[Solved]How to Backup Android to PC or Mac with one Click (2022 Updated)

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Why is backing up your Android phone to PC/Mac so important?

Last week, my friend John told me that he had got his Android phone stolen, I felt sorry about that. But what upset him most was that he hadn't had his phone backed up, which means that all the photos, videos and other documents he saved on his Android phone were gone. So what should we do to our Android phones in case such things as my friend experienced happen again?

You may think that it is not easy to get a phone stolen, but it is common that phone goes wrong sometimes without warning us beforehand. As Murphy’s Law goes, if anything can go wrong, it will. This law can never be wholly defeated. Please don’t wait until you lose.

How to Backup Android to PC or Mac

To reduce our loss when anything bad happens to our phone, many people choose to back up on PC. A good way to keep data safe and sound.

However, some Android phone users don’t know how to back up to PC, as some OEM Android system doesn't offer a direct backup service. Others may refuse to back up to PC/Mac because of the complexity of the Android file's path, then transfer these files to computer. So people may wonder if there is any software that can help us make a backup of Android phone to PC easily.

Back up files on Android phone to PC/Mac with Android Data Backup & Restore

Like a radar, the software can detect a variety of deleted and existing files on the Android phone, ranging from contacts, messages, call logs, documents, photos to audio & videos, and enables Android users to drag these files to their computer folders, thus helps users to successfully make a backup of data on personal computer. Android Data Backup & Restore is highly recommended here because it not only enables users to backup Android contents on computer but also works perfectly for Android data backup service of different handset brands such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Google, and so on.

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How to Back Up Android to PC with Android Data Backup & Restore

Step 1: Download the software with the following link.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2: Android Data Backup & Restore will open automatically once the installation is complete. And then choose Android Data Backup & Restore when you see the interface as follows.

Select Android Data Backup &Restore

Step 3: Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to PC. Tap the OK button if a window pop out on your Android device for USB debugging. If no on-screen window appears, you can follow the instructions to help you.

Step 4: Once the device is connected to PC/Mac successfully, there are two options for user, to back up or restore by clicking the button accordingly.

Step 5: If you select the Device Data Backup in Step 4, you will move on to the interface like below. There are different kinds of contents to backup, you can choose to back up all data or just some of them by ticking these boxes. Besides, you can encrypt the contents that you want to back up to make your data on computer safer. After that, please click the Start button to continue.

Click Device Data Backup

Step 6: Choose a backup folder and click the OK button. If you are not sure where you want to backup, you can click the Open button to check the folder first before you decide.

Step 7: And finally this software starts to back up your contents from the Android device to the computer, please wait for a few minutes or more (it depends on the size of the selective files) and keep the device connected during this process. If the disconnection occurs, the backup process will stop.

Succeed to Backup

The procedures of Android backup to Mac is almost the same to the procedures of Android backup to PC mentioned above, just down the Mac Version on your Mac and follow the instructions.

With this software, you will find that file backup is not that difficult. Hope you can easily back up your important data from Android device to PC/Mac after reading this article.

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