Bugging A Cell Phone Is So Easy! Two Steps Only

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Jack Robertson

In spy movies, we can always see a secret agent typing some magic words on a computer, then boom, he/she successfully bugged a cell phone without the victim knowing, and all the calls on the phone are accessible to the agent.

At first, we might think this scene is funny and won’t take it seriously because it’s just a movie. However, when you’re a parent who has a mischievous kid, a partner who encounters a cheater, or a manager who has a slacking employee, you may be dying to have such magic to bug a cell phone.

  • By bugging your son/daughter’s phone, you’ll know who your kid is talking to and what on earth they're talking about that makes your kid misbehave lately.
  • For your cheating partner, bugging the phone leads you to the truth and the scum that destroy your marriage.
  • As for your employee, if you think he/she is leaking secrets of the company, let's bug the phone and find out who he/she is talking to and selling secrets to.

To help you out, in this article, I will tell you everything you should know about phone bugging, including how to do it. Keep on reading and you’ll find the solution.

Bugging a cell phone:

Part 1. Is bugging a cell phone legal

When the idea of bugging someone’s phone possesses your mind, there might be one thing that will stop you from truly making a move - the legality of bugging a cell phone.

Let me make one thing straight for you that it’s utterly legal:

  • When a parent wants to guarantee the child’s physical and mental health by bugging the phone;
  • And a company owner plants bug apps on company properties to supervise employees and avoid property losses.

In other words, bugging your child/employee’s phone is the lawful mean for every parent and employer to make sure everything is running OK.

As for other purposes like catching cheating, stealing personal or business information, or searching for criminal evidence, you’d better check the local laws.

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Part 2. How to bug a cell phone

To bug someone’s cell phone, you’ll need a professional bugging app.

A spy app is the kind of tool that can bug into someone’s cell phone and give you full access to the phone content without touching the phone. You can easily find out what the person’s been doing on the phone.

For those who have no idea how to choose a spy app from endless Google searches, I’ll list 2 spy apps for you and you can pick up one to start bugging a cell phone.

Spy app NO.1: Bug a cell phone with ClevGuard KidsGuard

Standing at the cutting-edge of the phone bugging industry, ClevGuard gives you full access to the person's phone. Of course, you can bug the person's phone call, listen to every word the speaker and receiver say.

Besides the audio clips you listen to, ClevGuard also gives you the name of the contact, the phone number as well as the exact time and duration of each phone call.

Let's not mention you can also download the audio clips and output the information of this call to any of your devices.

By the way, ClevGuard bug WhatsApp calls on the phone as well. So, not just phone calls made by the phone number, but also the video and audio chat of this phone.

ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro

Hack Android Phones & Tablets, iPhone & iPad, Windows PC

Monitor WhatsApp, FB, IG, SMS, Calls

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More than bugging a phone, ClevGuard also focuses on secrecy.

The victim will never find the bug app from the phone since ClevGuard has a stealth mode which enables the app to be invisible from the main screen.

Even if the person runs some app cleaner, all he/she finds out is an app labeled with System Update. So, relax and bug the phone. No one will find out.

Other insane features of ClevGuard

Digital Fencing:

On ClevGuard Dashboard, you’re available to set up an area on a map as virtual fences. Once your kid/employee carries the phone and steps out of the ‘fence’, ClevGuard will detect it and send an email to inform you of the crossing line.

No longer will you worry about a missing child or a losing company property.

Switch Sim Alert:

If the user of the bugged phone switch to another Sim card, ClevGuard will alert you by sending an email immediately.

Now that you know what ClevGuard is and what it can help you with, let’s see how to use it to bug a cell phone.

Steps of bugging a cell phone with ClevGuard

Step 1 Set up for ClevGuard

Click the button below to sign up for ClevGuard. Create an account with your email ID, decide the target device and subscribe to a spy plan.

Sign Up for ClevGuard NOW!

Next, keep on ClevGuard's official page, go to the My Products and Orders Management page. Click on the Setup Guide and learn how to install ClevGuard to the target device!

Install ClevGuard on Phone

Step 2 Bug the phone right away

When ClevGuard KidsGuard is installed on the target phone, it will start to bug the phone, record every phone call, and upload them to the dashboard.

All you need is to go to the dashboard, locate Remote Control and click on the Phone Calls option.

Then, on the panel, you will see all the available phone calls. Click on the Play button and stream right away or download them as you like.

ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro

Hack Android Phones & Tablets, iPhone & iPad, Windows PC

Monitor WhatsApp, FB, IG, SMS, Calls

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Spy app NO.2: FlexiSPY- Bug an Android or iPhone with Spyera Remotely

FlexiSPY is another incredible phone bugging app that lets you listen to every audio and video chat on the phone, both for Android and iPhone.

What kind of phone calls can it bug?

First of all, if the person is making a phone call via the Sim card, FlexiSPY can surely record it!

Anything else? Sure!

If the target is using an iPhone and talks to somebody via FaceTime, boom! FlexiSPY will bug it for you, delivering to you not only the FaceTime audio but also images.

Let's not mention the WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom audio and video chats, you name it, FlexiSPY bugs them all!

Found it powerful? Download it and start your bugging career right away!

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Wraping up

It’s normal that most of you are hesitant to bug someone’s phone even for good deeds. Before you take any action, think what a phone bugging will give you, relief, peace, or truth?

When you make up your mind and plan to bug a cell phone, try the recommended tools.


1What's the safest way to spy on someone's phone?

Safest way for average people to hack into or spy on others phone is to use spy tools. Most of them have stealth mode feature that allows you spy without being noticed, Your target won't even know you're sneaking around their phone activities.

2Is okay to spy on my kid's phone?

Yes! But your kid must be a minor and under your legal custody. Parents installing spyware on their kids' phones is one way to implement parental control measures.