Best iPhone Data Recovery Software Review on Win/Mac in 2023 (Editor's Pick)

Last Updated on April 24, 2023 by Jason Ben

Welcome to 2022. And it is the high time for us to update our best iPhone Data Recovery Software List. We have been updating this list for almost 4 years and every year we just totally rewrote the post with deleting text that had been written before which making it confused sometimes. So, this time. I will add something that I think important and keep the original text folded (If you want to read the past the reviews, just unfold the accordion menu). I hope that will help you to have an overview about the development of these products in the past long term.

Well iPhone Data Recovery Software from most brands are getting more and more similar with each other. They all support to recover contacts, photos, call history, text message, iMessage, WhatsApp message, note, calendar, Safari bookmark and history, etc. which making it difficult for us to distinguish between winning and losing. But, that’s what we do.

Now, let’s us have a brief review of our Best iPhone Data Recovery Software in 2020. We rand dr.fone on #1 for its feature-rich and iMyfone ranks on #2 for its prominence on recovering social media app chat history. And FoneLab is decreased to #3 for few feature updates. And we add MobiSaver to #5.

Here is the whole list:

#1 dr.fone
#2 iMyfone D-Back
#3 Aiseesoft FoneLab
#4 PhoneRescue for iOS
#5 EaseUs MobiSaver

#1 dr.fone

dr.fone is the truly first customer-level iPhone Data Recovery in the market. It was launched in 2012 and after over 7-year-refine it becomes so powerful and feature-rich, yet easy-to-use mobile phone toolkit with integrating many mobile phone unities like Transfer, Switch, Backup & Restore, Unlock, Repair, Erase and recent added Restore Social App, which makes dr.fone the ultimate mobile phone solution. The pity is that, as for social app data recovery, dr.fone no longer supports to recover Messenger Message & Attachments and Line Messages, you can only recover WhatsApp, Kik and Viber.


dr.fone is the best choice when you need to deal with your iPhone Data including recover, transfer and back up etc. It is a one-stop solution for all your phone data management including android phone. With robust technology and long-term tuning, it is definitely reliable.

Check the supported file types chart
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#2 dr.fone toolkit (former Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS)

dr.fone toolkit - iOS Data Recovery recovers lost data on iPhone and has the capability of retrieving data directly from iTunes and iCloud Backup, which can help to save data even when your iOS device is lost or damaged. It works for all iOS versions including iOS 12. Recovering contacts, SMS messages, history, camera roll, video, music libraries, voice memos, calendar, notes, reminders, Safari bookmarks, Kik, Viber, Messenger,WhatsApp and Line is remarkably simple.

All you need to do is connect your iOS device to your computer and the data recovery tool scans for lost files to recover. You can preview lost data from the device and from backup files before you execute the recovery.


dr.fone toolkit is very popular software in the market. The big one is you can choose to recover data back to iPhone or to Computer. And the bonus part is that it supports to backup and restore messages on WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, and Kik besides iMessages(you have to pay extra money to get those features).

#2iMyFone D-Back

D-back is a competitive dark horse in the past two years among the iPhone Data Recovery Software Market. In 2018, iMyfone had launched many products like LockWiper, iPhone WhatsApp Recovery, AnyRecover for Windows, AnyRecover for Mac, Fixppo, TunesFix, TunesMate, iTransor, iTransor Lite. Well, they are confusing by names, want to learn more, expand the accordion to view the explicit explanation as below.

//LockWiper: Remove Apple ID & Lock Screen Passcode from iPhone and iPad.
//iPhone WhatsApp Recovery: It is a derivative tool from iPhone Data Recovery, is dedicated in recovering lost/deleted WhatsApp Messages from iOS Device. It is much cheaper than iPhone Data Recovery while I think the latter is a more reasonable option.
//AnyRecover for Windows: a Windows Lost Data Recovery Tool.
//AnyRecover for Mac: a Mac Lost Data Recovery Tool.
//Fixppo: an iOS System Recovery Tool.
//TunesFix: Fix iTunes Errors. I can talk this could be a useful tool since I have suffered iTunes Errors quite a lot.
//TunesMate: an iTunes alternative to manage iPhone data on computer.
//iTransor: an iTunes alternative to Backup and Restore iPhone/iPad Data.

As for iPhone Data Recovery, iMyfone focuses on dealing with iPhone data as you can see they don’t have android data recovery tool yet. In my opinion, the biggest outstanding excellence of D-Back is it supports the most social app recovery including WhatsApp Data, KiK Data, WeChat Data, Viber Data and LINE Data which is much wider than other competitors.


D-Back is a rising star, it is dedicated, professional and sophisticated. It is a very competitive seed player in the iPhone recovery niche. We will pay consistent attention to it. Maybe it will climb to #1 in next year, now I rank it on #2.

Check the supported file types chart

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#3 iMyFone D-Back(new)

D-Back is a very new recovery tool for iPhone. As a newbie of iPhone recovery software, iMyFone has a very sophisticated product – D-Back (does it mean Data-Back?). I must say that it is the most competitive alternative to dr.fone.

You will find a lots thoughtful features in D-Back, and my favorite one is the so-called “Smart Recovery” Mode with which you just need to follow the recovery wizard and you will be redirected to the right mode.

Here is the logic:
  • Lost or deleted data by accident -> Recover from iOS Device
  • Factory reset, jailbreak or iOS upgrade -> Recover from iTunes Backup
  • iPhone lost,damaged or broken -> Recover from iTunes Backup
  • iPhone locked by a forgotten passcode & others -> Recover from iOS Device
  • Stuck at Apple log, recovery mode loops, black screens.. -> Fix iOS System

If you have a little clue about what happen to your iPhone, you’d better try Smart Recovery Mode.


It is a reasonable option for people who want to recover lost iPhone data. For those who want to recover message from IM App including WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, Viber, Skype and Line, D-Back would be the best choice since you don’t need to pay extra to get it. New to the battle but competitive, I think it got a high performance-price ratio.

#3 Aiseesoft FoneLab

If you have read this post in the past 3 years, you know that FoneLab has dominated the #1 for years and this is the first time that we drag it down and directly to #3. I am going to say the main gauge of decreasing its ranking is no outstanding improvement. FoneLab has a good recovery rate and.. and nothing else. The upgrade of it is slow than the market. As for social app, it only support WhatsApp Messages & Attachment recovery. As I am writing this post FoneLab has updated to support Kik and LINE Data Recovery, it support three social app data recovery now including WhatsApp, Kik and LINE. Although it does a good job on recovering Text Messages (and iMessages), Photos, Contacts, WhatsApp, Notes, Call Log, etc. just like other competitors, it is losing its leading superiority. And I have to say that they should really update layout of the interface, it is quite old fashion.

Win DownloadMac DownloadWin DownloadMac Download


As dr.fone and D-Back is running so fast, FoneLab can’t keep up with them and lose priority in 2018. Despite all that, it is still a reliable recover tool for iPhone and please note that it offer a better price.

Check the supported file types chart
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#1 FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery (Top Seller 2018)

This year, We left the first place to FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery since it has the highest iPhone data recovering rate among those competitors in the industry, and now you can solve more glitches with it's modules: iOS System Recovery and iOS Data Backup & Restore.

Fonelab can recover files from iCloud and iTunes as well as retrieve data from iDevice. FoneLab recovers files like contacts, call history, SMS messages, reminders, Safari history, notes, photo albums, music, videos, playlists and many other items including files that have long since been deleted. FoneLab for iOS is an excellent choice for retrieving any data accidentally deleted or lost.

FoneLab has been chasing after competitors so hard. Recently it has been upgraded with two modules – iOS System Recovery and iOS Data Backup & Restore.

Let’s see what it will bring to us:

iOS System Recovery:

You can fix your iPhone with DFU Mode(tootip), Recovery Mode(tootip), Apple Logo or headphone mode with iOS system recovery tool. I regard it as a complementation to data recovery that take care of some stuck problems.

iOS Data Backup & Restore:

Why do I use iOS Data Backup & Restore to back up my iPhone instead of iTunes? In most cases, iTunes’ backup feature totally satisfies your need. You can back up the whole iPhone with iTunes and restore your iPhone with one click.

iTunes can do the same thing.


What if you just want to back up some of your data on iPhone or you just want to get only one photo from your backup? That is when you need it. As I always say backup is a good habit.


FoneLab is the best iPhone data recovery software in the market and it is still our best recommendation. The big one is you can choose to recover data back to iPhone or to Computer. And the bonus part is that it supports to backup and restore messages on WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, and Kik besides iMessages(you have to pay extra money to get those features).

#4 PhoneRescue for iOS

PhoneRescue is always my favorite. It got the stunning layout design and best user experience design. Once you launch and try PhoneRescue, you will find that it is so delicate and made with some many thoughtful features and instructions. I admire the product manager a lot. To regard dr.fone and D-Back as example, PhoneRescue have upgraded to support to recover WhatsApp, LINE and KIK.


I will rank it on #1 if my team let me do that. While considering the stability and robust, it stays on #4 is fair. I will suggest you to have a try if you like.

Check the supported file types chart
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#4 PhoneRescue for iOS

PhoneRescue is the most considerate one among all these recoveries even better than D-Back. You will get lots of instruction during that whole data recovering process so that you would be confused by what happen or where am I.

Once you launch the program, you will see a detailed tip about things you need to do before operating recovery.

And you will see deliberate description of how to select a recovery mode according to the scenarios.

Just Pick a mode and Start to Recover.


Generally speaking, the recovery rates of all these tools are very closed, because of which, you gonna have unique feature to distinguish from all competitors.

Well, PhoneRescue have three outstanding features:

  • Better recovery operation flow with meticulous instructions.
  • Just like dr.fone, you are free to choose Recover to iPhone or Recover to Computer.
  • Decent user interface.
  • Recovery of WhatsApp, Line and Kik Messages.

So, I rank it on #4.

#5 EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS is a 14-year-old brand in developing data recovery utilities. They have recovery tools for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac, Disk Partition Utilities, Backup Tools and Data Transfers. Large coverage on data utilities makes it a professional data recovery developer. The recovery feature of MobiSaver works greats, while it has an outdated user interface that worse than FoneLab. And it supports the least data types for recovery. So it should be on the last place.


Developed by well-known data utility software team while MobiSaver is not so refined in many aspects. While it has the best price which makes it worth trying.

//Supported Data Types Chart

Data Typedr.foneD-BackFoneLabPhoneRescueMobiSaver
Messages & Attachments
Call history
notes & Attachments
WhatsApp messages
Messenger & Attachments
Kik & Attachments
Viber & Attachments
LINE & Attachments
QQ Messages
Wechat Data
Voice memos
Safari Bookmark
Safari History
App's photos
App's video
App's Audio
App's documents