How To Catch Your Cheating Wife by Collect Infidelity Proof on her Phone

Last Updated on September 17, 2021 by Jason Ben

We are all concerned about our marriage. It is unfortunate that sometimes our partners cheat on us. There are many reasons they are unfaithful. While some of these reasons may be beyond our control, we should try to prevent it before it breaks our beautiful marriage, which is the basis of our life. There is a debate on who between a husband and a wife cheat most. The fact remains the same that cheating is cheating, and it is a vice in any relationship. It is devastating when you are living with someone whom you do not trust. You cannot help imagining your wife having an affair with someone else whenever she is away.

Most cases of cheating are seen through physical or emotional behaviors of your partner. If you are suspecting your wife to be cheating, monitor her behavior while using her phone.

How to identify a Cheating wife

You may not find out what is going on outside your relationship until you learn the sign of a cheating wife. Most men confess that they found out about the affair of the wives after many years. Well, though this may be due to the trust on their partners, it can be also because they did not suspect some of these weird behaviors. Below is a list of signs of a cheating wife.

1 She hesitates to answer calls when you are together

If your wife excuses herself to receive a call or does not receive the call at all, this is a clear indication she hiding something from you.

2 She deletes messages and call logs

Whenever you find your wife deleting messages and call logs, there is much to worry. Maybe she fears you might find anything fishy about their conversation. Frequent and duration of calls might prove the unusual connection about the caller. In that case, you can use cheating spouse text reader to check her SMS.

3 She checks for missed calls and text

Have you noticed how often she checks for notification on her phone? This is another indicator she has shifted her focus to someone else.

4 She makes sure you do not use her phone

You would be surprised that she does not leave her phone even when she is going to the restroom. You would also realize that she switches her phone off when she is in the room if she is having an affair with another man.

5 She locks her phone applications with the password

Should she be hiding something from you? Well, you would expect your wife to be open to you. When you are restricted from accessing some of her application, then it may because she thinks you would be offended if you find out what is in those applications. These can be messages, call logs or even photos.

How to Catch a Cheating Wife by Recover Phone Data

Whether you woman is using iPhone or android phone, Phone Data Recovery would come in handy in recovering fatal information that could prove if she is cheating. You would be able to restore information such as contacts, call logs and deleted messages from her phone. Phone Data Recovery can also restore videos, photos and WhatsApp files. Remember you would recover all the details, which could include contact name, time and duration of calls. You no longer have to worry anymore about your cheating spouse, as this application would be helpful whenever you want to know what she does with her phone.

How to Define Cheating with the restored information

The information you restore from the application could be sufficient to prove that your wife is lying in your relationship. It is crucial to define this information in order to find signs of infidelity. For example, if she talks about sex or expresses feelings to another man through their conversation. Some instances you may find them talking about presents and gifts they exchange or planning to exchange. You may find her confessing to another man that she is not married. From the call history, you would be able to identify the person she spends most of the time talking. The amazing thing about Phone Data Recovery is that you can also restore conversation through WhatsApp. You would be able to see people she chats with online. Normally cheating partners have a way of saving names on their phone. They could save them as co-workers or relative. You should purposely go through all the conversations.


Catching a cheating wife may not be such easy unless it happens as an accident. Otherwise, you are supposed to monitor as soon as you suspect that she is cheating on you. The best way to find evidence is through their cell phone. No matter how hard she tries to delete the conversation through WhatsApp or Messaging remember you should be able to retrieve them. iOS Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery are the best tools to restore this information. Should you find that she is cheating on you, you should not confront her directly as she would find a way of defending herself. It would be advisable that you try to find a way of accurate evidence.

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