Back up and Restore Android Data with Google Drive, Google Backup&reset service and a third-party tool. Super Fast and Easy.

How to Backup & Restore Android Phone with Google Drive and Google Backup

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

Peter has just bought his new android phone - Galaxy S10. But his beloved collection of photos, songs and messages are in his old phone. The question is: how to back up the data in his old phone and then again, how to restore it to the new one?

Peter is not alone, especially when you consider how often people lose their phone out of carelessness, delete things by mistake, or suffer from a virus attack.

The solution is as easy as winking. You can back up your android phone to Google Drive, and later restore your android phone from Google backup. Google Drive is an online file storage service to save data to the cloud. Users can also share files and sync data across multiple platforms.

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Part 1: How to Backup and Restore Android with Google Drive

#1 How to Backup Phone to Google Drive

You can either install the mobile version of Google Drive, or use the app on the computer. When backing up your files, make sure their sizes are within a certain range. You can upload only the supported file types of documents, images, audio and video to Google Drive. (What can you store on Google drive? Click here )

Check out the instructions on the phone:

Step 1 Download Google Drive from Google Play. Then launch it.

Step 2 Sign in with your account and password.

Step 3 Tap the red“+”. Then click “Upload”. To store the file one at a time, choose the item and tap “UPLOAD”. Sometimes it’s very time consuming because of the complexity of the file paths in the Android system.

Step 4 To automatically add Google Photos or videos to Google Drive, tap “Settings”. Then tick “Auto Add”.

Step 5 To select multiple files to back up, go to the file manager instead of the app. Long press on the files you want to upload and tap “share”. Then select “save to Google drive”.

#2 How to Restore Backup from Google Drive

To restore data from Google Drive to you phone, log in Google Drive on your Android phone and tap each file you want to download.

However, Google Drive also has a few shortcomings, such as the limited free storage of only 15 GB, and the speed of operation limited by network speed. You can’t download entire folders or multiple files at once. What’s worse, it is not convenient to back up contacts or call logs. You may waste a lot of time trying to find the storage location.

To save you from all these troubles, you can turn to Part 3 directly.

Part 2: How to Backup and Restore Phone with Google Backup

Only if you own an Android phone that is in a native Android system, like Google Pixel and Nexus, you can directly back up and restore to Google on your phone with setting.

#1 How to Backup Phone to Google Backup

Step 1 Open “Settings” in your old phone. Then go to “Backup & reset”.

Step 2 Check “Back up my data”, then “Back”. When your Google account is connected with Backup account, click “Automatic restore”.

After turning on the Google backup Android service, all the settings and data on your android phone will be automatically back up to Google Drive.

Then you can restore your settings, apps, and associated data from Google backup, if you switch to another Android phone.

#2 How to Restore Phone from Google Backup

Step 1 Log in to your Google account on your new phone. Choose the previous device to see the data you have backed up.

Step 2 Choose the files you want to restore. Click “RESTORE”.

Part 3: Best alternative to Back up and Restore Android Phone

Android Backup & Restore is a third-party tool to back up and restore data of android phone, including contacts, messages, call logs, gallery, videos, audio, documents, etc. It is fast, safe and easy. In just a few clicks, you can choose the data to be backed up to computer or the data to be restored to your device selectively without data loss.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1 Download and install Android Backup & Restore on your computer. Then open it.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Plug your mobile device into the computer. Open USB debugging mode if necessary.

Step 3 If you want to back up or restore all the data and settings at once, choose “One-click Backup” or “One-click Restore”. If you want to select only part of the files, tap “Device Data Backup”, or “Device Data Restore”. Either way, don’t forget to keep your device connected to PC.

Step 4 Select the files you want to back up or restore. You can still delete data in this interface before going to the final step.

Step 5 If you want to encrypt your data, tick “Encrypted Backup”. Then tap “Start”.

You are just one click away from the efficient and powerful tool to backup and restore android phone. Go on and download it now!

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Backup and Restore Android Contacts, Mesages, Call Log, Photos, Videos, Documents and more.