A Guide to Clean iDevice: How to Clear Cache on iPhone or iPad

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Ian McEwan

Are you wondering how to clear cache/history on iPhone and iPad? Since iPhone or iPad contains a lot of personal data ranging from backups of confidential documents and certificates to login credentials for banks, emails, and online payment systems, you should really think about how to properly handle these data when you want to sell your used iPhone and iPad.

Clear Cache on iPhone

It is possible to delete iPhone/iPad cache or history, like safari browsing history and cache, search history, call history, chrome browsing history and message history among others. However, the options we have to delete such cache are often less than sufficient. With a few advanced recovery tools, those up to no good can quickly root and recover most of your personal data form your used iPhone/iPad, although you reset it to factory setting. It is therefore very important to find a better way to permanently clear history from your phone.

iPhone Data Cleaner is one of the available solutions if you are looking to clear iPhone history forever. It will completely erase your browsing history, clear search history, safari cache and any other stored data without any chance to recover. Here is a brief look at how to permanently clear cache on iPhone.

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iPhone Data Cleaner

iPhone Data Cleaner is simply the best within its category. It offers three different levels of data erasing that allows you to overwrite and clear any cache, making it impossible to recover by using any tool available in the market. Most data recovery applications work by rooting the device to recover data that was once stored in the memory. Overwriting the memory a couple of times makes it impossible for such tools to find any history. iPhone Data Cleaner does exactly this and deletes all history including;

  • Text content and history – includes contacts, iMessages and test/SMS, call history, notes and reminders, calendar and safari bookmarks. The eraser can also delete documents like Excel, TXT, Word, PDF, PPT and ZIP libraries among others.
  • Media content and history – includes all music, videos, and photos, podcast, iBook, TV shows, audiobooks, music videos, voice memos, and ringtones.
  • App data and history – the eraser can clear the history of various third-party apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Google Plus and YouTube among others. It can also clear safari history including saved passwords, cache, and all its saved data.
  • Settings – removes general settings, security settings, carrier settings and privacy settings restoring your iPhone to its manufacturing state.

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How to Clear Cache on iPhone or iPad with iPhone Data Cleaner

Using iPhone Data Cleaner is quite a simple process that requires no tech savvy knowledge. Once the app is installed on your PC, it launches automatically. It will also automatically detect your device. However, you need to have the latest version of iTunes installed. You iPhone should also be using iOS 7 or above. Follow these steps to erase your phone history.

  1. Plug in your iPhone using a USB cable. Type in your passcode if the iPhone is locked or does not show on the software.
  2. Select your erasing level once the software is launched. You can choose low, medium or high erasing levels.
  3. Low level erasing uses a quick one-time overwriting procedure to save you time. Medium level erasing overwrites your device twice leaving no trace of data. High level erasing is the ultimate radical option if you want to completely eliminate the chance of data recovery. It overwrites the device thrice leaving a clean slate.
  4. You can specify the path where you want to save the history about to be cleared from your phone from the general setting area. Your saved data will be in CVS or PDF format.
  5. Once you have chosen your level, click start to begin erasing your history and then yes to confirm the process.
  6. The software should immediately start erasing your iPhone.


iPhone Data Cleaner is designed to permanently delete all cache stored in the phone. From browsing cache to history and saved media, this eraser eliminates all cache from the root file that recovery tools may try to access, making this data untraceable. You can still save the erased data on your computer if you do not want to lose it forever. It is free and available for both Windows and Mac computers.

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