How to Check Call Logs on Someone Else's Phone? To Track Phone calls from another phone is difficult and controversial, You'd better track mobile number call details with phone Recovery.

(4 Easy Steps) How to Check Call Logs on Someone Else’s Phone

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

Once in our lives, I believe, we all wanted to be like Sherlock Holmes and be a detective who seeks for the truth. We all need at some point to do a forensic search and raid on our friends’ or partners’ mobile phones. There would be or has come a time when we had to track phone calls from another phone.

What compel you to check someone else's call log

You might wonder why someone would like to know how to check mobile call history of someone else’s phone. You might think of it as some illegal and creepy stuff or something like that so why would anyone do that, right?

Here are some situations explain why you need to check someone else's call log.

What if your girlfriend/boyfriend cheats on you? What if your friend or someone you know does a lot of prank calls to you? Imagine a person you know contacting a criminal or a murderer to kill someone else? But they all never admit it because they say that you have no proof!

There are people who will deny that they called someone because they have already deleted their call history and leave no trace of evidence at all.

People will get crazy especially when they face an infidelity problem, and try hard to set a trap. Here is an example, inefficiency and dumb.

Look What You Made Me Do: I Faked a Facebook Profile to Spy on My Husband!

As a more efficient and correct way, checking someone else's call log is what you should do now. I know you’re here because you wanted to know a way on how to check other people’s call history. Because you would not even try to spare time to read this article if you don’t.

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How to Track Phone Calls from Another Phone

I believe you have typed, “how to check call log of a number” on Google. Because that is what people would normally do – to search for call history of mobile number software that would make them hack and march into someone else’s mobile devices. Applications that are complicated to use and not promising enough to really let you see someone else’s phone records or track mobile number call details specifically.

We all know how hard it is to do hacking stuff when we are not that technologically intellectual. So, why waste your time downloading those rubbish apps you know you won’t be able to run on your own anyway?

Get Call History of Any Mobile Number with Call Log Recovery

Want to handle this detective escapade on your own but still don’t know what app to use though?

I’d say, you go and try DataKit iPhone / Android Data Recovery.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking! Why am I making you use a recovery tool instead? It does not seem to make any sense at all, right?

But let me tell you, once you get a regular app that will let you hack someone else’s phone and its content, that would still make no sense when they have already deleted what you have been trying to search. That’s what makes the use of DataKit iPhone / Android Data Recovery a lot better.

The Features of iPhone/Android Call Log Recovery

DataKit iPhone/Android Data Recovery is widely known to restore all kinds of lost files from iPhone/Android smartphones. It retrieves deleted pictures, audios, videos, calendar items, memos, notes, email addresses, contacts, call logs, and messages even from the messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Sometimes, you really just have to use your mind and think of alternative ways to easily and effectively do what you wanted to.

It is an excellent yet still inconspicuous way of checking someone else’s deleted call logs (on purpose).

You can avail and use all of this for FREE! I’m really trying to help so I know that the app I recommend must be for free and really effective.

4 Easy Steps of iPhone/ Android Call Log Recovery

Ok, now you want to try DataKit iPhone/Android Data Recovery, and you wonder how to use it. No need to feel suspicious about this app. I promise to you that it has a user-friendly interface that would not leave you puzzled on how to use it.

Here are the four easy steps on how to run DataKit iPhone / Android Data Recovery.

  1. Connect and run - Connect your mobile device to your computer and run the data recovery software.
  2. Getting privilege (Only Android users need to root their devices to authorize privilege)– Before it scans more deleted files from a long time ago, it needs your permission. Then, do give it a privilege. It would be a big help.
  3. Scanning – Scan all your deleted files from your mobile device.
  4. View and recover – View your selected files before recovering.

I hope this article has been helpful to you and your detective escapade. There are a lot of ways and software to choose from, yes, but this one is very clever and brilliant, right? This is, so far, the best app to use when you’re trying to be real discreet so no one would end up knowing your agenda.

DataKit iPhone / Android Data Recovery is not just your ordinary recovery tool. It could also help you solve mysteries and expose someone. Awesome, ain’t it?! Try and download one now!

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