud backup to PC or Mac easily and even selectively extract some of the contents from the backup to review in your computer. Even if a new user, you will find it simple to use and easy to understand. What’s more, D-Back will never keep your account details, so you don’t need to worry about the privacy. Doesn't it sound great? Follow me and let me show you how it works!

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Download iCloud Backup to PC and Mac, View iCloud Backup Files on Computer.

Following are the steps of downloading your iCloud backup.

Step 1 Launch iCloud Backup Downloader - FoneLab › click Recover from iCloud Backup › click › Start.

Step 2 Selecting the data types you want to recover by ticking the box in front of each data type.

You can Select all by ticking the box on the top right of the panel. Suggestion is that only ticking the data types you need, it will save time when scanning the iCloud backup in following step.

Here I just tick the data types Message, Call History and Contact, Then click Next.

Step 3 Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID.

Don’t connect the device to prevent iCloud files being modified.

Step 4 After signing in, choose the backup you want to recover data from then click Next. D-Back will download iCloud backup.

The downloading time depends on the network and the size of backup file. Please be patient. Sometimes, you may have several backups, please carefully choose the backup that contains the data you want to recover.

Step 5 When the download is finished, you can see the specific contents in your iCloud backup.

In the left column, you can see the data types. Here in picture only show the data types that have been chosen in Step 2 , if you choose more in Step 2 , here will show more data types.

In the middle and right column, you can see the backup contents in details. Tick the contents you want to download to PC or Mac, then click Recover to choose a location on your PC to save these data.

With above introduction, I believe that you have understand how to download iCloud backup. Don’t you feel it’s very simple to operate and easy to understand? With D-Back, you will no longer suffer from complicate operation of iCloud backup. Come to use D-Back and let it free your life with iPhone!

Download iCloud Backup Downloader FREE Now!

Purchase iCloud Backup Downloader Now!

Download iCloud Backup to PC and Mac, View iCloud Backup Files on Computer.