(One Step) How to Create a Playlist in iTunes

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Creating a new playlist on iTunes is the classic modern way of making a mixtape with all the songs that you like. Needless to say, technology has evolved tremendously from the days of manually buying music to the digital purchase of the music.

iTunes is such a perfect avenue where you can purchase and store music. The program gives you the option of putting different genres of music and movies into different playlists. As a result, you do not have to pick and choose from a general playlist every time you want to blast out your favorite tunes.

Create a Playlist in iTunes

Creating a playlist in iTunes can also make sharing music and movies to friends and loved ones less of a hassle, which free us from those fragile and burdensome mixtapes.

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod users, syncing the playlists along with the movies and songs insides to the mobile devices seems to be a perfect solution to enjoy the tunes and frames flexibly.

To help you fully enjoy the benefits of iTunes, today, I’ll tell you all the details of how to create new playlists on iTunes in one simple step.

Guide to One-click Create a Playlist in iTunes

There’re several ways of doing it and in this section, I’ll show you four easy ways to add a new playlist on iTunes.

To begin with, you need to download and launch the latest iTunes on your computer.

Method 1 Create a new iTunes playlist with a keyboard shortcut

Once you launch iTunes on your PC, you can press CTRL + N on your keyboard to create a playlist in iTunes.  Name the playlist and add songs or movies to it. And that’s it. An iTunes playlist is done.

Method 2 Create a new iTunes playlist on Sidebar

On your iTunes, right-click on any empty space of the sidebar and you’ll find 3 options from a drop-down list:

  • New Playlist, New Smart Playlist, and New Playlist Folder.

Create An iTunes New Playlist via Sidebar

Based on your need, click on one option to create and name your iTunes playlist.

1. New Playlist

With this option, you can create a regular iTunes playlist. Click it and name the new playlist, press the Enter key on your keyboard to complete.

Now, click on the new iTunes playlist and start importing songs, movies, TV shows, or Podcasts to this playlist.

Create An iTunes Playlist Name And Edit

2. New Smart Playlist

By choosing this option, you’re available to create a special iTunes playlist with many standards, like category, limits of items, etc.

On a small pane, decide these properties of this smart playlist.

  • Match music(movies/TV shows…) for the following rules: After you turn this option on and set a filter like Artist, Album, Bitrate, Genre, iTunes will automatically add those items that match the filter into this new playlist. You don’t have to manually select and add items one by one.
  • Limits for 25 (changeable) items (GB/MB/Minutes/Hours) selected by random (album, etc): You can decide the capacity of this format like how many songs or movies it contains, how many GBs or MBs of items stores in this new playlist, etc.
  • Live updating: Once you set up the above 2 options, whenever your iTunes Library receives a new item that matches the standards, iTunes will automatically add the new item to this playlist.

Setup for iTunes New Smart Playlist

When you complete the setup, click OK to create this format and iTunes will import those eligible items to it.

By the way, if you’ve set up any wrong values, locate this new Smart Playlist and click the Edit Rules under its title to reset the standards.

Edit New iTunes Smart Playlist

3. New Playlist Folder

This option allows you to create a folder that can be used to contain multiple playlists. You can make your iTunes sidebar more simple and compact.

Click on the option and name the folder. Next, you may locate other playlists and drag them to this folder. Now, this new folder contains several playlists.

Drag ITunes Playlist to Folder

Method 3 Create a new playlist on iTunes via Library

On your iTunes, locate the target item that you plan to import to the upcoming new playlist. Right-click on it and choose Add to Playlist. Lastly, choose New Playlist.

In this way, this item will go straight to a new iTunes playlist. By default, the name of this new playlist will be the same as the item you just select. You may click on the playlist and rename it.Create An iTunes Playlist By Adding Items

Method 4 Add a new playlist on iTunes via File

On your iTunes, locate File on the menu bar. Go to New and choose Playlist or Smart Playlist.

Then, set up the properties of the new playlist and name it. Add items to it if you want to.

Create An iTunes New Playlist via File

The above 4 methods can help you create a new playlist on iTunes very easily. You can give it a try and create your own one. If you have a playlist on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod already, you can import the library and playlist to iTunes with clicks.

Follow-Up of iTunes Playlist

In this section, I will be covering more information and skills of managing the iTunes Playlist. Hopefully, my tutorials below can make you an iTunes professional.

Sync new playlists to iPhone via iTunes

Connect your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable, iTunes will detect the iPhone and launch automatically. Next, click on the thumbnail iPhone icon and enter the management interface.

Enter iOS Data File Management Interface iTunes

Next, locate the Music tab from the Settings list. Tick the Sync Music option. A pop-out appears and tells you that:

iTunes Remove Sync iPhone Library

This means iTunes will replace all your iPhone playlists with its current ones. And those playlists and songs that only save on your iPhone but not your iTunes will be removed, which will cause data loss.

Well, if it doesn’t bother you at all, click Remove and Sync to proceed. Now, you may choose to add the entire iTunes music library to your iPhone or some selected playlists.

Tip: Add playlists, songs, and movies to iPhone without data loss?

If you care a lot about the songs and playlists on your iPhone that you don’t want them to be replaced and erased through the iTunes syncing, try echoshare iPhone Transfer to add playlists and music to your iPhone.

echoshare iPhone Transfer

echoshare iPhone Transfer is a perfect data transfer tool for iOS devices. This can be a solid bridge that connects your mobile devices to a PC/iTunes.

With this iPhone Transfer tool, you can transfer to media seamlessly and anywhere without any hassle mentioned above.

Supported File: Music, Playlist, Videos, Podcasts, iTunes, TV Shows, Audiobooks, and more.


  • Computer iTunes ↔ All iOS/Android Phones and Tablets;
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Tutorials of transferring files and playlist to iPhone without data loss:

2. How to delete an iTunes Playlist from Library

To delete a playlist from the iTunes library, right-click on a specific playlist and select Delete from Library on the drop-down options. Your playlist will immediately be removed from the Library.

Delete iTunes Playlist

And if you want to delete a song, a movie, or any item from a playlist, right-click on the target item and choose Delete.

3. How to share an iTunes Playlist

To share your playlist with your family members, you may turn on Home Sharing on iTunes. Follow these:  On your iTunes, locate File > Home Sharing > Turn on Home Sharing.

Turn On Home Sharing to Share iTunes Playlist

For friends and others, you may share your iTunes playlist via AirDrop or you may export your playlist as a text file and send the file to your friend.

Follow these:

Locate a playlist on your iTunes Library, go to File >

Library > Export Playlist. Next, decide where you want to save the playlist file on your PC and click Save to export. Later, send this text file to your friend.

Export Playlist in iTunes

4. How to burn an iTunes Playlist

To burn the playlist into a disc, insert an empty CD into your disc tray and locate a playlist in iTunes, right-click on it and select “Burn Playlist to Disc.”

A popup window will appear where you can set your specifications. Click on the “Burn” icon at the bottom of the popup window and voila! You have your playlist on your device and on a CD.

Burn A Playlist from iTunes to DVD/CD


1. How to transfer music from PC to iPhone without iTunes?

To transfer music from PC to iPhone without using iTunes, you may turn to a wonderful iPhone transfer tool, the echoshare iPhone Transfer.

  • Step 1 Download, install and launch iPhone Transfer
  • Step 2 Connect your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable
  • Step 3 Choose the Music tab on the interface
  • Step 4 Click Import and choose to add a music file(s) or folder to your iPhone
  • Step 5 Browse and select the target music on your PC and click OK

These 5 steps can easily transfer PC music to your iPhone without data loss. For more details, read: 5 Ways to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone without iTunes.

2. How to transfer music from iPod to iPhone?

There’re multiple ways of transferring iPod music to iPhone, here, we’ll use iTunes.

First, connect your iPod to your PC and iTunes will launch automatically. Click the tiny iPod icon and enter the backup interface. Hit Backup Now to transfer all the iPod music to the PC.

When the process is complete, unplug your iPod and insert your iPhone. Click the thumbnail iPhone icon and choose Restore Backup. Select the iPod backup file and get it to your iPhone.

In this case, you’ll have the iPod music stored on your iPhone. For more methods, you can read: 5 Easy Ways to Transfer Music from Old iPod to iPhone.