How to Recover Deleted or Lost BKF file with BKF Recovery Tool

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Recover Windows XP BKF File

What Is BKF File?

.bkf is an extension of a backup file. bkf file means backup files. In the Windows XP operating system this extension was introduced to back up files and data, and it is generated by the NTBackup Tool.

Microsoft had given this option of .bkf file creation in their Windows XP Pro and Windows NT. You can find this option under the system tools category.

How Do People Use It?

People use it to back up their files and data. Sometimes a computer’s hard drive may crash and all the data may get lost. To prevent this loss, back up files are created. The .bkf files are the backup files. People use this file format to secure all his data and files.

To restore backups in BKF file type, you can apply the Windows NT Backup Restore Utility.

To preview and extract some files backed up in the BKF file, you may need SysTools BKF Repair.

Why Do People Lose This BKF File?

There can be many reasons behind losing this .bkf file.

  1. This bkf files are created in a complex location. Many people forget the exact location of this file and they lose it.
  2. Sometimes virus attacks and malware attacks can delete this file.
  3. An imperfect shut down can also lose this file.
  4. There is another common reason that can lose this file. Often people delete this file accidentally.
  5. Suppose, a computer’s hard disk gets formatted and the .bkf file gets deleted.

How Can You Recover Your Lost BKF File?

.bkf files can be recovered by .bkf file recovery tool. The recovery tool can scan the computer and then it can recover the .bkf file. If you want to recover files in the BKF file, then you can try BKF Repair.

How to Recover Lost BKF File With Windows Data Recovery

Windows Data recovery is an efficient recovery tool. All your deleted files and folders can be recovered by this recovery software.

This software supports different types of file formats. Your BKF files, videos, documents, audios, photos, emails and all other types of file formats can be recovered by this software.

You can also recover your data from your flash drives, micro SD cards, SD cards and external hard drives.

Within just three steps you can recover your .bkf file with the help of this .bkf recovery tool.

First Step

At first you have to download the software.

Win DownloadMac DownloadWin DownloadMac Download

After downloading the software, you have to install it on your computer.

Within minutes this software will be installed.

Second Step

In the second step you have to run the software. For this you should click on the aiseesoft (data recovery tool) icon on your screen.

Then you should select the document type and the disk (C, D or E drive) where the file was stored.

After this, click the ‘start’ button to begin the scan process.

The Final Step

You can see that the software has recovered your .bkf file. If you want to recover it, click on the Recover button. Your recovery process will end and you will get your .bkf file on the hard drive of your computer. If you fail to recover the .bkf file then just go back to the first step and select those files that you want to recover directly, which will bring a much high possibility of successful restoration.

With these three simple steps, you can recover your .bkf file. Just try this BKF recovery tool and you can get back your .bkf file and your lost data without any problem.

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