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How to Catch Girlfriend Cheating on The Phone (Android/iPhone)

Last Updated on April 25, 2023 by Jack Robertson

Have you ever tried to google ‘Signs of a cheating girlfriend’? If you do and find out your girlfriend matches most of the signs, the concern of being cheated on must hit you pretty hard.

But what you need to do is to throw your concern and frustration away. You must not bear the pain and suffering in your mind. Instead, be tough and find evidence to prove her innocence or crime. Only in this way can you truly find peace in your heart.

Then, here comes the problem - how do you collect evidence to catch the cheater.

  • Given that your girl needs to contact the third person and phones are most likely to be the tool for connection, let's try to spy on her phone. By spying on her phone, you may view messages, calls logs, and other information from the device, you can easily find out the truth.

Now, buckle up and I will show you a perfect way of catching your cheated girlfriend on her phone. And remember one thing, no matter what you find out, keep calm and carry on.

How to Catch Girlfriend Cheating on The Phone

The best way to catch your cheated girlfriend on the phone

To find evidence of your girlfriend cheating, why not try to spy on her phone.

Since now everyone carries a phone as a necessity and has so many secrets on the phone, we can easily find out whether someone’s cheating via the chatting history and other information on the phone.

Talking about spying on a phone, mSpy is the one that we should never ignore and miss.

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About mSpy

mSpy is a great phone spy app that can help you catch your girlfriend cheating very easily.

After installed on your girlfriend’s phone, the app will work non-stop to update your girlfriend’s phone activity. You can see all the things you want to know about her on your phone or PC, including the chatting history on all social media (Ins, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, etc), call logs, SMS, geolocation, photos, notes, videos, and you name it.

Meanwhile, mSpy will track your girlfriend's phone location and constantly display her real-time geolocation on your control site. You can see where she is and where she's been with one click. Even if GPS or Find My iPhone on her phone is not enabled, mSpy still works.

mSpy Parental Control

Besides, if you don’t want your girlfriend to find out you’re spying on her, take it easy. mSpy will be 100% invisible on her phone. She will never find the app and delete it.

No rooting or jailbreak is required on both your girlfriend’s phone and yours. You can catch your cheating girlfriend without difficult steps at all.

To know more about the mSpy app and its capability, you may visit its official site here: mSpy Official.

Now, let’s use mSpy to catch your cheating girlfriend on the phone.

Steps to catch cheating girlfriend on the phone with mSpy

Step 1 Subscribe to mSpy

First thing first, you need to sign up to mSpy. Click the button below to create a mSpy account and sign in. After the login, decide the phone model that you plan to spy on, Android or iPhone.

Step 2 Install the mSpy app on your girlfriend’s phone

As you’ve signed up to mSpy, you’ll receive an email from mSpy. Check your inbox and read it. This is a confirmation email with these attachments:

  1. A download link for you to install mSpy on your girlfriend’s Android phone;
  2. An installation wizard to guide you through the whole process;
  3. A URL address of the mSpy control site where you can monitor your girlfriend’s phone.

You should open up the installation guide and start downloading the app on your girlfriend’s phone. Here are some brief introductions.

Android phone

When your girlfriend’s asleep, take out her Android phone and unlock it. Don’t know the passcode? Use her finger or face to pass the Touch/Face ID.

Open a browser and type in the download link. Download the APK file onto the phone and launch it to install the app. When the process is complete, mSpy will be invisible from the screen.

Turn off the phone and put it back. mSpy will start to work from now on.


Launch the mSpy dashboard and sign in. Choose to add a new device. Select iPhone to proceed. Then, you’re required to enter the Apple ID and password of the target phone.

In this way, mSpy will be installed remotely on the phone.

mspy select type of device

Step 3 Catch your girlfriend cheating right away

Now, as mSpy is installed on your girlfriend’s phone, you may check her phone activity to see if she cheats on you.

Launch the dashboard on your PC or download a mSpy app (Control site) on your phone. You’ll find several options from the left menu.

Here’re some options that can help you catch a cheating girlfriend.

Calls, Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc

These options give you full access to your girlfriend’s SMS and social media. You can easily find out who she’s been talking to and what she texts remotely.

In this case, even if she names the other man (or woman, maybe) formally on the phone like David from Microsoft, you can easily know if they have an affair by reading the chatting history.

mSpy Control Panel

Capture Screenshot & Photos

You can see all the captured, shot, download, saved, and received photos on her phone so that you will know if she takes some improper selfies with some guys.


All the passwords that she types on the phone are visible to you. You can tell if she has another account for social apps, another email address, etc.


mSpy will mark down all the places she’s been to and tag with the date and time. You can track her on your phone or PC without literally stalking her or hiring someone.

If you discover that she goes to a hotel or someone’s place on the mSpy map, don’t hesitate. Go there and catch them in the act.

mSpy Phone Hacker

Hack Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad remotely and secretly! All information is visible to you!

Spy on all social media apps, FB, IG, Twitter, Snapchat, etc

View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

Record every keystroke and set alarm for specific keywords


To catch your cheated girlfriend seems to be a painful task. But you must do it. Nobody has the right to fool and betray you. Now, gear up and use mSpy to catch cheating.

FAQ: What to do when you caught your girlfriend cheating on you?

If, unfortunately, you caught your girlfriend cheating on you, what should you do?

For starters, calm down.

I know you’re hurt and it’s hard to calm down. But you must force yourself to keep calm. Take a deep breath. A cool head helps you make the right decision.

Then, search for answers.

Try to find out why she cheats on you and whether she will keep on doing it. Ask her directly about her cheating or find the answers from the chatting history.

If her cheating is just an action, there’re chances that she’ll no longer do that again.

But if she cheats on you for some deeper reasons, for example, she thinks she finds a better one, she gets tired of you, or she’s just a woman of wildness, well, you’d better think over.

Now, think.

I will give you several questions and I hope you can think very carefully.

  • Do you love her?
  • Will her disloyalty changes your love for her?
  • Do you still want to live with her even though risks remain?
  • And the last one, if she cheats on you again, what will you do?

Think and get your answers.

Lastly, forgive or forget.

If you care so much about her affair and worry that she’ll cheat again, forget about her and get yourself a new girl. You deserve better.

But if you don’t care and trust your girlfriend, forgive her.

By the way, remember this: Once a cheater, always a cheater.