Camera Hacking App – Hack Someone’s Phone Camera Remotely

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Jack Robertson

  • Some parents have the concern for their kids suffering from bullying at school or online.
  • Managers may worry that employees will spend more time on Netflix and YouTube with company handsets and tablets.
  • Due to the abnormal behaviors of partners, wives and husbands are afraid of being cheated.

No matter which position you’re in, there’s one universal solution that can ease your tensions and find out the truth — that is to use a camera hacking app to hack the victim’s phone camera so that you’re available to monitor the victim with your phone remotely.

With a camera hacking app installed on the target phone, you can take out your phone and see what the victim is doing and where he/she is at. You don’t even need to type in some secret codes as they do in a movie. All you need is to download an app onto the target phone and open the control panel on your phone.

Now, let’s see how exactly we can hack someone’s phone camera with a camera hacking app.

Camera Hacking App How to Hack Someone's Phone Camera

How to hack someone’s phone camera remotely through IP Webcam (Victim’ll Know)

If you want to have direct access to the front and back cameras of someone’s phone, there are apps that can help you.

On App Store or Play Store, search these apps:

  • WardenCam,
  • Presence,
  • Alfred,
  • Manything,
  • IPCams.

These apps will help you turn the target phone into a CCTV for you. And these are how these CCTV apps can help you hack someone’s phone camera:

  • First of all, you need to pick up the target phone and download one of these apps.
  • Then, download the app on your phone as a control site.
  • Next, you’re available to hack the victim’s phone remotely on your phone.

However, these apps are not designed for camera hacking. In other words, these apps are completely visible on the victim’s phone and most of them cannot set as hidden.

So, if you want to keep your hacking secret, don’t try these apps.

Walkaround: Use mSpy to hack someone’s phone camera remotely via  (Without Victim Knowing)

Talking about the phone camera hacking app, mSpy is the first one that appears in my mind for its great reputation in the industry.

As a phone-hacking app, mSpy ensures that you can use your phone to monitor all the photos and videos from someone’s phone. And more than photos and videos, this spy tool also allows you to monitor many other activities on this phone, including social apps, call logs, SMS, geolocation, browser history, etc.

The capability to hack the phone camera and even the whole phone is no more illustration. With mSpy, nothing is inaccessible on the target phone. With some tappings on your phone, you can easily access the phone and spy on whatever content you prefer.

mSpy Parental Control

More benefits that mSpy can bring:

No risk of exposure

This app is 100% invisible on the target phone or tablet.

The victim will never realize your watching unless you decide to notify.

Real-time monitoring

With the camera hacking app installed on the target phone, you’re available to check the real-time activity on the device.


For a kid or employee who is holding the target phone, you can set up a security area on the virtual map. And once the victim carries the phone and steps out of the area, mSpy will inform you immediately. You’ll never have to worry about your kid’s whereabouts or the loss of company properties.

Multimedia compatibility

Working smoothly on both Android and iOS, mSpy can make all data and information on the target phone visible to you through a control panel.

Multitasking capacity

You can hack into multiple devices, handsets, and tablets, simultaneously.

For more information, you’re free to check out its official website. And if you’re interested in this phone camera hacking service, check the following steps to start hacking the target phone.

Step 1 Sign up to mSpy

Before using the service to hack someone’s phone camera, you need to create a mSpy account and sign up for a plan.

mspy select type of device

Step 2 Install the mSpy on the target phone

After you sign up for a plan on mSpy, you’ll receive an email from mSpy. This email will come with these attachments:

  • Download link: Visit this link on the target phone to download mSpy.
  • Installation guide: Teaches you how to install the app on the target phone.
  • Username & Passcode: Enter these on your phone or PC to log in to the mSpy control panel.
  • Registration code: Type in this code on the target phone when the installation is about to complete.
  • Dashboard address: Visit this on your phone or PC and hack the phone.

To monitor the target phone, physical access to the target phone is required. Relax, follow the guide and the installation will take you just a few minutes, no more than 10.

When you finish the installation on the target phone, the mSpy app will be invisible. Whoever uses this phone will never find out the phone is under your watch.

Step 3 Spy on the target phone’s photos and videos

Next, launch a browser on your PC or phone and open the dashboard (find the link on the email).

Locate the list on the left of the page, click Photos or Video Preview to check out all the photos and videos that are taken by the camera, saved from apps, or captured via the Screenshot feature.

mspy track photo video

If you want to know who the victim has been talked to via Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, etc, click Social Apps or Applications to find out the chatting history of each app.

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If you’re worried about your phone, especially Android phones, will be lost or stolen, you can download some phone management app to help you find the handset back.

Case in point:

There is an app called Where’s My Droid.

With this phone installed on an Android phone, even if you lost the phone, you can use this app on another phone or PC to track the phone.

Better still, to help you find the exact spot of the phone and capture the thief, you’re available to turn on the camera on the stolen phone remotely via the app.

Notice that you can only turn on the camera remotely on a phone when you have already installed the app and sign up for it.